MeritTrac English Verbal Previous Questions | Sample Papers

MeritTrac Verbal Ability Questions Papers

Section containing 25 questions in 25 mins. PrepInsta’s curated Merittrac verbal ability questions and previous papers are below and are arranged model paper wise according to the syllabus for 2017. Merittrac Verbal Ability Questions with answers pdf can also be used for preparation material.

Paid Section

Free Sections 

Here are MeritTrac Paper and questions-

MeritTrac English Questions with Answers from previous years

Here are the questions for MeritTrac English with answers – 

MeritTrac Reading Based Sections

  • Difficulty Level: High
  • Importance: High
  • Number of Questions: 11 Questions

(There are two reading comprehension questions divided into 4 sub questions i.e. 2×4= 8 questions along with 3 para-jumbles questions)

Merit Track Verbal ability problems with solutions

MeritTrac Core English

  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Importance: High
  • Number of Questions: 9 Questions

(Generally easy problems except some synonyms and antonyms rarely, most students lose marks here but these questions so studying from our website must help you perform better)

MeritTrac Critical Reasoning 

  • Difficulty Level – Medium
  • Importance – High
  • Number of Questions – 5 questions

(These merittrac verbal ability questions are generally mixed questions some are related to basic mathematics or reasoning but most of them test your English understandability and deducing skills)

Focus Dividend

Most Important – Reading Comprehension

Most Difficult – Synonyms and Antonyms

Easiest – Sentence Correction

MeritTrac English Paper based FAQ’s

Q. Which section in Merittrac verbal ability should we most focus upon and has difficult or maximum number of questions asked from?

Ans. It is frequently observed in merittrac questions for verbal ability Synonyms and Antonyms section is creates a lot of confusion however on campus students have reported Reading Comprehension being very long and thus it is advisable to quick read the comprehension rather than wasting a lot of time on the same.

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