Amazon SDE

Amazon SDE

Amazon SDE

Amazon SDE is one of the best career opportunities for freshers to start their career in Software Development or as a Software Engineer. It will give you the perfect boost for your career ahead. For which you need to have perfect guidance.

Amazon, the tech giant you’re all familiar with, is one of the leading organizations providing customer-focused products and services, Amazon always strives to move a step closer to its goal- To become the Earth’s Most Customer-centric Company. The following article provides all the details you need to know about the Amazon Hiring Process, and how to crack it.

Eligibility Criteria

QualificationFull Time Graduates and Post Graduates of BE/B.Tech/ME/M.Tech/M.Sc/MCA and related fields
Year of Passing2023
Eligible Streams from UG/PGAll Engineering and CS Streams.
Eligibility CriteriaGood knowledge and strong understanding of algorithms, Object-Oriented design, Databases, Data Structures, and Linux

Online Test of Amazon SDE is divided into 4 sections

1. Automata Fix
2. Automata Amazon
3. Logical Course
4. Psychometric Test

Automata Fix

Number of questions: 7. Duration: 20 minutes

In this round, you will be asked to choose your preferred programming language beforehand, out of C, C++, and Java. Once you’ve selected and clicked ‘Next’, you will be able to read the test instructions and tips.

Test Description: In this test, you will be given a code where you will have to identify all the logical and syntactical errors. Some sample test cases will be given to you. The code that you will compile will be tested on the test cases internally, some of which will be shown to you.

Code Approach: Modify the errors without incorporating new libraries or modifying the approach.


Automata Amazon

Number of questions: 2. Duration: 70 minutes

The duration of this test is 70 minutes. A timer will appear on the right-hand corner of the screen which once started, will not stop. Your last code entry will be saved by default if the timer runs out. Please ensure that you complete the test in time.

Code Question: There will be two code questions, and you have the option of either coding in JAVA (JDK 1.8), Python (2.7), Python3  (3.7), C++ (GCC 8.1.0), or C# (5.16). To be considered in this role, both code questions should be answered. Two different coding languages can be used for both the question, however, switching your language in the middle of coding will delete everything you have done so far in the question.

Submitting the answer: Once you’ve compiled your code, submit the code using the ‘SUBMIT’ button. Please note that once you have submitted the code, you will not be able to review your code.

Click on the link below to prepare for this section:

  1. Intermediate Coding
  2. Advanced Coding
  3. Amazon Coding Questions
amazon SDE Logical

Logical Ability

Number of questions: 24. Duration: 35 minutes

This section will be a multiple choice section involving questions in deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning.

You can find the Logical reasoning Questions here to start preparing for the exam.

Click here to learn the Logical Course.

Psychometric Test

The psychometric test usually includes agree-disagree questions which have a range of options. You can check the psychometric questions here.