Python Internship & Project – Week 8

Week 8:

Tasks & Resources :-

Week 8:

Tasks & Resources :-

“Welcome to Week 08 of PrepInsta’s Python Internship & Project 2.O”

Task 1:- OTT Clone Creation:


To create an OTT platform project using Python with Django framework and Bootstrap for frontend, focusing on building a web application for streaming movies and TV shows, providing an interactive learning experience.

Steps to Perform:

Step 1 : Set up the Project Environment:

  • Install Python and Django framework on your system.
  • Create a new Django project for the OTT platform project.
  • Set up a virtual environment for managing dependencies.

Step 2 : Design the Database Models:

  • Identify the main entities in the OTT platform (e.g., Users, Movies, TV Shows, Genres, Reviews).
  • Define Django models for each entity, including fields and relationships between them.

Step 3 : Create Views and URLs:

  • Define views and URL patterns for different pages and functionalities of the OTT platform (e.g., homepage, movie details, user profile).
  • Use Django’s Class-Based Views (CBVs) for handling different HTTP requests and rendering templates.

Step 4 : Build the Frontend with Bootstrap:

  • Integrate Bootstrap for frontend styling and layout.
  • Design responsive and visually appealing web pages for the OTT platform using Bootstrap components and utilities.

Step 5 : Implement CRUD Functionality:

  • Implement CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality for managing movies, TV shows, genres, and user reviews.
  • Use Django’s built-in forms and class-based views for handling form submissions and processing data.

Step 6 : Handle File Uploads:

  • Allow administrators to upload movie posters and trailers, as well as user profile pictures.
  • Use Django’s file upload handling capabilities to manage media files.

Step 7 : Implement Search and Filtering:

  • Implement search functionality to allow users to search for movies and TV shows by title or genre.
  • Add filtering options to narrow down search results based on criteria such as genre, release year, or rating.


  • Basic Python Knowledge
  • Django Framework
  • Bootstrap Concepts
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Database Management.
  • File Upload Handling.

Live Session Recordings - Week 8

Day 1 -

Task Explainer Session

Day 1 -

Task Explainer Session

Day 4 -

Doubt Resolution Session

Day 7 -

Final Concluding Session

Day 7 -

Final Concluding Session




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