How to Solve Blood Relations Questions Quickly

Solving Blood Relations Questions Quickly: Theory

This page will cover all you need to know on how to solve blood relations questions the right way i.e. quickly since time is the most important factor in any exam.

Before anything to go further deep always follow these steps –

  • Apply to yourself – Try to solve the problem as yourself. e.g. Raman’s Child’s Daughter = My Child’s Daughter
  • Break and Build the Problem – e.g. My Child’s Daughter = My Grand Daughter
  • Don’t assume Gender i.e. My Child’s Daughter in this Child can be anything son or daughter
  • If problem is complicate make Family Tree always(We will teach how to make family tree)

Now, make sure while breaking the statement you use the following relationships

Note – This might be complicated, but we have the best theory and tricks and we include difficult terminologies to help you the most complex questions.

Basic Know how Keywords

  • Spouse – Husband or Wife
  • Sibling – Brother or Sister(From own Parent)
  • Cousin – In Indian terms Brother and Sister from Uncle/Aunt’s)
  • Uncle – Can be any of the following
    • Father’s brother(Hindi – Chacha)
    • Mother’s brother(Hindi – Mama)
    • Father’s sister’s husband( Hindi – Phupa)
    • Mother’s Sisters Husband(Hindi – Mausa)
  • Aunt – Can be any of the following
    • Father’s Sister(Hindi – Bua)
    • Mother’s Sister(Hindi – Mausi)
    • Father’s brother’s wife( Hindi – Chachi)
    • Mother’s brothers Wife(Hindi – Mami)

Brother-in-law” and “Sister-in-law” can be any of the following

  1. Brother in Law
    1. Brother of Spouse(Hindi – Saala)
    2. Husband of Sister(Hindi – Jija) Assume this if limited information is given
    3. Husband of Spouse’s Sister(Hindi – Saala(Far off) For Blood Relation problem never consider this
  2. Sister in Law
    1. Sister of Spouse( Hindi – Saali))
    2. Wife of brother(Hindi – Bhabhi),Assume this if limited information is given
    3. Wife of Spouse’s brother ( Hindi – Saali(far off)) For Blood Relation problem never consider this
  3. Maternal – Mother’s Side
  4. Paternal – Father’s Side

Blood Relationships Questions

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Family Tree Method to solve Blood Relations Questions

Note – This method is copyright of PrepInsta, you will only find it on PrepInsta, using this method to solve will lead to copyright issue.

Rules –

  • Use + or Male and (-) for female
  • Imagine your family in the situation if you get stuck
  • Keep same generations at same level
  • Circles mean they are couple, i.e. husband and wife.
  • Array means you’re going down to next generation. i.e. A -> B means a is father or mother of B.
    • (+)A-> B means a is father of B.
    • (-)A-> B means a is mother of B.
  • If you miss a generation due to no information provided then name them ? for time being
    • A is grandfather of C, will be (+)A -> ? -> C
  • You also make circles and two ? if you think that later on couple relationship may be established
    • A is grandfather of C, will be (+)A -> (**inside Circle?/?inside Circle**) -> C (see example 1 for demo)
  • Always give Initials for names i.e. R for Raman, Aj for Ajay and Ak for Akash.
  • If there is no tight relationship(Mostly in case of in Law type questions which are complicated) use dotted arrays and to multiple relationships possible.

Let us learn from an example – 

Ques. A is sister of B. C is the father of B. D is the wife of C and E is the father of D. How is E related to B?

Ans. Now, basic approach that you may be following is let us assume I am B so A is my siter….. you will start like this. Now, this approach may work well in easy questions, but not work in following instances

  • Doesn’t work with long, lengthy and difficulty questions. Since, mind can’t store a 3 level of great great grandfather and in laws type of relationships info (We did a survey average mind can only remember/apply logic to upto 6 relationships not more.
  • Second case you will either assume yourself as male or female automatically, while in the question the person you applying your position logic to, may be of different gender than yours, so you will come at wrong outcome

In these cases Family Tree method works – 

Now let’s look at the problem again.

Ques. A is sister of B. C is the father of B. D is the wife of C and E is the father of D. How is E related to B?

A is the sister of B consider this situation and lets come at outcomes

  • A is female
  • A is sister of B
  • B’s sex is unknown
  • A and B’s parents are unknown

All this info can be drawn in 5 seconds like we have done in the right hand side

How to solve Blood Relation Questions Problems Quickly

C is the Father of B from this we get to know the following after adding to Family Tree

  • C is male
  • C is father of B
  • C is also father of A
  • Mother is still known

D is the wife of C from this we draw family tree and observe that –

  • D is female
  • D is mother of A and B
Blood Relations method to solve quickly

E is the father of D add to the diagram

  • E is Male
  • E is father of D

How is E related to B, it is obviously clear that E is grandfather of B.

Family tree method to solve blood relations

Example Tough Problem

Try this one, this is a very difficult question, so sit tight if you don’t understand in first go, read again it will take some time.

Saroj is mother-in-law of Vani who is sister-in-law of Deepak. Rajeesh is father of Ramesh, the only brother of Deepak. How is Saroj related to Deepak?

Step 1

Saroj is mother-in-law of Vani

Step 2

Vani who is sister-in-law of Deepak, Now two options are there, since sister in law can mean two things

  • Deepak is Vani’s Sister’s Husband
  • Deepak is Vani’s Husband’s brother

Step 3

Rajesh is father of Ramesh

Blood Relations PrepInsta Theory

Step 4

Ramesh is only brother of Deepak

Now, Deepak may be Vani’s Sister Husband or Deepak maybe Vani’s Husband’s brother.

How is Saroj related to Deepak

Make a dotted diagram for both options above and lets check the options, option will have only one of the possibility

Options are – Mother, Sister and Grand Mother

For Case 2 i.e. Deepak maybe Vani’s Husband’s brother, Saroj is mother of Deepak. Hence Solved.

Blood Relations Problems