HCL Recruitment Pattern 2018 for Freshers

HCL Recruitment Pattern for Freshers 2018

Most of us are confused about the HCL Recruitment Pattern 2018 for Freshers and all over the internet wrong and old Recruitment Pattern is given.

We at PrepInsta try to provide the latest and most updated Information for different companies including HCL.

HCL Recruitment Pattern for Freshers 2018

HCL Freshers Recruitment Test Pattern 2018

HCL earlier used AMCAT but now the HCL Recruitment Pattern has changed completely. They use their internal portal itself.

  • Written Round
    • Logical
    • Quants
    • English
    • Technical
    • General Knowledge
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Quantitative Ability: The candidate is tested on basic Mathematical concepts like arithmetics, geometry, algebra, HCF and LCM, divisibility, decimals, powers, profit and loss, compound interest, time, speed, and distance, permutations and combinations, logarithms, and probability.

  1. Number of Questions – 15
  2. Time – 15 mins

Reasoning Ability: The candidate’s logical skills will be tested. The topics included under this section are logical reasoning questions, puzzles, statements and arguments, data sufficiency, coding and de-coding, directional sense, pattern analogy, number series, deductive logic, and statement-assumption.

  1. Number of Questions – 15
  2. Time – 15 mins

Verbal Ability: The candidate requires to have fundamental knowledge and verbal skills to answer this section. The questions in this section test the candidate’s grammar, vocabulary, and other verbal skills.

  1. Number of Questions – 15
  2. Time – 15 mins

Technical Ability: In this section, the commonly asked questions are on data structure and algorithms, C Programming, OOPs concepts. This section is relatively difficult.

  1. Number of Questions – 15
  2. Time – 15 mins

General Knowledge – Basic General Knowledge questions and HCL CEO, offices, founded in etc type of Questions as well.

  1. Number of Questions – 5
  2. Time – 5 mins

What Students Say?

Round 1 : Basic Aptitude

This round would test your ability of Verbal and Quant section. This would not be that typical however, good preparation makes everything easy.

Round 2 : Communication Skill test

This round would be more focused towards your ability to speak English. Don’t get scared, they just want to check whether you would be able to interact with anyone in organization or with client if required. If you have “sa” “sha” pronunciation issue then work on it. It can have major effects on your chances of getting selected for next round.

Tip: Don’t rush when speaking in English, Speak a bit slowly and calmly. Interviewers are there to listen to you.

Round 3 : Technical Round

Well this round can be tricky as the flow can be dependent on interviewer, his interests, your branch, even on the candidate sitting along with you if they are interviewing more then one candidate at a time.

Tip: Brush up some Network related topics like OSI model etc. Your project. Little knowledge of CS subjects.

Round 4 : HR Round

This round can be a discussion about you, or your views about some topic.

Tip: this round can convert to a group discussion round so be prepared.

How is it like to work at HCL

Whoaa !! My turn to answer it with a different perspective (may be a bit skewed but for sure would be helpful) !!

So, HCL Tech is an Indian IT MNC hovering with revenues in range of USD 6–7bn for quite many years and its appreciable that it has still maintained its dominance in global IT services competitive scenario as compared to its close competitors like TCS, CTS, Wipro, Infosys.

I was employed with HCL in ERS-OEM-Telecom-Wireless vertical which interprets as Engineering R&D services for Original Equipment Manufacturers in Wireless Telecom domain. Vertical integration of the wireless telecom industry will mean communication service providers (CSPs like Vodafone, Airtel, Jio). Arriving to evaluating the company against following parameters:

  1. Quality projects: Similar, to telecom vertical some of my friends were deployed in Healthcare, Automobiles, Avionics, Unified Communication, Infrasturcture Division domains. Projects were quite good in case you had the potential as well as positive attitude to learn. I had enriched knowledge in Physical layer code of a RAN box simulator (telecom guys will understand) as well as conformance & interoperability testing, 3GPP defined specifications for GERAN and UTRAN protocols and architectural understanding of wireless access technologies to quote a few.
  2. Future Prospects: Onsite opportunities were quite decent after a fixed tenure at the HCL and which seemed to be a promising aspect for the engineers. Almost, all of my friends i know of in the company had once a chance to visit abroad and work with onsite team at good pay as well as role enhancements. Some of them became permanent consultants to the client as well.
  3. Offshore Pay: Take home pay is generally cribbed about by many employees as compared to its rivals.
  4. Workplace Facilities: Gym, cafeteria, sports, cleanlisess, medical facility, extra-curriculars etc. are all upto mark and as per industry specifications.
  5. Brand Value: “Brand matters” i got to realize while pursuing MBA and it could be a game changer at times. It also reduced social risk, psychological risk, functional risk as well as functioal risk for me which a brand owes to one.

Further, smart work is always dominating over hard work so it’s much needed to focus on learning incrementally day by day than to crib about the politics/transparency/salaries at any workplace. One needs to make their own way ahead and lead their career. Remember “you always appreciate your school/college and criticise your workplace”. So, it’s a never ending cycle and so, better look beyond to find solutions than to list problems.