Wipro On Campus Interview Experience for Freshers 4

Student Interview

This year, WIPRO came for the recruitment of candidates in our college. Our HOD informed it through the mail, so I appeared for the rounds of the interview. Before going to the interview, I go through the Prepinsta’s website to get an overview of the interview pattern of WIPRO.

Wipro Placement Paper Test Pattern includes

Written Test with Coding

The written test comprised of Verbal, Logical Reasoning, Quants Question, two Coding Question, and a written English test. I was less tensed of the written exam as I had given  exam so new the exam pattern, I knew I would clear the round and so I gave the test without any anxiousness. What I was more worried about was the Technical and HR round.

Written test had five rounds

Verbal reasoning: The verbal reasoning section had a question of Synonyms, Antonyms, Contextual Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Grammar and  Error Identification.

Logical reasoning: The topics covered under this section were mainly from Coding deductive logic, Blood Relation, Directional Sense, Objective Reasoning, Selection decision tables and few from Inductive reasoning and Abductee reasoning.

Quants Questions: This section had questions on basic Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Engineering Mathematics Question including topics such as LCM & HCF, Divisibility, Profit and Loss, Time, Speed and Distance and Probability.

Coding Test: Coding test had two basic questions to solve. Questions were on a binary search and linear linked list.

Written English Test: The written English test is an essay writing test and has easy topics of the day to day life topic which I get was Crime among children – Effect of spending less time with parents?

Cut off Percentile for Wipro Test Questions and Answers

Paper Section Cut Off Percentile Question to be solved Negative Marking
         Verbal 60% 16 No
         Aptitude 60% 13 No
         Reasoning 60% 12 No
         Coding 50% 1 Complete Question No
         English Test 70% Less than 5 Mistakes No

As I was aware of AMCAT exams pattern, I cleared the written exam with ease. It was 1:00 and I was ready for Technical and HR round with equal nervousness and enthusiasm, They gave us the lunch break of about half an hour. I completed my lunch within 5 minutes and started revising for some technical question using PrepInsta.  After the written test there were two more rounds of Technical and HR Interview.

Technical Interview: In the technical interview when I entered into the interview room on my number the interviewer asked me to take a seat, a general introduction was done, and as I was from the CSE background he asked me question-related to coding concepts of C and C++, Operating

System and Data Structures. Then after that, he asked me about the language I prefer, Python I replied, and then he asked me some question regarding some Python Libraries, my confidence level was increasing minute by minute as I was able to answer the question. The interview was off about 25

Minutes and after the completion interviewer asked me to wait for the results. After some time result came and they selected me for next round.

HR Round: When I entered the cabin, Two  HR were seated there. They asked me for my resume, and one of them gave it a thorough reading. Then the interview began, the other HR asked me to introduce myself Than they told me to  give a brief about my final year project and my role in it,

They even asked me to draw ER diagrams of my project which made me pretty conscious but was able to complete it . after some question like this they told if I am comfortable to relocate and my plans. The interview was over, and they told me to wait for the results. I waited, and I think that was the best day of my life as I got selected by WIPRO  it was a great experience and I feel without Prezista’s platform  I would have not able to get selected.