Set 3

  • Name: Harshit Balakrishnan
  • College: Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Bangalore
  • Branch: ECE
  • Type of Interview: On-Campus Interview

Student Interview

I am an ECE student but wanted to join an MNC like TCS, Cognizant or L&T. When our placement cell informed about the TCS on-campus drive in our college, I applied immediately I will share my TCS Interview Experiences.

I started collecting materials to prepare for TCS interviews and was regularly in touch with my placement trainers so that I can get placed in TCS. The trainers gave me some materials. They also asked me to prepare for the placements through PrepInsta. The website helped me to prepare for almost all the sections of the recruitment process. I found a lot of valuable information about the recruitment process as well as sample questions for the entire recruitment process.

The placement process had two rounds: online written round and interview round.

Round 1: Online Exam

My TCS Interview Experience took place in two rounds. The first round was an online test that had four sections.

  • Verbal Ability Test

In this round there were fill in the blanks type questions. I had to fill answers using the option provided with the blanks. The time allotted for this round was 10 minutes.

  • Quantitative Ability

The next section was Quantitative Ability and Reasoning. These questions were simple for me to answer and had thoroughly prepared them.

  • Programming Concepts

The test had some questions from a programming language. As I was from an ECE department, I was a little afraid of this round. I did face a little difficulty in this section, but it was not as hard I expected. The tips and materials provided by the placement trainer and PrepInsta.

  • Coding Section

In this section, I was asked to write simple program code. Through I was quite confused about the solution, I tried to write the code. I focussed more on the logic part of the programming.

The online test took place for 90 minutes. Soon after the online test, I was informed that I would get results by the end of the day. I got selected for the interview round which was scheduled the next day.

Round 2: Interview Round

One representative conducted the interview. He asked me to share my resume and started asking me questions.

Technical Questions

Some of the questions asked in this section were:

What are the properties of intrinsic semiconductor?

What is modulation and its types?

What is the difference between electronics and electricals?

What is the difference between C and C++?

What is OOPS?

What is a Linked List?

All these questions went well. They were simple, and I answered them all. The interviewer also asked me to write some simple programs of my choice. I wrote a program to check even odd number.

HR Questions

Towards the end, he asked me some HR related questions, such as:

Tell me about yourself.

To this, I described my early education, the projects I have been working on, and my extracurricular activities.

Why do you want to shift your domain from ECE to IT?

I confidently answered this question that I have worked with hardware part of the devices, and I am aware of the basics of coding. I also told that I wish to learn more about programming.

How many offers do you have?

I gave an honest answer that until the 3rd year of my academics, I did not have a perfect score and was not allowed to sit in campus placement until then. But, I worked hard in my final year to achieve a good score and grab a good placement option.

Why don’t you join your father’s business?

I told him that my father business had a fewer opportunity also it did not have anything related to my degree.

The interview took around 45 minutes. A week later, I received my acceptance email. I was excited to join the company.

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