Wipro Turbo On Campus Interview Experience

Name: Sushma Shetty

College: PSG College of Technology

Branch: Computer Science

Type of interview: Wipro Turbo ON Campus Drive

Student Interview

I was very excited when our college informed that Wipro would be coming for the On-Campus drive at our college. The drive was exactly after three weeks. I asked my seniors about the interview process to which they told me to refer to Prepinsta and some competitive books. The college provided us with the link to apply for the drive. After registering on the link, we got we admit cards for the CoCubes Test. I was informed by my seniors that Wipro gives equal opportunities to women employees in the ratio of 2:1; therefore, there are fair chances of getting selected. There were three rounds for the Wipro Turbo hiring, Cocubes Test, Technical Interview, and the HR Interview

CoCubes Written Paper

There were 70 questions and the total time allotted for the paper was 70 minutes. All the questions were of MCQ pattern, and there was no sectional cut off or any particular time frame for any section. There were four sections in the paper, Verbal, Quantitative Analysis, Technical Questions, and Coding Round. The difficulty level was very high. Maximum students were eliminated in this round.

  • There were 20 questions in the Verbal section, which were related to, Sentence Correction, Prepositions, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Synonyms & Antonyms. The difficulty level of this section was medium.
  • In some papers there was a Quants section and in some papers there was Logical reasoning section. In my paper I had the Quants section. The difficulty level ranged from medium to high. There were 20 questions in the section related to Speed& Distance, Algebra, Equations, progression, Profit and Loss, Ratio’s, Averages and Geometry.
  • There were 30 questions in the Technical section. This was the most difficult It had questions related to basic concepts of Oops, C, C++, DBMS, OS Concepts, Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Networks and Computer Architecture and Organisation.
  • There were two questions in the Coding round. The languages allowed to use were C, C++, and JAVA. The questions in my paper were, first, to print a particular pattern and second, to find the sum of odd factors.

The paper was very difficult but thanks to PrepInsta I was aware of the paper pattern and was able to solve most of the questions. Only 30% of the total students were able to qualify for the Technical round, and luckily I was in that 30%.

Technical Round

Before the face to face interview began all the qualified candidates were given four profiles to choose from for the Technical Interview. Whatever the choice we would make, we will be asked questions related to that. The choices given to us were:

  1. Digital – Questions based on INTERNET OF THINGS(IOT), Machine Learning or any cutting-edge OOPS, Concepts, Basics in C/C++/JAVA, Deep discussions on the final year project.
  2. Analytics – Projects based on BIG DATA would be expected, Questions on SQL and Coding would be asked.
  3. Product Engineering Services (PES) –It would be more about general and resume plays key role. They would expect all platforms knowledge.(SQL,C,C++)
  4. MNT (for Associate Telecom Engineer) – For Mechanical and Communication. It is mostly opted by the ECE students.


I chose the Product Engineering Services profile for my Technical Round. As my turn came, I went into the cabin. The interviewer asked for my CV. He went through the CV thoroughly. Then he asked me questions related to basic C and C++, Data Encapsulation, Encryption, and Hierarchy. I was asked to write logic for two codes on paper out of which one was to reverse a string. The interviewer asked me about my final year project.

1)  what platform did you use in your project?

2) Draw the ER Diagram of your project.

3) You are OCE certified so you must have a thorough knowledge of JAVA. Can you create an immutable object that contains a mutable object?

4) Is there any difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder in Java?

The interview went for around 30 minutes.  Many students were eliminated in this round. Luckily I qualified for the HR round.

HR Round

This was the easiest round. The HR just asked some basic questions such as:

  • Are you willing to relocate
  • Is this your first job interview experience?
  • Do you have any plans?

The interview went for around ten minutes. I was very satisfied with my interview. The results were announced after two hours, and I got selected as the Project Engineer at Wipro Pvt.Ltd.

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