Set 2

  • Name: Rahul Reddy
  • College: B.M.S College of Engineering
  • Branch: Computer Science and Engineering
  • Type of Interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview

TCS conducted on campus drive for our college this year. Like every year, many students appeared for the drive. I was also excited to participate in the on-campus placement drive and decided to attend the placement. After registration, I started to prepare for the placement process. While browsing the internet for pervious year TCS questions, I came across PrepInsta website and some valuable information present in it for the placement drive.

Round 1: Online Test

The first round was an online test that was made up of four sections- aptitude, programming concept test, coding, and verbal ability test. The written part was quite simple. I had prepared this section from some books and also from the PrepInsta documents which I downloaded from the website.

  • Aptitude Test

The aptitude test mainly covered topics such as:

  • Probability
  • permutations and combinations
  • time and speed
  • percentages
  • profit and loss, and
  • Simple and compound interest.

I answered most of the questions and left the ones for which I was not sure about the answer.

  • Verbal Ability Test

Cloze test was conducted under the verbal ability test. Here, a passage containing blanks was given, and I had to give answer for the blank using the options provided in the drop-down menu of blanks. 

  • Programming Section

The programming section was also simple for me to attempt as I was from a computer science background. Also, most of the programming questions were already familiar to me as I had come across them in the PrepInsta material.

  • Coding Section
    The coding section included one question. In this, I had to write the code for a simple question. I had been through some coding questions from the PrepInsta website and prepared for this.

After the written test was over, we were informed that the selected students would be called for an interview the next day. I was quite excited for the interview round as my written test went quite well. The next day, the names of the candidates selected were displayed on the college notice board. I found my name on the list and went for the personal interview round.

Round 2: The Interview Round

Soon after waiting for a little while, I went for the technical interview. There was a single interviewer from TCS. He asked me to introduce myself. Later, he asked me about my project. He also asked me technical, and managerial questions. Some of them were:

• How can volte work in a 4G mobile?

• What is an IP address?

• What is Cloud Computing?

• Explain types of protocols.

• What are your strengths and weaknesses?

• How to connect nine dots using three straight lines?

• What is the highest achievement in your life?

Towards the end, he asked me some HR questions. Some of them are:

• Tell me something about yourself.

• Why do you want to go for an IT job?

• Why do you want to work in TCS?

• Are you flexible to relocate to other locations in India?

The TCS interview experience went well for me. After one week of the interview, I received an email informing me that I got selected. I immediately accepted the offer and joined TCS.

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