How to Effectively Start a Group Discussion?

How to Start, Lead and Conclude a Group Discussion?

On this page, you will find guidelines on how to effectively start and conclude a group discussion.

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  • How to start a group discussion?
  • How to lead a group discussion?
  • How to conclude a group discussion?
how to start a group discussion

How to Start a Group Discussion?

Group Discussion is an important round for big product based companies and also a mandatory round for MBA admissions. Taking the initiatives to start a group discussion, will give you a huge advantage over your competitors. The interviewers will notice and you will come off as confident and vocal to the interviewer.

Tips to Start a Group Discussion

How to Lead a Group Discussion?

A participant who is active throughout the discussion will stand out the most among the rest. The reason is that organizers/interviewers will actively look for the candidates who are leading from the front. A candidate who is leading the discussion will score the most points.

Tips to Lead a Group Discussion

How to Conclude a Group Discussion?

It does not matter how good the discussion started or how smoothly it went if the ending is not strong. It is very important that a group discussion is concluded on a high note. And the candidate who ends the group discussion will leave a lasting impression on the listeners. Thus as a participant in a group discussion, you should aim to close the discussion and conclude it on a high note.

Tips to Conclude a Group Discussion