How To Prepare For CoCubes Aptitude Test

Cocubes Quantitative Aptitude Written Test

Cocubes written test difficulty level is increasing year by year emphasised by cocubes quants section observed in 2017.  Cocubes aptitude questions and solutions in cocubes written test were observed less difficult this year. Cocubes written test paper and solutions are not easily available but here all written test papers as well as solutions are available which may help contenders to prepare for cocubes written test. Cocubes quants paper and solutions are also available which may facilitates those preparing for cocubes wriiten test as cocubes aptitude section is increasing  the competitiveness as well cut off of the cocubes wriiten test.

how to prepare for cocubes aptitude test

Syllabus for Cocubes Quants Written test

 For main Cocubes Dashboard click here it consists of sections like English Logical Coding etc for Cocubes.

Cocubes Aptitude Questions – Quants Part-I

Before starting preparation for cocubes written test one should go through the different sections with great emphasis on the cocubes aptitude section, the section increasing the competitive level of the cocubes written test year by year. cocubes aptitude section is bifurcated in Quants part-I and Quants part-II. Cocubes quants part-I questions covers topics like  profit & loss, Ratio’s, Averages and Geometry . Probably there will be 2 quants questions from profit & loss, 2-3  aptitude questions from Ratio’s, 2-3 questions from averages and 1 question from geometry.Difficulty level of the questions from  quants part-I  in cocubes written test will be medium to high and while preparing contender should give medium level of importance to cocubes aptitude questions covered under quants part-I. One minute to solve each aptitude question is  suggested  in order to go through the cocubes written test.

cocubes quants questions and solutions

Cocubes Aptitude Questions – Quants Part-II

Cocubes written test’s quants part-II covers the topics like data interpretation from which 3 questions in the aptitude section is expected. 2 questions will be there from speed and distance and probably 2-3 questions is expected from algebra. from topics like equations and progressions, 1 question is expected from each. The difficulty level of cocubes aptitude questions from quants part-II will be medium to high. cocubes aptitude part-II of cocubes written test’s quants section is of medium importance. 1 min is the suggested time to solve each aptitude questions from quants part-II in cocubes aptitude section.

cocubes quants written test

CoCubes Interview Experience

Name – Prakash Kumar

College – Lovely Professional University, punjab

CoCubes Percentile – 98.97%ile

First of all be patient. Cocubes interview will be relatively easier. You need to crack the test paper first. Through college or university, I have applied for Associate Pre Sales Interview.  I interviewed at CoCubes Technologies (Hyderabad) in August 2012. There was only 1 interview at my time at their office. I had two rounds of interview on topics covering basic OOPs concepts and data structures. The interviewers were friendly and interview was reasonably good.

Q. What exhortation will you provide for individuals who are going to on grounds Cocubes test paper or possibly Off-Campus Cocubes written Test What are the best systems and traps to get ready for Cocubes Online test papers? 

Ans. As a matter of first importance be understanding you can’t think about for situations in a week or 2. The perfect time for preparation is at least 3 months. In case you’re searching for an administrations organization like Capgemini, Wipro and so on. At that point, it is suggested to understand Cocubes test papers and Cocubes papers with Solutions PDF since the meeting will be moderately less demanding. You have to split the test paper first. 

Cocubes Aptitude Paper Cut Off 

 Sectional Cut-Off  for cocubes quants– 75 percentile +

Number of Ques requires for 75%+ percentile – 10-13 Questions

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Cocubes Aptitude Questions and Solutions based FAQ’s