Set 8

Student Details

Name: Vishakha Satwani
College: Amity University, Noida
Branch: Information Technology
Type of interview: ON-campus Interview

Student Interview

Virtusa conducted a pool campus drive during the final semester at our college. It was my first interview. Therefore I didn’t want to take any chance. I went to my seniors and asked them from where should I prepare, and they suggested PrepInsta’s Practice Sample papers for the Written Round. Later our professor told us about the eligibility criteria and interview process.

 Eligibility Criteria

  • BE/B.TECH students can apply
  • Students from the computer science field
  • Maximum 65% in BE/B.TECH
  • 60% marks in 10th and 12th.


The interview was conducted in four different rounds:

  1. Online Written Test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Technical Round
  4. HR Round

Online Written Test

The written test was divided into different sub-divisions. The difficulty level for all the sections was medium. Furthermore, these questions carried no negative marking. This round was easy for me as I prepared through PrepInsta’s previous year sample papers. Most of the questions from PrepInsta’s study material matched exactly in the paper. The questions asked were:

Test Sections Topics
•Time & work
•Profit & Loss
•Number, decimal fraction
•Time, Speed & Distance
•Geometry, coordinate geometry
•Ratio & Proportion

Logical Ability
•Seating arrangement
•Blood relations
•Coding Decoding
•Directions & Distance

Verbal Ability
•Contextual Vocabulary
•Jumbled Sentences

Automata Coding
•Automata Coding Question
Computer Programming•Data Types
•Iteration, Recursion, Decision
•Procedure, functions, and scope
•Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs

Group Discussion Round

Those who cleared the written test round were selected for the GD round. In this round, everyone was given a topic to speak on. The topic given to me was “A world with no borders.” The interviewer checked the communication skills, convincing power, and adaptability to work along with a team through this round. I was successful in influencing the interview community through my skills and cleared the second round also.

Technical Interview Round

I was a little bit nervous for the technical round as I did not know what questions would be asked. When I went inside the interview room, the interviewer first asked me about my final year project and asked me to explain it properly. Then he asked me a few technical questions. Some of them were:

  • Difference between TCP and UDP?
  • What is RARP?
  • How to handle source control?
  • Difference between threat and vulnerability?

I knew all the questions and answered all of them properly. The interview lasted for about 45 minutes.

HR Round

I cleared the technical interview round and was selected for the final HR round. HR was very polite. He made me comfortable first and offered me a glass of water. Then he asked me to introduce myself and what are my future plans and expectation from the company. Then he gave a brief introduction to the company and asked my salary expectation. The HR round went very well. I was selected for the job and received an offer letter within a week.