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Amazon Placement Papers

Amazon Placement Papers and Answers

Valid for –

  • For both OnCampus / OffCampus Freshers
  • All Profiles(MarketPlace, AmazonPrime, General Amazon, except Amazon AWS)
  • For Amazon AWS study from our Amazon AWS Dashboard
  • Test conducted on HackerEarth platform

Valid For –

  • Both on Campus and Off Campus
  • Both Freshers and Experienced
  • First Online Test round is same for Freshers/Experienced
  • Only difference is –
    • Freshers has only 1 Interview(Programming) based on DSA, C, Object Oriented programming etc
    • Experienced also has Programming Interview and also has his technology Specific interview 2
  • Test conducted on Mettl Platform

Note – If non AWS Fresher than rather than AWS Dashboard study from Amazon Freshers Dashboard

Note 2 – If non AWS Experienced then study from Amazon Experienced Dashboard

Valid For –

  • For Experienced
  • All Amazon Divisions like –
    • Kindle, MarketPlace, AmazonPrime Video/Music, International Off Shore departments of Amazon
  • Not Valid if you’re applying for AWS Divsion, for that visit Amazon AWS Dashboard

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