Wipro On Campus Interview Experience for Freshers set 3

Name: Pooja Nagarjun

College: Meenakshi Sundararajan College of Technology

Branch: Computer Science

Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview

This year Wipro came to our college for a recruitment drive. Our TPO (training and placement officer) provided us the registration link so that we can register ourselves and get our admit cards. Furthermore, he told all girls to lay great emphasis on this drive as Wipro hire more girls. Therefore, the chances of selection are higher among girls. The eligibility criteria for Wipro was 60% throughout the academic career and no current backlogs. So I immediately started preparing for the drive through previous Wipro interview question on PrepInsta. I practiced both solved and unsolved papers for the placement drive. There were two rounds in the interview, first, the AMCAT aptitude test and second, the face to face interview round.




The AMCAT paper had five sections, Quantitative Analysis, Logical Reasoning, Verbal, Technical Aptitude, and Essay Writing. There were 70 questions in the paper and time allotted was 119 minutes.

  • In the Quants section, there were 18 questions, and the sectional cut off for this section was 11. Time allotted was 20 minutes. This section had questions based on L.C.M. and H.C.F., Logarithms, Permutation, and
  • In the Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation section, the difficulty level was high. There were 16 questions and the time allotted for this section was 16 minutes.
  • In the Verbal section, there were 22 questions and the time allotted was 18 minutes. It had questions on synonyms, antonyms, subject-verb agreement, and contextual vocabulary questions.
  • The next section was the Coding, in this section had two questions, and the time allotted was 45 minutes. One question was to print a start pattern and another was to WAP for selection sort. The pattern question was executed perfectly, but in the selection sort due to a logical error it was partially executed.
  • The last section was the Essay writing. There was only one question in this section and the time allotted was 20 minutes. I had to write an article of 100-150 words on Impact of western culture on India.

Technical Round

The technical round was to be held at the college auditorium. As the interview began, the students were called one by one for the Technical Interview. When I entered the cabin, there was just one interviewer. He asked for my resume. After a quick view of my resume, he started asking me the questions related to basics of C and C++, such as data encapsulation, abstraction. He gave me a code and asked that will this code execute? The interview went on for 25-30 minutes. After all the interviews were over the list of selected students was announced. I cleared the technical round.

HR Round

HR interview was held in the auditorium after an hour.  As my name was announced for the interview, I went to the cabin and greeted the HR. The interviewer had my resume in his hand, and he asked me to introduce myself. After that he asked me the following questions.

  • Tell me about your final year project
  • What was your favorite subject in engineering and why?
  • How will you be beneficial for our company?
  • Are you planning for further studies?
  • Are you okay with relocation?

The interviewer seemed to be impressed with my answers, so I was positive for the results. The results were announced, and I was selected. The official offer letter came after a week, and the joining letter came after a month. I was selected as the Assistant JAVA Developer at Wipro Ltd. Bangalore.

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