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Are you willing to relocate or travel?

Are you willing to relocate or Travel

Are You Willing to Relocate or Travel?

This is one of the most common question that you might face in your HR Interview.

"Are you willing to relocate or Travel?" should always be answered in the positive manner.

Interviewer have several reasons for asking this question. The first, of course, is that the position you’re applying for does require you to move, or may require a transfer later on.

“Yes, For the right opportunity I am definitely willing to relocate. I believe that this position and company is that opportunity.”

This “yes with enthusiasm” is the ideal response to the question of relocation.

What not to say:

  • Do not ask if you will get paid more if you relocate.
  • “If I get to choose where you move me.”
  • “Depends on what you are willing to offer.”
  • Don’t express anger or disappointment for the position.

Best Possible Answers for "Are you willing to Relocate"?

Possible Answer:

I would like to relocate for my company and my job. It’s a great opportunity to work with different people and the environment. I am sure it will boost my knowledge too. I would definitely consider about it. If the opportunity given to me is appropriate, rewarding and feasible, I don’t think I will have any issues with it. And, I think that relocate teaches how to adjust or co-operate with new people.

Possible Answer:

Yes, I am willing to relocate as shifting to a new place helps us a lot. We can learn many new things. As we will be in a completely different environment and by that we can learn about their cultures and also new traditions. We can also have new friends and colleagues.

Possible Answer:

“I don’t have any concerns about moving in order to accept this position because I believe the opportunity to join your staff as a software developer is simply too good to decline. I’ve been looking into the housing market in the area and found a nice town that I would want to live in with good schools, affordable homes and a reasonable commute. While it’s certainly a big change, I am ready to make it.”

Possible Answer:

“I’m really excited about this opportunity and feel I could provide great value in this role. I would definitely be open to relocation and look forward to learning more details around this.”

Possible Answer:

“I actually have been looking to relocate to [location]/have family in [location]/am looking for a change of scenery, so this job would be the perfect opportunity to make a change and also do work I’m excited about.”

Possible Answer:

“I’m more than happy to make the move for the right opportunity—and this job, with [why you like it so much], is definitely that.”

Possible Answer:

“While I have primarily been searching for positions which would not require me to relocate, when I saw the opportunity to work at your company in outside sales, I knew it was not something I couldn’t ignore. I have a firm belief in my ability to adjust to the new location with relative ease. I grew up moving a lot with my family, so I’m comfortable adjusting to a new city.”

Possible Answer:

Absolutely! As a recent college graduate, I have nothing tying me down here. My ambition is to land a job working for a global company where I can advance my career over the long haul. And if this means moving in order to gain experience, enhance your operations, or secure promotions, bring it on! I love exploring and adapting to new environments and local cultures—there are always new friends to be made and interesting experiences to gain.

Possible Answer:

“I’m happy to consider relocating if the job’s a good fit. If there’s also an opportunity to work remotely or out of the office in [current location] I’d love to discuss that as well, as that would work best for my current situation because [reason].”

FAQ On Are You Willing to Relocate or Travel?

Should I be open about my preferences of location for the job?

Yes, you can surely tell them about your choice of location but it should be done in a way that you don’t sound too demanding. Give them a proper reason, why you prefer these locations and let them decide the rest.

How should I say NO?

Avoid saying No directly. Always cite a reason why you are declining to relocate. The interviewer might not think that you are not interested in the job or the company. So,

Are you sure you don't want to relocate? 

It’s a recruiter’s trick to make you reconsider your decision. If you are very sure of your decision, you can answer it like:
I know it is a very great opportunity and a big loss on my end, but my issues(reason)

Would you reconsider if we make any changes to the deal?

The job offered is a perfect fit for me and I have been waiting for this opportunity for so long, but my concerns as discussed are also genuine.
Ask for some time if you are not sure about your decision.