What Is The Difference Between TCS ITP And TCS NQT?

Difference Between TCS ITP and TCS NQT. (2024)

TCS ITP and TCS NQT are both TCS’ off-campus recruitment rounds. However, both these rounds have different parameters. It is important for candidates to know the difference between ITP and NQT before starting their preparations for either.

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  • What is ITP?
  • What is NQT?
what is tcs itp

About TCS:-

TCS or Tata Consultancy Services is one of the biggest IT companies in the world. It hires more than one lakh engineers in their pre-final and final years. These candidates are hired for the profile of Ninja and Digital.
Currently, TCS conducts two Off-Campus Drives, NQT or National Qualifier Test and ITP or Integrated Test Pattern. Students are often confused between the two. We have provided a comparison between both these drives, so know which one to pick and apply for.

Comparison Between TCS ITP and TCS NQT 2024

Area of Comparison TCS NQT TCS ITP
For which year

Full-time graduates of 2024 batch

Full-time graduates of 2020, 2021, 2022, batches.
Percentage Criteria 60% in BE/B.Tech 60% in BE/B.Tech
Backlog Criteria 1 at the time of appearing for the exam. No backlogs are allowed.
Gap Criteria Not more than one year. Not more than two years.
Recruitment Rounds
  • NQT Test
  • Interview
  • Foundation Test
  • Advanced Test
  • Interview
Test Pattern


  • Verbal Ability-24 questions
  • Reasoning Ability:- 30 questions
  • Numerical Ability:- 26 questions
  • Programming Logic:- 10 questions
  • Hands-on Coding:- 2 questions

Foundation Test:-

  • traits
  • Numerical Ability- 20 questions
  • Verbal Ability- 25 questions
  • Reasoning Ability- 20 questions

Advanced Test:-

  • Advanced Quantitative Ability- 10 questions
  • Advanced Reasoning Ability- 10 questions
  • Advanced Coding Ability- 2 questions
Time Duration 180 minutes
  • Foundation Test:- 75 minutes
  • Advanced Test:- 90 minutes
Difficulty Level Medium to high
  • Foundation Test- easy to medium
  • Advanced Test- medium to high

What is TCS ITP?

TCS ITP or Integrated Test Pattern is TCS’ off-campus recruitment drive. Depending on the performance in online test rounds (Foundation and Advanced) and interview round, candidates are hired either for the TCS Ninja profile or the TCS Digital profile.

TCS ITP Test Pattern (Foundation Round):-

Sections Number of Questions Time Limit Difficulty
Traits 1 75 minutes (shared)
Numerical Ability 16(variable) 75 minutes (shared)
Verbal Ability 20(variable) 75 minutes (shared)
Reasoning Ability 15(variable) 75 minutes (shared)

TCS ITP Test Pattern (Advanced Round):-

Sections Number of Questions Time Limit Difficulty
Advanced Quantitative Ability 10 35 minutes (shared)
Advanced Reasoning Ability 10 35 minutes (shared)
Advanced Coding Ability 2 55 minutes High

You can find all the important questions for TCS ITP here:-

What is TCS NQT?

TCS NQT or National Qualifier Test is conducted by TCS four times a year. Through this test, TCS recruits fresher engineers. Candidates clearing TCS NQT are shortlisted for the Ninja profile, while the top ten percentile candidates are shortlisted for TCS Digital.

TCS NQT Test Pattern:-

Section NameTotal Questions
Verbal Ability24 questions
Reasoning Ability30 questions
Numerical Ability26 questions
Programming Logic10 questions
Hands on Coding2 questions

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