Python Internship & Project – Week 6

Week 6:

Tasks & Resources :-

Week 6:

Tasks & Resources :-

“Welcome to Week 06 of PrepInsta’s Python Internship & Project 2.O”

Task 1:- GUI - Framework:


To create a Snake game using Python with GUI, incorporating Turtle for graphics and Tkinter for the user interface, providing an interactive learning experience.

Steps to Perform:

  • Set up the Project Environment:

    • Create a new Python file for the Snake game project.

    • Install necessary libraries such as Turtle and Tkinter if not already installed.

    • Import the required modules.

  • Design the Game Components:

    • Identify the main components of the game (e.g., Snake, Food, Game Board).

    • Plan the layout and design of the game board and user interface.
  • Implement the Snake Class:
    • Define a Snake class to represent the snake in the game.
    • Implement methods for moving the snake, checking for collisions, and growing the snake when it eats food.
  • Create the Food Class:
    • Define a Food class to represent the food that appears on the game board.
    • Implement methods for randomly placing food on the board and handling collisions with the snake.
  • Set up the Game Board:
    • Initialize the game board using Turtle graphics.
    • Design the appearance of the game board, including the background and borders.
  • User Interface with Tkinter:
    • Integrate Tkinter to create a user-friendly interface for starting, pausing, and restarting the game.
    • Design buttons and labels to display game information such as score and high score.
  • Game Logic and Control:
    • Implement the game logic to control the movement of the snake and handle user input.
    • Define functions to handle keyboard events for controlling the snake’s direction.
  • Score Tracking and Display:
    • Track the player’s score as the snake eats food.
    • Display the current score and high score on the user interface.
  • Game Over and Restart:
    • Implement functionality to detect when the game is over (e.g., snake collides with itself or the borders).
    • Display a game over message and provide an option to restart the game.
  • Testing and Debugging:
    • Test the game thoroughly to identify and fix any bugs or issues.
    • Conduct user testing to gather feedback and make improvements to the game’s usability and functionality.


  • Basic Python Knowledge.
  • Turtle Library: Familiarity with Turtle graphics for creating simple graphics and animations in Python.
  • Tkinter Library: Understanding of Tkinter for creating graphical user interfaces in Python.
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts
  • Event Handling
  • Testing and Debugging

Live Session Recordings - Week 6

Day 1 -

Task Explainer Session

Day 1 -

Task Explainer Session

Day 4 -

Doubt Resolution Session

Day 7 -

Final Concluding Session

Day 7 -

Final Concluding Session




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