TCS Off Campus Drive Results

Well are you waiting for TCS Off Campus Results 2018?

Here are the results for TCS Recruitment in 2018. If you have any Questions please ask them in the comments section below we will answer all of them today itself for tcs off campus 2018 interview result.

Check Live updates at the end of the page – 

TCS Interview Results 2018

TCS has divided the whole process in Division – Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, All have 3 phases, except Delhi which has 5 phases in tcs off campus results 2018.

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The results were declared on 19th February 2018.

Ques. Will everyone get email or only Selected people will get email?

Ans. All the people will get emails, even if you’re selected or not selected.

Ques. What happens to people waiting for Phase 2 of TCS Interview Results 2018?

About the 2nd Phase tcs off campus 2018 results – 

The second phase of selection mail may be 48 hrs after 1st phase because they have mentioned that if offer is not accepted within 48hrs they will consider that you’re not interested in TCS off campus and offer will automatically declined by system in TCS Interview Results 2018.

Don’t Worry if you were not selected in 1st Phase of tcs off campus results 2018, TCS has sent the following mail to students – 

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your participation in the TCS off campus
drive for the 2017 batch. We will be releasing the
interview results in a phased manner
starting today. Do watch for updates from us over email.

We wish you the very best !!!

Best Regards,

TCS Talent Acquisition Team

TCS Off Campus 2018 Results

  • Live Updates(Check this page every hour, we are publishing live details for TCS Interview Results 2018) – 

3:20PM 22nd Feb

  • All results are declared now.
  • Rejection mails are also being sent.
  • If you have not received rejection mail you will get.
  • For people who will not accept TCS offers, to fill those slots TCS will send offer letters to about 100-200 people till Monday.
  • So there is a little chance but very less as around 70,000 students gave the test.

12:53 22nd Feb 

  • Delhi – Phase 5 Left(in case offers are not accepted by a lot of students you may get email)
  • Mumbai, Chennai – Phase 1 and 2 Announced Phase 3 Left
  • Bangalore Phase 1 Announced Phase 2, 3 Left.
  • Kolkatta only Phase 3 Left.
  • Hyderabad – Phase 3 Left

7:00 PM 21st Feb

  • All results declared for Delhi Region check image at the end of the page to see mail sent by TCS

06:22 PM 21st Feb

  • Delhi
    • Phase 1, 2, 3 announced Phase 4 left(Delhi has extra Phase due to higher number of applications)
  • Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad –
    • Phase 1 Announced Phase 2, 3 Left
  • Kolkatta
    • Phase 1, 2 Announced Phase 3 Left.

03:39 PM 21st Feb – 

  • All Phase 1 Results announced for Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad Division
  • There is delay in Results for Mumbai and Chennai, Hyderabad Division Phase 2 Results.
  • 2nd Round results released in Kolkatta Region.
  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 results announced for Delhi Region Phase 3 is left.
  • Number of Selection in Slot 1 Results – 15,000.
  • Number of Selections in Slot 2 Results – 7500
  • Seats left – 15,000

12:52PM 21st Feb –

  • There is delay in Results for Mumbai and Chennai Division.
  • 2nd Round results released in Kolkatta Region.
  • Number of Selection in Slot 1 Results – 15,000.
  • Number of Selections in Slot 2 Results – 2500
  • Seats left – 20,000

Please ask questions in comments below – We will love to answer. Also Like our Facebook Page below for Live Updates and we are still answering questions in comments below on this page for TCS Interview Results 2018.

TCS Off Campus Drive Results 2018
Tcs Off Campus Results 2018
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