Python Internship & Project – Week 4

Week 4:

Tasks & Resources :-

Week 4:

Tasks & Resources :-

“Welcome to Week 04 of PrepInsta’s Python Internship & Project 2.O”

Task 1:- OOPS Concept:


In this module you will be creating an Online Quiz Game using Python, employing Object-Oriented Programming concepts, to provide an interactive learning experience.

Steps to Perform:

Step 1 : Define Classes:

  • Identify the main components of the game (e.g., Quiz, Question, Player).
  • Define classes for each component using Object-Oriented Programming principles.
  • Establish attributes and methods for each class to represent their properties and behaviors.

Step 2 : Design Quiz Questions:

  • Create a bank of questions on various topics relevant to the target audience (e.g., science, history, literature).
  • Organize questions into appropriate categories or difficulty levels.
  • Consider using a separate file or data structure to store and manage the questions.

Step 3 : Implement Quiz Logic:

  • Develop the logic for conducting the quiz, including selecting and presenting questions to the player.
  • Handle user input for answering questions and provide feedback on correctness.
  • Keep track of the player’s score and progress throughout the quiz.

Step 4 : User Interaction:

  • Design a user-friendly interface for interacting with the quiz game.
  • Display questions, options, and instructions clearly to the player.
  • Incorporate error handling to guide the player in case of invalid inputs or unexpected situations.

Step 5 : Enhance Gameplay:

  • Implement additional features to enhance the gameplay experience, such as a timer for each question, hints, or lifelines.
  • Allow players to choose the quiz category or difficulty level.
  • Provide feedback and encouragement to keep players engaged and motivated.

Step 6 : Scoring and Results:

  • Calculate the player’s final score based on the number of correct answers.
  • Display the player’s score and performance summary at the end of the quiz.
  • Offer the option to retry the quiz or exit the game.

Step 7 : Testing and Debugging:

  • Test the quiz game thoroughly to identify and fix any bugs or issues.
  • Conduct user testing to gather feedback and make improvements to the game’s usability and functionality.


  • Basic Python Knowledge
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts
  • File Handling
  • User Input/Output
  • Error HandlingData Structures
  • Documentation

Live Session Recordings - Week 4

Day 1 -

Task Explainer Session

Day 1 -

Task Explainer Session

Day 4 -

Doubt Resolution Session

Day 7 -

Final Concluding Session

Day 7 -

Final Concluding Session




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