Wipro Turbo Coding Questions

Wipro Turbo Programming Questions with Answers

Find all the latest Cocubes Coding Questions for Wipro Turbo Programming Questions and latest Wipro Turbo Coding Questions. With these programs you will get a lot of coding languages on how to solve different Wipro Turbo Cocubes Java Questions with Answers, Wipro Turbo Programming Questions in Java.

You can use the following Languages – 

  1. C
  2. C++
  3. Java

CoCubes Coding Questions

Wipro Turbo Java Questions

Other programs asked were – 

  1. Sum of Odd Factors
  2. Perfect Squares
  3. Number of possible Triangles in the given range
  4. Pattern Printing(print in form of X, Squares, Right angle Triangle)

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One comment on “Wipro Turbo Coding Questions”

  • shubham

    s = input()
    l = len(s)
    if len(set(s))==1:
    ans = 0
    for i in range (l-2):
    if (s[:i+1] == s[-1-i:]):
    ans = i+1