L&T Infotech Interview Questions and Answers For Freshers

L&T Infotech Interview Questions and Answers  for Freshers

Are you looking for L&T interview questions  and answers.Don”t worry here you will find different types of L&T infotech interview questions and answers and L&T infotech interview questions with solutions for Freshers 2019  also you will get L&T latest interview process Questions with answers 2019 pdf .

L&T Infotech Interview Questions and answers

L&T Infotech Interview Questions With Solutions for Freshers 2019 :

L&T Infotech Interview round looks like:

1. Online test round

  • Aptitude Test
  • English Verbal
  • C MCQ Round/Programming Logic
  • Coding

2. Group Disscussion round

After you clear the Online test round, you will have to face Group Discussion round. This is the round where majority of students are filtered. But, it can be the easiet one for you if are having good communication skills. L&T Infotech hire only those candidates which are good in english. All you have to do is to prepare your engish and work on your communication skills.

Some of the topics disscused in GD round:

  • Should prostitution be legalized in India.
  • 100 days under Modi government.
  • We will never be a corruption free society.
  • Religion is a private affair.

3. Paragraph Writing

After the GD round you have to clear Paragraph writing round. This is a king of no elimination round. All they check is your good writing skills in english.

4. Technical Interview round

5. HR round

Technical Interview Round

 Technical Interview round is comparatively difficult with respect to Paragraph writing and HR round. In this round they ask you about :
  • Any Programming language.
  • About your B.tech project.
  • Related to C++ / OOP / DS and other core subjects.

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HR Round

 HR round is the easiest round. In this round they ask you the simplest questions in the interview.

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Interview Experience

 For your better preparation we have collected some experiences of various students. These students has shared their experience after going through the L&T Infotech placements.

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Student Experience for L&T Infotech