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How much salary do you expect?

Why does the HR panel asks job candidates, the salary question?

“How much salary do you expect?” , this question is asked in Interview as the interviewer wants to make sure your compensation expectations align with the amount they’ve calculated for the job.

By knowing your expectations, interviewers decide whether they can consider you for the job profile or not.

Plan of Action

  • You have to be very subtle and patient

  • You should never state your desired salary in the beginning of the negotiation

  • Never say any fixed amount directly. Like most people say “I am expecting 40k per month in hand, because you have mentioned in the job profile”. 
    Please do no such blunder. This only decreases your value.

  • Try not to say “I am okay with whatever you will give”. No !!!
    In this case they will ask you to work for free !!

Things you should know before answering this question

  • Do some research on different sites to understand the market salary range for the position who have applied. (You can get an idea of the salary range through the websites –, etc.)

  • You should be aware about size of the company you’re interviewing with.

  • You should be aware about the Location of the company, and whether your experience level matches their expectation or given profile or not.

Best Possible Answers for
"How much salary do you expect?"

Possible Answer:

“Before answering this question, I would like to understand this job position and the expected responsibilities better. I would also like to know what is expected from me while I work here. As I have been working in a similar position for the past few months, I can gauge what my worth is. It is obvious that a person working in this position has a bigger role to play. I certainly believe that I would be offered important tasks. Then we can settle down on a certain figure later, I hope.”

Possible Answer:

“This is a difficult one! Let me put this way. I am here for the interview today because this job looks promising and exciting to me. I see myself progressing in the corporate world while working for your esteemed organization. The work atmosphere here is different from what I have experienced in the past. Money is surely an important aspect but the primary thing for me is to settle down here as soon as I can. The quicker I adapt to this environment, the better it would be for me. Until then it would be disrespectful to the job position if I randomly guess an amount.”

Possible Answer:

“Before I answer that question, I’d like to ask what you typically pay someone with my experience and education in this type of position.”

Possible Answer:

Thank you, I’m very excited about this position and I’m sure we can agree on a salary range that is fair for both of us when we discuss that. I’m very interested in learning more about the role and responsibilities so I can better gauge an appropriate compensation level.

Possible Answer:

Sir as a fresher, my priority is to gain knowledge and experience. I will accept the salary which is stated according to the company’s norms.

Possible Answer:

Sir, as I am a fresher, salary is not the first priority for me.

This is a big platform to start my carrier and I also want to improve my knowledge, skill and gain experience. So, I expect a considerable of salary according to my ability and your company norms which will fulfill my economical needs.

Possible Answer:

Thank you, I’m excited about the opportunity to be a part of your organization. I would like to learn more about the responsibilities to better gauge compensation requirements. I’ll have a better understanding of the role after my first round of interviews with managers.

Possible Answer:

Two jobs are difficult to compare, since my current job profile and the job profile you are offering are entirely different from each other in relation to the work culture, responsibilities and bonus structure. I would like to postpone this subject until I have sufficient information to discuss on salary and other benefits. Before discussion, please let me know, “what salary package and other benefits (bonus, paid & unpaid leave, etc…) company offers to employees who are working at same position with same years of experience”.

Possible Answer:

My salary requirements are flexible, but I do have significant experience in the field that I believe adds value to my candidacy. I look forward to discussing in more detail what my responsibilities at this company would be. From there, we can determine a fair salary for the position.

Possible Answer:

“I want an income commensurate with my ability and qualifications. I trust you’ll be fair with me.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I try to negotiate the amount they offered as the salary?

Yes, of course you can. A salary generally includes certain added benefits such as incentives, perks or any type of compensation. If you think that the benefits offered to you are less or more you can definitely negotiate for it. This way you can communicate your expectations better.

  • What if I am not ready to answer the salary question because I am just in the initial hiring phrase.

It’s alright, even if you think you are not ready to answer the question mid way you can definitely deflect the answer with some added queries such as “Before I answer, I’d like to ask a few more questions to get a better idea of what the position entails. That way, I can provide a more realistic expectation.”

  • What should I do to impress them regarding the salary?

As much as your numbers are important for this questions, you confidence and communication holds significance too. Be sure to know your worth for the job and place your demand on the higher end. Never settle for any fixed amount at once.