Business Communication Test for IBM – 1

Ques. Find the active voice sentence below

A. The car has driven by him

B. He cleaned the car

C. It will be more complex algorithm

Ques. In formal email personal introduction should be done.

A. After the body of letter

B. Within body of letter

C. At the start of body of letter

Ques. Miss Sheela is dancer. Funny, arrogant and stylish. find
type of error

A. sentence fragment

B. run out error

Ques. Which is correct?

A. Dear President Smith

B. Dear Smith

C. Dear Mr Smith

Ques. Can we write hi in business letters?


B. No

Ques. In formal letter for better understanding

A. Repeat ideas with picture and others

B. Repeat important ideas

C. Refrain from repeating ideas

D. One and two

Ques. Convert into Direct/Indirect speech

A. The preacher said, “Honesty is the best policy (The preacher said that honesty is the best policy.)

B. I said to my father, “I am coming back after two
hours”. (I told my father that I will be coming back after two hours)

Ques. Enclosures (3) meaning 3 attachments are there in addition
to the letter. TRUE or FALSE?

A. True

B. False

Ques. Which is not part to a business letter?

A. Heading

B. Body

C. Closing

D. Indenting

Ques. Correct form of English

A. Samuel was with Susan and I

B. Samuel was with Susan and me

C. Samuel was with I and Susan

D. Samuel was with me and Susan

Ques. In formal document prepared for meeting should contain

A. Purpose of document

B. User expectation from the document

C. Brief details n content about document

D. All of these

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