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What If We Don’t Select You?

What If we don't select you for this job?

Here you have to answer interview questions” What if we don’t select you for this job”. Sitting in the HR round having few questions left and suddenly this question is obvious to make you nervous. But don’t worry this question is asked to check your further plans and to check your interest in the company and job offered.  
This is more like a trick question in which they check how you deal with the obstacles and to know your priorities better. Below you will get all the possible answers for the question ” What if we don’t select you for this job” that will help you in your preparation.


Points to consider while framing your answer

  • Be polite and firm
  • Answer their concerns.
  • Try to determine their goals.
  • Try to find things that overlap their goals and your long-term plans
  • Always answer positively.

Points to avoid while answer

  • Use unprofessional language.
  • Being over-dramatic while answering.
  • I don’t know.
  • Saying irrelevant things.
  • Bragging about the other options you have.

Best Possible Answers for
"What if we don't select you for this job?"

Possible Answer:

 I will get a little disappointed as it is my first interview. I do not carry this emotion for a long time. I will take this as an experience to rectify my mistakes and to attend other interviews with confidence.

Possible Answer:

In spite of performing well throughout the selection process, if I am not selected then, u must be expecting a greater performance from the candidate for this post. I would give my best the next time. Meanwhile, I will work on improving my skills.

Possible Answer:

If I am not selected than obviously, I will be a little bit disappointed because this is my dream company but it would not be the end of the path on which I am traveling, I will try to know where I have done a mistake and I will try my level best to overcome that as soon as possible and the next time when I will come,  I would definitely be selected.

Possible Answer:

 If I am not selected in today’s interview, then I will be a little disappointed and in the future, I will work on my weakness and look forward with new enthusiasm and energy.

Possible Answer:

I am having a lot of interest in getting a job in your organization. I will not be disappointed instead I will learn what mistakes I did and prepare well and again attend off-campus to your organization in a few months.


FAQ of What If we don't select you for this job?

Should I tell them about the other opportunities I have?

Don’t ever do this. This question is to see your interest in the job and if you tell them about the other companies they might not take you seriously and the result might not be in your favor.

Talk about changing the job in a few years?

If you realize that you’ll need to leave the company within the next few years, you won’t volunteer that information during the interview (whether or not you’re selected for this particular job).

Say I would join your competitors?

Never ever say this in an interview. This is Saturn off for them seems very unprofessional. Don’t talk about your other offers until asked by the interviewers.