What is Cognizant GenC and GenC Next 2021?

What is Cognizant GenC & GenC Next 2021

Cognizant has introduced a new pattern for hiring freshers this year. They have divided the recruitment process into two parts i.e. GenC and GenC Next.
This is a new pattern for the students in Cognizant 2021 and this article is to clear all your doubts about the process. So, read it till the last and get all your answers.

We have given below a flow chart of the whole Recruitment Process. First go through this chart and then read the article for your better understanding.

Flowchart of Cognizant Recruitment Process

What is GenC and GenC Next(1)

Round 1: CTS Test

The very first round of Cognizant has 2 sections and is 120 minutes round with a total of 57 questions. The sections are:

    • Aptitude test: This section has 3 sub-sections with a total of 50 questions. The difficulty level of this section varies from medium to high. The sub-sections are:
SectionsNo. of questionsTime
Quants2435 mins
Logical2535 mins
Verbal130 mins
  • Code Debugging: This section will have 7 questions that need to be answered in 20 minutes. The difficulty level of this section is high.

Important: The top scorers of Round 1 will be eligbile for Round 2 that will give a programming test(GenC Next). And those who just clear the Round 1 with not so high scores go to the interview round(GenC).

Cognizant GenC Interview

After clearing Round 1 with not so good marks, you get eligible for the interview round. The interview round will have both technical and HR interview. The questions will be asked to judge your technical knowledge, cognitive abilities, and the right attitude.

The package offered for these candidates will be:

  • 4 LPA(probation period)
  • 4.5 LPA( post-probation period).

    Cognizant GenC Next

For candidates who clear Round 1 with good marks, Cognizant will have another coding test.
Round 2: Coding Test

The round 2 is a coding test that will have 2 sections and is a 120 minute round. 40 mins for the first 2 questions and 80 mins for the next 2 questions. The difficulty level of this round is high.

SectionsNo. of questions
Coding Round 12
Coding Round 22

Round 3: GenC Next Interview

Students who clear this coding round go to Round 3 that will be an interview round. This will be both a technical as well as an HR interview. The questions in the interview will be asked to judge your:

  • Problem Articulation
  • Algorithm Capabilities
  • Programming Concepts
  • Cognitive Abilities
  • The right attitude.

The package offered to these candidates will be 6.75 LPA.

For the candidates who will not be able to clear this coding round, will go to the First Round Interview round and will be offered a package the same as that of other students i.e. 4.5 LPA (post-probation).

Basic Requirements :

The basic requirements before joining Cognizant:

  • 60% or more in your graduation.
  • 3-6 month Cognizant Internship (probation period) or CTS recommended skill certification.

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