Subject Verb Agreement

Subject-Verb Agreement Rules in English Grammar

The funda of subject-verb agreement is that the subject and verb must agree in number. It simply denotes that both need to be singular or both need to be plural. Every sentence has at least one Subject and Verb.

Subject verb aggrement

Examples of Subject-Verb agreement


Dogs bark at the policemen.

Lupita doesn’t like to sit idle.

Life is full of race.


Compound Subjects

When we have two subjects in one sentence. In that case, we will choose a plural verb.


  • The students and teachers both are responsible for the sin.
  • Chai and biscuits make the best combination.
  • Animal and Birds both are innocent.

When we use “nor” or “or” it will treat as a single subject and will put the singular verb.

  • My sister or brother is coming to pick me.
  • Neither movie nor song was able to cheer my mood.
  • Either Producer or director is responsible for the bad reviews of the movie.

Singular Indefinite Pronouns


  • Everybody enjoys Salman Khan’s movie.
  • Nothing is important than my mother.
  • Something is smelling bad.
  • Anybody is having a blue dress.
  • Somebody is coming to pick her.

Plural Indefinite Pronouns


Most: Most of the foods were tasteless.

Few: Few people know how does it taste.

Many: Many of us don’t like Hollywood movies

Several: Several are already on location.

Both: Both are guilty.