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TCS Aptitude Test Syllabus 2019

Aptitude Test Syllabus for TCS

The TCS aptitude test syllabus is very vast and some topics are added and deleted each year from what we have seen in the past few years. Here you will find all the information about Aptitude Test Syllabus for TCS.


tcs aptitude test syllabus 2018

Test Syllabus for Aptitude TCS 2019

For 2020 Passouts :  

  • No Of Questions:- 15(11+ 4 Star Marked) TCS Questions
  • Time:- 30 mins

For 2019 Passouts :   

  • No Of Questions:- 20(15+5 Star Marked) TCS Questions
  • Time – 40 mins

Star Marked Questions have 2x more marks and have negative marking in tcs online test papers.

Aptitude Test Syllabus for TCSApprox ProblemsDifficulty LevelProbability of Star Mark
Permutations and Combinations1MediumHigh
Number System and HCF & LCM1MediumLow
Clocks and Calendar1 – 2MediumMedium
Time, speed, distance1 – 2MediumLow
Series and Progressions280%Medium
Mixtures and Allegation 0 – 1MediumLow
Ratios, Proportion and Averages1MediumLow
Allegations and Mixtures0 – 1LowLow
Arrangements and Series2HighMedium
Reasoning2 – 3MediumHigh

Other Topics for 2020 Batch Pass-outs

    1. English Verbal
      1. No. of Problems – 15
      2. Time – 10 mins
      3. Negative Marking – Yes
    2. C MCQ Round/Programming Logic
      1. No. of Problems – 10 (7 + 3 Star Marked)
      2. Time – 20 mins
      3. Negative Marking – Yes
    3. Coding
      1. No. of Problems – 1
      2. Time – 30 mins
      3. Negative Marking – No
Other Topics for 2019 Batch Passouts 
  1. English Verbal
    1. No. of Problems – 10
    2. Time – 10 mins
    3. Negative Marking – Yes
  2. C MCQ Round/Programming Logic
    1. No. of Problems – 10
    2. Time – 20 mins
    3. Negative Marking – Yes
  3. Coding
    1. No. of Problems – 1
    2. Time – 20 mins
    3. Negative Marking – No


You will be given a paragraph with blanks you have to fill those blanks with options. An example is given below –

What is intelligence? In a survey of Robert J. Sternber, a group of people was asked to define what (1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ meant be intelligence. There answer consists of three major components of intelligence which were problem-solving ability, the second was verbal abilities and the last one was social competence. Problem-solving ability tries to find out alternate solutions to (2)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ problem. Verbal ability though to exemplify intelligence. Social competence is the ability to show interest in (3)_ _ _ _ _ _ _. So intelligence can be explained in many ways as it is an abstract concept. Formal and informal ways help to judge intellectual activities to (4)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ individual intelligence.

1.they 2. the 3. others 4. measure


TCS has allowed the following languages that can be used as coding language which are C, C++, perl, Python and Java. There will be one question and the time given would be 30 mins.

C MCQ Syllabus

C MCQ Questions are asked in TCS now they are used to test coding ability of the user. You will be given questions on predicting the output of a code or finding the error in a code given some command line programming basic theory questions are also seen the syllabus 

Candidate Experience

My TCS campus recruitment drive experience was really stupendous and please find below the key details for the same:

#Written Test– A week prior to the written test, I prepared from PrepInsta and most questions in the exam were from there.

#Technical Round

Interviewer: Favorite Subjects?
Me: Transducers, Physics (Being an Instrumentation Engineer :P)

Interviewer: Explain Diodes, what is a Zener diode functioning? 
Me : explained (pretty easy it was!)

Interviewer: I see in your Cv, there is a mention of volunteering in Commonwealth Games, how were you associated with the games?
Me: I thought the ball is in my court now, I started…blah blah.. and 15         minutes passed by, He was really interested to know more about it.

Interviewer: How do you rate yourself in technical skills on a scale of 10?
Me:  7.5! 😀

and some more questions that I don’t remember


#Managerial Round:

Interviewer: Suppose, you are working on a critical project away from your home and we do not allow you to take leaves for Diwali, what will you do?
Me: (after thinking for a minute) Ok you won’t give me leaves for Diwali, what about Christmas? 😛

Interviewer: laughing, yea we might allow that!
Me: No issues then! 😀

and some more questions that I don’t remember


# HR Round:

HR: I see that your graph is gradually decreasing in terms of percentage from high school to college, which indicates me that your productivity will even fall once you join our organization.. Can you explain this?

(I had 80% in 10th , 76% in 12th and 68% in Engineering :P)

ME: See , My school was near to my home and my social circle and other activities apart from studies were very restricted.
In college, I have lived in hostel and life drastically changed, I learnt so many new things. I discovered that I love travelling, poetry and I am an active member of dramatics society etc etc.

She was like okayyyyyy:D

and some more questions that I don’t remember.