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Can You Work Night Shifts?

Are You Comfortable With Night Shift?

TCS is a service based company that runs double shifts for the employees. Night shifts are equally important and tiresome too. Night shifts require you to be more attentive and more energetic because concentrating on tasks at night becomes difficult.

Thus, when the interviewer asks if you are comfrtable with night shifts he wants to assess your flexibility of duration and your dedication towards the company.

***Points To Remember***

The interviewers aim at picking those candidates who have the ability to handle their work-life situations with care and those who can manage any sudden changes or unpredictable situations with ease.

This question is kind of a challenge for you where if you say YES, you’re welcomed to the night shift job and f your answer is NO, there are chances you might not be picked at all. Tricky! Isn’t it?

So, How Should You Solve The Night Shift Puzzle?


  • Be straightforward with your answer. If you’re unwilling to do night shift say a clear NO. This will save you from any future unhappy surprises between you and your manager.
  • If you think you can manage the work-life balance challenge by turning up for sudden shift changes, then definitely say a YES. This certainly increases your chances of selection.
  • If saying No, state a proper reason during the interview itself.
  • Do not over complicate it and create an awkward situation for both. Just come up with a simple reason of your unavailability.
  • For example: Night shift college, taking care of an elderly, other personal commitments such as if you’ve enrolled yourself in other courses for night, or training.
  • Similarly, if you’re accepting the challenge, do keep a term or two before them to sound professional.
  • For example: You’d need a day or two prior notice to arrange other work or you’d need a cab pickup and drop facility for the shift.

These points just make you sound professional and helps you present yourself as a productive person and not just anyone who lies around all day with no aim or goal.

Best Possible Answers To Say YES for Night Shifts

Possible Answer:

I am ready to work for Night Shift. I live alone and and can adjust my daily chores according to the job requirements so late night shifts wouldn’t be a problem.However, I’d require the pick and drop facility if I work at night.

Possible Answer:

Night Shifts wouldn’t be a problem for me. From childhood I’ve been more energetic and attentive at night. I think my concentration is at its peak at night. So Night shift will definitely work for me. However, on weekends, I’d need my time off for nights to recharge.

Possible Answer:

If there is an urgent need or an emergency, I’ll definitely work whatever shifts you need; the company’s growth and success are mine as well.

Possible Answer:

I would be happy to work night and weekend shifts if you have a proper security guard in place.

Possible Answer:

I have no problem in putting in extra time and effort if required to achieve the desired result. I will surely work nights and weekends if the project is really important for my company’s growth and development. Because ultimately it will benefit me. And I believe my co. Will compensate me for my sacrifices.


Best Possible Answers To Say NO for Night Shifts

Possible Answer:

I am not comfortable with night shifts due to safety concerns, but I am happy to work any other shift as needed.

Possible Answer:

No, I would not prefer to work during the night shift because I have other chores to complete which cant be postponed or delayed. I respect my work culture but night shift won’t be possible for me.

Possible Answer:

I wouldn’t say a clear NO, but I’d prefer day shift due to my commitment to my fitness training. However, if there;s an emergency tot meet the deadline I’d be available on 2 days prior notice.

Possible Answer:

I live in a joint family and working night shift wouldn’t give me any time to be with them. So, Night shift wouldn’t be feasible for me.

Possible Answer:

My schedule is very much planned and scheduled a week before, and so I’m not open to Night shift offer.



Will it sound rude if I directly say a NO?

No, saying a NO or a YES is completely your choice. However, you should suffice it with a proper reason and never be dishonest with the interviewer. Fake reason and excuses are easily noticeable to the interviewer.

Will saying a NO result in my dismissal from the job.

No, a single question will not decide your selection if you’ve answered all other questions with due regard and honesty.

Can I say YES during the interview to get selected and then deny to work night shift after I am selected?

No, never do that. Your interviewer trust you when you accept his / her offers during the interview. They form an image of you while you work at their company. You do not want to spoil that image and bring negative impact on your colleagues and managers with such fraudulent actions.