Set 6

Student Details

Name: Abhay Verma
College: IIT, Gandhinagar
Branch: Electronics and Communication Technology
Type of interview: Pool-campus Interview

Student Interview

During my last semester, I received an email for my training and placement officer that I was eligible for the on-campus interview which was conducted by Virtusa. I heard about this company from one of my friends and was excited about the interview. Thus, I registered myself for it and started preparing for the same. I asked my friend about the preparation and the interview process, and she suggested me to prepare from the Prepinsta material. The interview process includes:

  1. Online Written Test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Technical and HR Interview Round

Written Test

As per the company norms, first I had to appear for the online written exam. The written paper was divided into five segments which were:  

  • Quants
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Computer Programming
  • Automata Coding

We were informed that the complexity level for all the segments was easy. Furthermore, these questions carried no negative marking. This round was easy for me as I prepared through PrepInsta’s previous year sample papers. The results were declared the same day, and all my hard work paid off, and I was selected for the second round.

Group Discussion Round

The second round was group discussion round. In this round, all the chosen candidates were divided into two different groups. One was for the topic, and one was against the topic. The topic given to us was “Joint family or nuclear family.” In this round, the candidates were required to express their viewpoints, construct their thoughts and present them creatively. They were judged on the basis of communication and convincing power. Though I was not good at convincing, my thoughts were impressive. I was successful in clearing the second round also.

Technical and HR Interview Round

This round was the last and the hardest round of the whole interview process. I was interviewed by two interviewers who asked me about technical and HR questions. First, the interviewer asked me about the work I did in my final year project. Then he asked me the technical questions related to my subject. Some of them were:

  • What are the types of communication?
  • Where AM and FM are used?
  • What is Integrated Circuit?
  • What is a diode?
  • Explain op-amp.
  • What is the Barkhausen criteria?

Apart from the technical questions the interviewer also asked me some personal questions like,

  • What are my hobbies?
  • Why do I want to work with Virtusa?
  • What are my strengths and weakness?
  • My achievements if any?
  • Would I be comfortable in relocating to any other state or country?

The interviewer was very polite and asked me if I have any query related to my post or the company. I told them about my salary expectations, to which they just smiled. Finally, the interview got over, and I received a mail from them within one week specifying the offer letter.