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TCS Programming Language Efficiency Syllabus

TCS Programming logic Questions and Answers

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TCS Programming Logic Details

Interview Experience

Level 2: Technical Interview 

After the written test, the second was the technical interview round in which the interviewer asked me questions related to my technical skills. This round included two interviews: TCS Ninja and TCS digital. The TCS Ninja interview lasted for 25 minutes and included questions on programming concepts and my final year project such as:

  • Difference between array and pointer.
  • What is the concept of object-oriented programming?
  • What are C and C++?
  • What was your role in the final year project?
  • What difficulties you have faced in completing the project?

Well, answering the questions correctly required basic subject knowledge and good confidence to place on the table. In the Digital interview round the interviewer first talked about my projects and the technical challenge I had faced throughout my course. Then he asked me to note down the maximum number of characters when applying MsgBox and InputBox.  Then he asked me the difference between standard and class module. I gave answers confidently and was selected for the last round.

HR Interview

After the technical round, the HR round was little moderate as the interview came up with some simple question. The few and significant questions that I remember are:

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
  • Why should TCS hire you?

With all these questions, the interviewer was checking my behavioral and communication skills. After taking a deep breath upon interview completion, I was eagerly waiting for the final result announcements. I finally got selected for the job.

Analytics for TCS Programming Logic Section

Stats about TCS Programming Language Efficiency Test

Number of Questions 10 Questions
Cut-off 7 Questions
Difficulty high

Topic Wise Analytics

Data Types Questions 0-1
Difficulty low
Importance medium
Functions and Loops Questions 0-1
Difficulty medium
Importance high
Recursion Iteration Variables Questions 0-1
Difficulty medium
Importance medium
Arrays Stacks and Queues Questions 1-2
Difficulty high
Importance high
Trees Questions 1-2
Difficulty high
Importance high
Graphs Questions 0-1
Difficulty high
Importance high
Command Line Programming Questions 0-1
Difficulty medium
Importance low
Greedy Algorithms Questions 0-1
Difficulty high
Importance high

TCS Programming Logic Questions


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    In Programming logic can i get question on python, Is there any option to choose programming language.