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Do you have any questions for me?


Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

This is probably the last question of the interview and an opportunity for you to show that you were engaged in the conversation the whole time and your eagerness to know more about the company.  Prepare questions beforehand which must should that you are interested in the company and your job.

It’s always better to ask questions than politely saying no. Ask a good question and not something which can even be answered by you, time-wasting questions are never welcomed.

How to tackle Do you have any question for me? this question in Interview ?

A majority of candidates are not aware of the fact that the interviewer always asks the tricky questions, which are generally hard to understand and answer in the right manner.

Always have some questions prepared. Never ask random questions to your interviewer.

Questions prepared where you will be an asset to the organization are good.

Ask something related to

  • work culture
  • job role
  • new opportunities
  • new technology you need to learn
  • You can ask about the company
  • You may show that you are genuinely interested and would like to know more about the role and responsibilities

Best Possible Answers for
"Do you have any question for me?"

Possible Answer:

First of all thank you very much, sir, for being polite and friendly throughout the session with me, that I can express myself so easily. I want to ask what are the qualities you are expecting from freshers like us and could you please tell me what should I improve before I join your company, obviously if I am selected, if I am not selected today your opinion will help me a lot.

Possible Answer:

Thank you, sir, for giving me this opportunity.

Please give me some suggestions on how can I improve me in this? It will be very helpful for me.

Possible Answer:

Always have some questions prepared. Questions prepared where you will be an asset to the organization are good. How soon will I be able to be productive? and What type of projects will I be able to assist on?

Possible Answer:

Yes sir, First of all, thank you so much, sir, for giving me this opportunity.

I’m a fresher. So, Can you give me a suggestion. How can I Do my best? If I’m selected.

Possible Answer:

Thank you so much, sir, for giving me this opportunity. Sir would you explain to me the working condition or culture of your company and the second one what are the challenges for the freshers after joining the company.

Possible Answer:

Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Please tell me how is my performance? If you have any suggestions for me please tell me, because it’s helped me to improve my skills.

Some more possible questions about the company or the interviewer

1.) How long have you been working in this company?

2.) What is the greatest challenge company is facing?

3.) What is the best part of the company?

4.) What is the company’s goal for the upcoming years?

5.) What is something that makes you happy about the job or company?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions should I ask?

Don’t ask too many questions. A question or two is enough.
Seeking too much information also looks very desperate sometimes.

Ask about recent technologies of the company?

Don’t make a mistake of doing this ever. As this is what you are supposed to know and not ask from them.
This could create a bad image and looks very unprofessional.

Ask about salary and benefits?

Talking about salary and other benefits in the first interview round can make you seem uninterested in work or company, and only focused on yourself. So, don’t ask this question until and unless the interviewers bring this up.