Wheebox Placement Papers with Solutions

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Wheebox Placement Papers and Solutions

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  1. Questions – 10
  2. Time – No Sectional time(Total Test Time is 70 mins)

Topics – 

  • Speed Time and distance
  • Probability
  • Averages
  • Divisibility
  • Equations
  • Mixtures and Allegations
  • Ratio and Proportions

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WheeBox Previous Papers and Answers

Number of Questions – 90

Time – 70 mins

  • 10 Questions on Verbal English – RC, Synonyms and Antonyms best expresses questions, Main Idea of the paragraph, Sentence Correction, Fill in the blanks
  • 10 on Logical – Analogy, Data Sufficiency, Data Suff type 2, Number Series
  • 10 on Quants – speed time and distance, averages, Divisibility, simple x and y eqtns, ap, mixture and allegationsm ratio and proportions
  • 30 on behaivorial
  • 10 on GK – PM Modi, demon, uidai, 3d model by modi
  • 10 on Academic Expression – startup or job? get job in own branch, etc
  • Last 10 questions – Domain based – dbms, os, software engineering.

Cognitive Abilities:

Cognitive ability is one of the most powerful predictors of future work performance. Cognitive ability tests measure verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning and the resulting scores reflect the person’s ability to acquire, retain, organize and apply information. People who score well on cognitive ability tests are more likely to develop a greater knowledge of the job quickly, make effective decisions, successfully reason and solve problems and respond appropriately to new or complex situations.

English Language Skills:

English Language Skills are important ingredients to a successful career. An assessment of English Language skills provides feedback on the ability of organizing words into sentences and in various structures (Simple/ Complex/ Compound). The second component that is assessed is the test taker’s ability on lexicology & vocabulary.

Basic IT Literacy:

Most people need some IT skills to find work today. Acquiring basic IT skills and being familiar with using a computer may open up a wide range of employment opportunities and increase marketability in the workplace. People are assessed on basic computing skills.

Behavioral Dimension:

WEST assesses 3 behavioral traits & assesses the learning agility, interpersonal skills and adaptability. It assesses attitudes in the workplace. Today behavioral aspect has taken a major role in short-listing candidates. 

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