TCS Aptitude Test Pattern 2020

Aptitude Test Pattern for TCS

The TCS Aptitude Test Pattern sees some frequent changes in the number of questions. Earlier there were 30 questions in the test which were required to be solved in a little over an hour’s time. But, now this has changed. Find the latest TCS Aptitude Test Pattern 2018 here on this page.

tcs aptitude test pattern 2018

TCS Aptitude Pattern 2019

Let’s not just talk about the Aptitude Test Pattern but the whole test pattern shall we?

Important Note : TCS has just introduced new test pattern for 2020 Batch pass-outs students. The pattern for 2019 pass-outs being the same. Below is the detailed analysis on the same. Make sure you do not refer any other paper pattern as below one is the most updated paper pattern for both 2019 and 2020 Passouts.

For 2020 Passouts 

  1. Verbal
    1. Time – 10 mins
    2. Questions – 50
  2. Aptitude Test
    1. Time – 30 mins
    2. Questions – 10 (11+4)
  3. Coding
    1. Time – 30 mins
    2. Questions – 1
  4. TCS C MCQ Questions
    1. Time – 20 mins
    2. Questions – 10(7 + 3 Advanced)

For 2019 Passouts 

  1. Verbal
    1. Time – 10 mins
    2. Questions – 10
  2. Aptitude Test
    1. Time – 40 mins
    2. Questions – 20 (15+5 Star Marked Questions)
  3. Coding
    1. Time – 20 mins
    2. Questions – 1
  4. TCS C MCQ Questions
    1. Time – 20 mins
    2. Questions – 10

Pattern for TCS Aptitude 2019

Pattern for TCS Aptitude TestNumber of QuestionsDifficultyProbability of Star Marked Questions
Permutations and Combinations1MediumHigh
Number System and HCF & LCM1MediumLow
Clocks and Calendar1 – 2MediumHigh
Time, speed, distance1 – 2MediumLow
Series and Progressions2HighHigh
Work and Time0 – 1MediumLow
Ratios, Proportion and Averages1MediumLow
Allegations and Mixtures0 – 1LowLow
Arrangements and Series2HighMedium
Reasoning2 – 3MediumHigh

There are 20 Questions in the test out of which 18 are normal questions however there are two star marked questions which have double marking.

Also this section has negative marking however other sections in TCS do not have negative marking. For star marked questions negative marking is double.

English Verbal

C MCQ Section

Most questions are question on C and some of them are only theory on Command Line programming. You can find all these on our C MCQ Dashboard for TCS.


Earlier there used be a command line programming section but now it has been removed from the syllabus and there is coding allowed in different languages like C, C++, Java, Python and Perl.

There will be one question and there is no negative marking you have solve the question within 10 mins.

Email Writing Section Pattern

This section is not asked anymore.

Basically, in this section you have to write a business email in most cases to clients, in some cases to HR or Manager.

You will be given hints or words that you’ve to use in the email and finally construct a good email with proper salutation.

Example –

As a student representative of your department, write an email to your batch mates, suggesting a party for Head of Department Prof.Sunil who is retiring next month. Sign the email as Sam.

inform – retire – plan – surprise – party – host – family – exceptional teacher – guide – mentor – groom – students – helpful – together – memorable


Hi all
I would like to inform you that our Head of Department Prof.Sunil is going to retire next month. We all know that Prof.Sunil is an exceptional teacher and guided us in many typical situations during our project time. In addition to that, he mentored and groomed many of our seniors to grow into leadership positions. For his helpful contributions, we will host a small party to surprise him. We also invite his family. Please inform all the students and together we make it successful and this will be memorable for us forever.
Thanks and regards

Student Experience for TCS Pattern

  • Name: Moorthy Nalladurai
  • College: B.M.S College of Engineering
  • Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
  • Type of interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview

The TCS on-campus placement as one an excellent experience for me because it was first placement drive in my life and I got selected for it. I had worked very hard to get selected for TCS.

I collected materials from my seniors. I asked the seniors who got placed in TCS about the difficulty level, and types of question asked in TCS round. They provided me their study materials and as me to refer PrepInsta website. I found a lot of sample questions and interview experiences on the site which helped me a lot during the entire placement process.

The TCS conducted in two rounds. The first round was the written round which involved an online test, followed by three interview rounds.

Round 1: Online Written Test

When TCS came for an on-campus interview in our college, I was late for the first round. Everybody had entered the exam hall, and I had just reached college. But luckily, the first round had not started, and the candidates were still allowed to enter the exam hall. The examiner checked my ID and let me in.

  • English Verbal

Number of questions ranged from Sentence Completion and Fill in the Blanks and Synonyms and Antonyms there are 10 questions and time is 10 mins.

  • Aptitude Section

Aptitude section followed the email section. This section comprised of 30 questions in 60 minutes. This section covered questions from subjects such as

    • Averages

    • Time-Speed-Distance

    • Number System

    • Ratios

  • Programming Language Section

The programming section was also one of the parts of the online test section. There were ten questions needed to be answered to clear this round. Time allocated for his was 20 minutes. The technical problems came from basic of C language. Some of them were about:

  • Highest precision data type
  • Header Files required for printf functions
  • What will the fopen function return if the file is not found?
  • Pointers and strings
  • Coding Section

The last part of the written test was the coding section. I was required to write simple program code in this part of the exam. This was also quite easy for me to attempt.

When the written test was over, I was asked to wait until my result was declared. Soon I came to knew I got selected for the interview round.

Round 2: Personal Interview

Several students cleared the written exam like me. When I called for the interview, a single TCS representative took my interview.

He asked me to introduce myself. Later, he asked me technical questions such as:

  • What is OOPS?
  • What are classes and objects?
  • What is inheritance?
  • What is an MVC model?
  • What is abstraction?
  • What are abstract classes? Give an example of abstraction.

I was also asked to write a program to add two numbers in Java taking input from the user. After I completed the code, he asked me to explain it. Later, he asked me about some Unix commands such as:

  • Command to display all the files and processes.
  • Use of grep command.

Lastly, he asked HR related questions such as

  • My interests and hobbies.
  • The things I did in the past six months.
  • If I was comfortable to relocate.

Finally, he asked me if I had any doubts or queries. So, I asked him about the training procedure. One week after the interview, the results were announced, and I was happy that I was selected.

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