Set 4

Student Details

Name: Manav Agarwal
College: National Institute of Technology, Manipur
Branch: Computer Science
Type of interview: ON-campus Interview

Student Interview

Last year, during our fourth semester our professor informed us that Virtusa, an IT service company would be coming to our college for an on-campus interview. They gave a brief introduction of the company along with the eligibility criteria and interview rounds. The eligibility standards for the interview were 60% in 10th and 12th standard. BE/B.TECH students with 65% marks and students from science field were eligible.


There were four rounds in the process of the interview:

  1. Written Test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Technical Interview
  4. HR Interview

Online Written Test

The written test was consists of five types of questions, which were verbal, quants, reasoning, computer programming, and automata coding. There was no negative marking for the following questions. The topics of the questions asked were:

SectionsComplexity LevelTopic
Numbers, decimal fractions
Time & Work
Pipes and Cisterns
Profit and Loss
Time, Speed and Distance
Clocks & Calendar
Permutation and Combinations
Ratio & Proportion

Verbal Ability
Contextual Vocabulary
Sentence Formation
Error Identification
Sentence Improvement
Subject-Verb Agreement
Tenses & Articles
Proposition & Conjunctions
Speech & Voices
Logical Ability
Coding deductive logic
Blood Relation
Directional Sense
Selection decision tables
Odd Man Out
Statement & Conclusion
Coding and Number series Seating Arrangements
Inferred Meaning
Logical word sequence
Data sufficiency
Computer ProgrammingMedium
Data Types
Procedure, functions, and scope
Arrays, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs
Stacks & Queues
Searching and Sorting
Complexity Theory
Searching and Sorting
Automata CodingMedium
Series of Computer Programming

Group Discussion Round

Those who qualified the first round were selected for the second round, which was GD. Good communication power, convincing and leadership skills were tested in this round. All the candidates were given a topic to speak upon. They were required to provide their opinion on the topic. I chose to speak at the last position and though my convincing power I impressed the interviewers.

Technical Interview Round

Seeing my GD round the interviewer did not ask many questions to me. He asked me to give a brief introduction about my final year project and my role in it. Then he asked me a few questions to check my basics with a palindrome, Fibonacci series, circular queue, complexity. I answered the questions with full confidence. I cleared the technical round and was selected for the HR round.

HR Round

The HR asked me a few questions about the company. Later he asked for my resume and asked me to introduce myself till he was going through my resume. He was checking my confidence. He asked a few questions such as, what are your expectations and future plans, the reason for joining Virtusa and many more. The interview went well, and I cleared my first interview with Virtusa.