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Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

“Where do you see yourself five years from now?” When a hiring manager asks you this, there may be a few things running through your brain.

Your answer reveals whether or not you have ambition and some type of plan. You don’t need to know exactly where you’re planning to be in five years, but you need to be pointed in some direction.
Interviewers would like to assess you on your confidence, aspirations and career outlook.

Be realistic and enthusiastic while replying to this question. Make your narrative believable.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Do's and Don'ts to answer this question

Typical Mistakes Candidates Make When Answering This Question

  1. Trying to be humorous
  2. Being too honest even you are not sure about your future choices
  3. Being too specific 
  4. Being too general or mentioning pipe dreams
  5. Getting too personal

Some Points You Should Keep In Mind While Answering This Question

  1. Be Convincing
  2. Don’t be Overconfident or Negative
  3. Outline your long-term goals while answering this question.
  4. Demonstrate why the job you are applying for will help you achieve those goals.
  5. Be Enthusiastic

Best Possible Answers for
"Where do you see yourself five years from now?"

Possible Answer:

Through my degree in computer science and personal research, I had discovered a passion for testing and finding practical solutions to technical problems.

“That is the reason I was drawn to this position of Software Test Analyst, due to its focus on quality assurance and dedication to producing faultless systems and applications.

“Your internal training and mentoring scheme is something I am interested in pursuing to develop my skills.”

Possible Answer:

“I am positive and determined towards achieving mine as well as the company’s goals. I will be committed and dedicated to my profession and deliver the best, while learning from the best. Having said that, I see myself in a managerial role and demonstrating my leadership capabilities.”

Possible Answer:

In five years, I would like to see myself in a leading position with more responsibility, knowledge, and skills. I would be more mature regarding my personality and taking decisions for this organisation and encourage my juniors to give their best.

Possible Answer:

After 5 Years, I would like to see myself more matured, Experienced, knowledgable and Responsible person in your company. Make a good relationship with all office members and staff.

Possible Answer:

“Currently I am looking forward to learn new skills and improve my knowledge to advance my career. In five years from now, I see myself as a knowledgeable professional having an in-depth knowledge of the company and the industry.”

Some other Possible Answers for
"Where do you see yourself five years from now?"

Possible Answer:

Right now my first and foremost priority is to get an organization like yours which gives me an opportunity to prove myself, my talent, my experience. The first five years will be very crucial for me to establish myself and a dedicated employee. After five years I see myself as such an asset for the company that it can’t afford to lose me at any cost.

Possible Answer:

Once I gain additional experience, I would like to have the opportunity to move on from a technical position to management. I know this has been a common path for many people in this position, and I think in time this would be a logical move forward for me. However, for now, I am excited about focusing on and applying my technical skills in this job.

Possible Answer:

I see myself as a top-performing employee in a well-established organization like this one. I plan on enhancing my skills and continuing my involvement in related professional associations.

Possible Answer:

“My passion about research and development within the cybersecurity sector is immense. I admire the business’s significant role in creating robust security systems for the prevention of cyber-crime.

“In five years’ time, I want to have made my own contributions to the development of security technologies. I am therefore excited about the opportunity this position presents for developing my expertise.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I answer this question from your position?

You should never answer this question like this as this shows your overconfidence and doesn’t look professional. 
Formulate your answer which sounds genuine and natural.

Talk about joining a new company soon?

The interviewer doesn’t want to waste time and effort on people who plan to switch jobs. So, never ever say this in your interview. 
It’s always good to keep options but you need not advertise them in an interview.

Answer it like I want to be the CEO of this company..

Never do this, you might think this shows you want to work hard, etc. But saying this will make you look immature and very unprofessional. 
Make your narratives believable. This question is your opportunity to show your commitment to the job and company.