ZS Associates Placement Process

Zs Associates Test Pattern for Aptitude

ZS Associates Placement Process, ZS Associates Selection Procedure, ZS Associates Test Pattern and ZS Associates Recruitment Procedure, ZS Associates Interview Questions asked in different Rounds.

The whole placement process is divided into 3 rounds, this is the latest pattern other pattern over different websites are wrong so please check below for correct and latest pattern –

  1. Written Round(HirePro)
  2. Interview Round 1 (Case Study )
  3. Interview Round 2 (Technical aspects in Case Study)
  4. Interview Round 3 HR


Once you read the placement pattern go to our ZS Associates Dashboard to  study for ZS Associates Written Round from previous questions asked in Exam which are repeated.

Go to the end of the page to also check Syllabus and Interview Pattern and Questions for ZS.

Also the written Round will have these make sure things

  • ZS Online Test will be auto proctored.
  • No Addons(Skype, Calculator etc)
  • Auto-Logout if tabs switched more than 2 times.



First we will cover the Written Round there are four sections in the paper which are –

  • Quantitative Aptitude – 15 Questions where 2 Questions carry extra points and are Star Marked
  • Verbal Ability – 15 Questions
  • Data Interpretation – 5 Questions with 3 sub questions in each thus 15 Questions
  • Logical Reasoning – 15 Questions

Total Number of Questions in ZS Associates Placement Process – 60

Total Time – 75 mins

TopicSub- TopicExpected QuestionsCut-off Percentile
Quantitative Ability 1Number System
Set Theory
Venn Diagrams
Ratio & Proportions
Quantitative Ability 2Not Asked Currently00
Data InterpretationBar Graph
Pie Chart
Verbal AbilityReading Comprehension
Fill in the Blanks
Sentence Arrangement
Error Detection
One Word Subsitution
Logical ReasoningArrangement
Blood Relations
Distance & Direction
Visual Reasoning
Clocks and Calander


  • The cut off for IIT and Non IIT institutes is different
    • For Non IITs the cut off is 70% i.e you must be in top 30% to go to next round.
    • For IITs the package is also higher and cut off is 60%
    • Most of the students in Non CSE/IT background will be given testing post the exam.
  • Thus out of 1000 students sitting for placements only top 250-300 go to next round.



Zs Associates Interview Round Process and Questions

If you have given it off campus or pool campus then there will be a video interview section conducted online.

  • Can use own Mobile or Desktop
  • Should be dressed in formals for video interview
  • Should use external connected device with Mic.
  • The system will display questions automatically for 50 seconds and post which you’ve to speak to 2-3 mins about the answer. Most questions were guesstimates like how many Red Honda Cars are there in Tamil Nadu.
  • 2nd part is writing Some HR Question onto the desktop, which are basic questions.
  • Only 40% students clear the next round thus if 1000 sat for placements after written and Online Interview around 150 will reach next round.

ZS Associates Placement Process Case Study

  • You will be given a case study assessment. It will be exactly 20 pages long and will contain Charts, Bar Graphs, Pie charts related to a business or retail supermarket store and also need to answer over 10 questions after reading the whole information.
    • Time for This section will be 40 mins.

Case Study Assessment Round

Once the previous written round is completed you will be called for personal interview it will be mix of HR + Technical.

  • He will ask you questions about the previous answers for Case study round how and why you reached this deduction. What were assumption.
  • Most important thing in this round is asking right questions related to sample data. Like which country GDP, average per capita income.

If you’re a CSE Students you will also be asked how will use SQL to store all such information and extract data and some basic queries.

Then there will be basic questions related to HR why do you want to join ZS Associates and pursue data science etc.

Post ZS Associates Placement Process completion people will be selected and will be given gifts-

  • A Zs Assciates Bag
  • Pen(Expensive one)
  • Mouse

What ZS says?

We are looking for candidates who are very organized, methodical and have a process execution focus. They should be comfortable with cyclical tasks and working in a team environment. The candidate should have excellent detail orientation, analytical & communication skills.

Interview Process  The online test round will be conducted 2-3 days prior to the drive. On the day of the recruitment event, we will be conducting case round, EBI & fit round.

  1. Online Test – Scrutinizing the data (shared by college) and sharing the link for online test with eligible students.
  2. Case Round – Online test cleared students should be prepared to analyze a business case. It will involve understanding the client issues and proposing an approach to address the issues.
  3. Fit Round – Candidates will have an opportunity to meet with one of the ZS principals’ to discuss growth opportunities, career path and ZS vision in general.

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