Introduction to STL in C++

About C++ STL :

In C++, Standard Template Library (STL) is a set of classes that provide different functions and programming data structures. It helps to easily store and accessing the elements using different techniques.

sinh() function in c++ stl

Components of STL in C++ :

In general, There are four components of STL in C++ :

  • Algorithms
  • Function
  • Containers
  • Iterators


Algorithms :

Different Algorithms are provided by the STL  which are following :

  • Sorting
  • Searching

Functions :

Containers :

Types of Containers :

Following are the types of containers available in STL :

  • Sequence Containers : Vector, List, Deque, Arrays
  • Containers Adaptors : Queue, Priority Queue, Stack
  • Associative Containers : Set, Multiset, Map, Multimap
  • Unordered Associative Containers :  Unordered Set, Unordered Multiset, Unordered Map, Unordered Multimap

Iterators :

Advantages of STL in C++ :

Programming style may be drastically altered by STL, enabling for more strong, reliable, and reusable code. By using STL, programmer may simplify their life and increase its efficiency. Additionally, STL is expandable, enabling the programmers to include their own containers and algorithms.

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