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HR Round

CTS HR Interview Questions and Answers

They say CTS HR Interview Questions and Answers are very difficult to crack or digest, but why? The answer is – CTS conducts several rounds before a student qualifies for the HR Round and so this round scrutinizes even the tiniest part of your personality and brings it out before the interviewers.

The CTS HR Round is conducted for both Grade A and Grade B/C college during the On-campus and the Off-campus drive.

cognizant hr interview experience

Cognizant HR Interview Round for 2021

The system of interviews in Cognizant is quite different than the other companies. Cognizant has a double tiered hiring process that bifurcates students into two domains and hires them on the basis of the performance. Not just the Technical round but the Cognizant HR Interview Round is also conducted in both the levels, i.e. –

  • GenC
  • GenC Next

While the difficulty level in GenC is comparatively lesser than that in GenC Next, a student has to give right and structured answers to even get selected in the GenC profile.

To know the difference between GenC and GenC Next, stumble over to this page given below:

CTS HR Interview Questions for 2021

The Cognizant HR Interview Questions can be easily divided into 3 levels:
cognizant hr interview experience

Basic Level

The Basic Level Interview is the preliminary stage where the interviewers or the hiring panel
give you a head start for the
interview. This acts like your
warm up round.

cognizant hr interview experience 2021

Intermediate Level

The Intermediate Level is the point where it gets more of an in-depth
two-way communication. Here the interview asks the most difficult questions aiming to know our personality more.

cognizant hr interview 2021

Concluding Level

The Concluding Level acts as the
final verdict for both the parties. This level makes or breaks your overall impression. Being aware of yourself
is very important here. Ending on a good note is recommended.

All the three levels hold respective importance in your interview. You aim should be to get a rising curve on your interview graph and book a job in the company. We are here to give you the much needed tips and answers that you can use to impress your interviewers in a click.

Let’s take a quick look at the questions separately and peek through their answers.

Basic Level Interview

Try not to show nervousness or anxiety on your face

Greet your interviewers as you enter the room.
Speak only when spoken to. Don’t interrupt the interviewers.
Dress appropriately. Your looks create the first impression. keep that in check.
Start with a formal introduction and use a good speaking tone. Practice answers before your interview.

Don’t start with an over enthusiastic energy that might fade away mid interview. Be calm and collected.

Sample Questions:


1. Introduce yourself?

Well, currently I am working as a project head, where I am in charge of handling the clients first hand. Prior to that I worked with a NGO for two years acting as the head supervisor for recruitment, campaigns and social or health care works of the NGO. While I have had a special liking towards supervising job I’d also love to explore other fields and dig deeper into my supervising capacities which is why I am here interviewing for the head post in your esteemed company.

Grab more such sample answers along with helpful tips to answer this question from here ——> Tell Me About Yourself.

2. How do you manage stress?

Managing stress was not a cup of tea for me initially. I used to get over worked with the tasks that i had on my plate and messed things up. But in the process of growing and multitasking, I have learnt this art of management. Even now when I get anxious by looking at the pile of work that I’ve got, I get myself up and practice 10 minutes of meditation or just simple breathing. This has helped me a lot in these years to manage or atleast see through the fog of stress. Well, practically, all I do is get myself a planner and jot down all the tasks at hand and rate them on priority basis. This just makes my day highly organized and I do not lose productivity at any cost. So stress is both good and bad for me. Good because it keeps me organized and ad because sometimes it gets over me and I get over hyped which is very seldom now.

Grab more such sample answers along with helpful tips to answer this question from here ——> How do you manage stress?

3. What are your plans for higher studies?

Regarding higher studies i don’t really have any solid plan right now. I want to explore more fields of work and gain more practical experience than just bookish knowledge. If I get any vocational opportunity while working in your organization that would help me improve my skills and efficiency during my tenure then i would definitely take that up. Apart from them, subjective knowledge is not on my list as of now. I would just love to grow with your company at this moment because it has been my dream t be associated with your brand and learn with the best minds.

Grab more such sample answers along with helpful tips to answer this question from here ——> What are your plans for higher studies?

List of all the most important Intermediate Level Interview Questions:


  • Know about the company that you are interviewing for. The interviewers may ask some company specific questions at the start of the interview.
  • Know the most important national and international current affairs.

Intermediate Level Interview

Maintain the level of energy that you began with.

Talk more about your personality and qualities that suit the job role

Do not get too frank or open and lose your poise mid interview.

Talk about your improvements and achievements more than your downfalls

Do not get over confident with your performance if the interviewers lean towards you.

Talk how important it would be to get selected in their company and make good impression on them.

Sample Questions:


1. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

For me, if not being too honest, my strength would be to have the gift of discipline of work and punctuality. I like to have a certain type of work done in a certain way at a particular time. This way I get to control things around me and I get the most work done in less timer. However, to say so, my weakness lies in the same two qualities. When I try to be too disciplined or punctual I can get over the other persons nerves and wreck any relationship. I have had arguments with my colleagues on the same. But I have been trying to improve it in a way that i get a little flexible with timings and the method of getting something done. I have definitely improved it but will always like to have my time and process maintaiined whenever necessary.

Grab more such sample answers along with helpful tips to answer this question from here ——> What are your strengths and weaknesses?

2. Why should I hire you?

Like I said, I have the capacity to learn and grow quick in a new environment, I can pace up with your working system on time and faster than others. I also have the qualities and skills that tick all your boxes mentioning the requirements for this particular job profile. If you decide to hire me I can assure you that you will not be disappointed and my previous experiences will only aid to your company’s growth and mine too. I do not know about the performance of other students but I am sure that I piqued your interest a little more than the others.

Grab more such sample answers along with helpful tips to answer this question from here ——> Why should I hire you?

3. Are you ready to relocate if we ask to?

Yes sir. Relocating for me wouldn’t be difficult because I have already relocated once for my last job, so I think i can manage. However, I would want the company to inform me a month before they decide to relocate my location of work because of all the changes that I will have to make for my stay and new accommodations. Apart from this, I have no problem in guaranteeing a flexible work location for myself at any point of time during my tenure.

Grab more such sample answers along with helpful tips to answer this question from here ——> Will you relocate if needed?

List of all the most important Basic Level Interview Questions:


  • Know about the latest developments in the sector that the company is associated with.

Concluding Level Interview

Interact with the interviewers. Don’t make it a one-way communication.

Keep repeating how important the job role is for you

Do not set up high expectations for them. Listen to theirs first.

Ask them questions when given the opportunity. Use the chance wisely.

Maintain your performance until you exit from the room.

Be honest with your answers. Give clarifications and proper explanation for your statements.

Sample Questions:


1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I would like to get the chance to move on from a professional role to management after I obtain more experience. I know that for many others in this place, this has been a typical course, and I think this will be a reasonable step forward for me in time. I’m excited for now, though, to work on and apply my professional expertise in this role however, I am awaiting a more enriched experience that helps me to grow and elevate my position further in my professional life.

Grab more such sample answers along with helpful tips to answer this question from here ——> Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

2. What salary do you expect?

I’d like to grasp this work role and the planned duties more before addressing this issue. Adding to my job role, there are added responsibilities that come for an employee. i would like to know what is expected from me in this work space too. I have also been working in the same field  and delivering a somewhat similar role elsewhere. So I have a clear idea of what importance this position holds for a company. It is clear that there is a greater role for a person employed in this position to play. I definitely hope I will be given major duties and we shall then sit together to mark up a number for me.

Grab more such sample answers along with helpful tips to answer this question from here ——> What salary do you expect?

3. What if we don’t hire you?

To be very honest, i would be disappointed if i do not get this job because it had been my dream to work with the professionals of your company. i have always been fascinated by your work and achievements. But if I am not selecting, I know it would be the discretion of the respected panel and I would definitely try to crack it next time soon. I promise to work on my improvements whether or not I am selected. One thing I will learn from it would be that there’s always a second and a better chance. I’ll come again and get selected for sure.

Grab more such sample answers along with helpful tips to answer this question from here ——> What if we don’t hire you?

List of all the most important Basic Level Interview Questions:


  • Be well aware of the job role and the expected market salaries for the same
  • Know your future plans and your work that you would do after the interview ends. ( based on selection)