Find the height of binary tree in C

Height of binary tree


A binary tree is a tree-type non-linear data structure with a maximum of two children for each parent. The height of a binary tree is defined as the number of edges between the root node and the farthest leaf node.The height of an empty tree is 0.

Standard Input output

Algorithm :


  • If root is NULL, return 0.
  • Otherwise Recursively call the height function on its left and right child.
  • Return the value which is greater out of height of left child and bight of right child
height of binary tree in C

C Code based on above approach

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

struct node {
int data;
struct node* left;
struct node* right;

int height(struct node* node)
if (node == NULL)
return 0;
else {

int leftHeight = height(node->left);
int rightHeight = height(node->right);

if (leftHeight > rightHeight)
return (leftHeight + 1);
return (rightHeight + 1);

struct node* newNode(int data)
struct node* node
= (struct node*)malloc(sizeof(struct node));
node->data = data;
node->left = NULL;
node->right = NULL;

return (node);

int main()
struct node* root = newNode(10);

root->left = newNode(20);
root->right = newNode(30);
root->left->left = newNode(40);
root->left->right = newNode(50);

printf("Height of tree is %d", height(root));

return 0;
Output :

Height of tree is 3