Best Books to Learn C Language

books to learn C

Best C Programming Books for Beginners and Experts

Find the best books to learn C language on this page. These books are suited for both beginners and experts.

What is C Programming?

C is one of the most popular programming language and is often referred as the “Mother of all Programming Languages”. It is a primary programming language and is preferred during recruitment exams.

We have listed out the best C Programming books on this page, which you can refer to when learning to code C.

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Best Books to Learn C

Here we have listed out the best books to learn C programming. Go through the page, to know which books to pick when preparing for C programming.

1. C Programming Absolute Beginner's Guide

  • Author:- Greg Perry and Dean Miller
  • Price:- Rs. 1.5k

This book is one of the best books to get started with C programming. It is structured and very comprehensive when learning the language. You will learn all about data types, variables, operators, i/o, pointers, functions, etc. Basically covering the entire fundamentals of C.

2. The C Programming Language

  • Author:- Brian W Kernighan and Dennis M Ritchie
  • Price:- Rs. 401

This book deals with the concepts of procedured-oriented programming and basics of C programming. It covers beginner topics like variables, assignments, loops, functions, etc. Practice questions are also provided to test your knowledge.

3. C: The Complete Reference

  • Author:- Herbert Schildt
  • Price:- Rs. 732
This book is targeted more towards the audience that have gained basic C programming knowledge. This one deals with function libraries, restricted pointers, inline functions, etc

4. Programming in ANSI C

  • Author:- E Balagurusamy
  • Price:- Rs. 500

This book is for a more beginner audience who are trying to learn C at their own pace. It extensively covers topics like strings, arrays, functions, pointers, etc. 

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