DBMS Online Course

What is this course about ?

DBMS is very important subject of computer science courses and is well asked in various placement exams both in the online tests as MCQ’s and also in Interviews for various companies. Most Data Science companies have DBMS as requirement for you to learn. Structured Database Management Systems (DBMS) based on relational and other models have long formed the basis for such databases. … More specifically, the course introduces relational data models; entity-relationship modeling, SQL, data normalization, and database design.
Data Base Management System Online Course

What we will learn?

What is a database?

What is DBMS and its characterstics?

Types of Data Bases

Evolution of Databases


DBMS vs File System

Types of Database Architecture

Database Schema

ER Diagram Part 1

ER Diagram Part 2

ER Diagram Part 3

ER Diagram Part 4

Generalisation, Specialisation and Aggregation

Codd Rule

Keys in DBMS

Candidate Key

Super Key

Primary Key

Alternate Key

Composite Key

Foreign Key

Primary Key vs Candidate Key

Unique Key

Normalization Introduction

1NF Normalization

2NF Normalization

2NF Question 1

2NF Question 2

2NF Question 3

2NF Question 4

2NF Question 5

2NF Question 6

2NF Question 7

2NF Question 8

2NF Question 9

2NF Question 10

3NF Normalization

3NF Question 1

BCNF Normalization and Problems

Normalization Problem 1

Normalization Problem 2

Normalization Problem 3

Normalization Problem 4

Normalization Problem 5

Normalization Problem 6

SQL Intro


Create DB, Create Table, Insert

Alter Table

Delete vs Drop vs Truncate

Constraints Introduction

NOT NULL Constraint

Primary Key Constraint

Unique constraints

Foreign Key

Check Constraints

Default and auto increment constraints

Select and Distincts Statement

Order by Merge

Update and Delete

Limit – Min & Max

Nth Highest or Lowest Salary

Count, Avg and Sum

Like and wild card


JOINS Introduction




Left Outer Join

Right Join

Full Join

Self Join

Group By


Additional topics and InfyTQ

SQL Intro

Introduction to Databases


Execution of SQL

Install MySQL

Load Databases

Use, Show & Describe


Limit and Offset

Order By

Distinct Part 1

Distinct Part 2

Where, Comparison Operators, NULL

Logical Operators

Aggregate Function

Window Function: Row Number

Window Function: Rank and Denserank

Group By & Having Clause

Order of Keywords

Joins and Inner Join

Natural Join

Left Outer Join

Right Outer Join

Full Outer Join


DML Insert

DML Update

DML Delete

DDL: Data Types

DDL: Constraints

DDL: Create

DDL Alter

DDL Drop and Truncate

Comparison: Delete, Drop and Truncate

DCL Grant and Revoke

Introduction to SQLite

Install SQLite

Working with SQLite

Basic SQL clauses

SQLite Functions

CRUD Operartions

Python MySQL Connector part 1

Python MySQL Connector part 2

Python MySQL Connector part 3

Python MySQL Connector part 4

IMDB Questions with SQLite3

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