Tech Mahindra Paragraph and Story Writing

Tech Mahindra Paragraph and Story Writing:-

Tech Mahindra conducts placement drive every year on campuses and off campuses. 

The First round is Aptitude test it is elimination round. The second round it is Paragraph writing and most of the students get eliminated over here.

You can easily clear this round, just refer the paragraph show here and practice it. The Grammar and Punctuation should be very strong to clear this Round. 

Tech mahindra paragraph

Important tips to follow while writing paragraph:-

1. Spelling mistakes should be avoided and punctuation should be properly added wherever required.

2. Write and frame proper  sentences. Don’t write too short or the very long sentences. Just be accurate and write whatever is required.

3. Writing proper words makes sense in sentences.

4. Avoid writing nonsense in the Paragraph and write meaningful sent. 

5. Write in such way which develop interest to read more.

6.avoid adverbs and use proper nouns and verbs.