TCS NQT Technical Question and Answers

TCS NQT Technical Round Details

In the interview round you will be facing a panel of 3-4 executives out of which one will be the technical expert of at TCS which might have a experience of 10-15 years of working in TCS or in any other IT firm, he will be there for testing your technical skills, depending upon your technical background, that whether you belong to a CS/IT branch or any other branch.  

TCS NQT Technical Interview Questions and Answers

Strategy planning

For facing this round you need to have a strategy planned for it, in which PrepInsta will help you through, so please go through thus page carefully

Basic Branch Knowledge

Now this part is of less consideration with your branch, you maybe of any branch but you need to have basic knowledge  about your basic branch subjects, as the interviewer will definitely ask a few questions about your branch to test your basic knowledge

Coding Skills

In this section you will be given some basic coding question, for testing your coding skills, the interviewer can also ask you code a small block of independent code from your major or minor projects which you would have mentioned in your resume


Strong Subject

The interviewer will ask you about your favorite subject, you want to answer this question as your strongest subject, so make sure you study a subject before the interview thoroughly in which you consider yourself strong, so that you know maximum of the answers that the interviewer will ask

Some frequently asked Interview Questions for CS/IT Branch Students

Q1-Explain your project in detail ?

Q2- What is preprocessing in C ?

ans- A Preprocessor is a system software that is designed to run on computer’s hardware and application programs. It performs preprocessing of the High Level Language(HLL). Preprocessing is the first step of the language processing system.

Q3- What is linking in C ?

ans- Linking is the process of collecting and combining various pieces of code and data into a single file that can be loaded (copied) into memory and executed.

Q4- What is the difference between DBMS and RDBMS ?

Q5- What are arrays ?

Q6- Give the flowgraph of your project ?

Q7- Write a code for swapping of two numbers without using the third variable ?

Q8- What are pointers ?

Q9- What is the difference between call by value and call by reference ?

Q10- What are the different types for intializing an array ?


Q11- Why do you like your favourite subject ?

Q12- Have you done any design project ?

Q13- Do you have any experience with front end designing ?

Q14- Why did you opt for this branch ?

Q15- What is the difference between Procedural based and Object oriented Programming ?

Q16- What are the properties of Procedural based programming ?

Q17- What are linear data structures ?

Q18- What are differences between C, C+ and java ?

Q19- What is the difference between a primary key and a foreign key ?

Q20- What is inheritance ?

Q21- What are structures in C ?

Q22- What is the difference between singly and doubly linked list ?

Q23- How can we execute a stack with a queue ?

Q24-010111 count 1’s and 0’s without any control structure and what is the size of array when n=10 ?

Q25- Why is JAVA opted more than C or C++ ?

Q26- What is software development cycle ?

Q27- Write a code for binary tree ?

Q28- Which domain do you want to work in ?

Q29- Describe B+ tree ?

Q30- What is page fault ?


Questions for MCE/ECE/EC etc branches


Q31- What is the difference between micro processor and micro controller ?

Q32- Which is better SDMA or FDMA ?

Q33- What is OSI model ?

Q34- What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6 ?

Q35- Explain FFT,FRFT and DRDFT ?

Q36- What is a turbo charger ?

Q37- State 2nd law of Thermodynamics ?

Q38- Define Heat sinc ?

Q39- What is a carnot engine ?

Q40- Define Lancshire’s boiler?

Q41- Explain different types of Mess Thorem ?

Q42- What is ICI ?

Q43- Explain Nyquist Diagram ?

Q44- What is bandwidth of 5G ?

Q45-  Define types of Line coding ?

Q46- What is truss ?

Q47- Define types of bending moment ?

Q48- What is a drum brake ?

Q49- Explain the mechanism of steering ?

Q50- What is the difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke cylinder ?