Why TCS and CEO of TCS


Choosing a company for yourself is a very critical task. Diving deep into its benefits and drawbacks and making a viable comparison s something that every students must do before entering his name for the selection process.

Adding to this, when an interviewer asks you why you’ve chosen his company to give a ‘GO AHEAD’ to your career, you should have your facts and data stacked with you. This can get as tricky as a maze or end on a linear note. So choose your points clearly and study them right.

Why TCS and CEO of TCS

*** Points to Remember for WHY TCS and CEO of TCS ***

Every student dreams of starting their careers on the best note and Tata Consultancy Service is one of the most reputed and among the biggest names of the IT Industry. So to answer this crucial question make sure you remember the points given below and use them to structure your reply during the interview.

Benefits /  Advantages of Working in TCS:

  • Among the top leading consultancy firms in India.
  • Rising curve of learning experience
  • Enhanced Work-Life Balance
  • Best stepping stone to start a career
  • Encouraging and motivating Work Environment
  • High Job Security
  • Employee Friendly Leave Policy
  • Co-operative and collaborative colleagues and leaders
  • Usage of Latest and Modern technologies
  • Pan India Recruitment drives
  • Multiple opportunities to grow and learn with the best leaders
  • Sustainable growth in company stocks
  • Highest rate of employment and hiring
  • A global giant in the IT Hub
  • Initiative to promote academic research and technology growth
  • Philanthropy and social collaborations

Plan of Action:

  • Choose a few points from above, research on the selected points to get the facts and stats correct during the interview
  • Be confident when answering the question.
  • Try to own the answer and not look like you’ve rehearsed it with a script
  • Don’t be too prompt in answering. Take your time and make sure not to get jumbled in your head
  • Be true to yourself. If you really want a job in the company, it wouldn’t be difficult to point out the positivity in it.
  • Make sure they connect with you and know that you’ve worked hard and studied for it
  • Let them know what your future plan is in a gist and why / how TCS can help you to achieve it.


ceo of tcs

Mr. Rajesh Gopinathan (CEO – TCS)

Points to know about the CEO of TCS:

  • He was handed over the role of Chief Executive Officer in February 2017
  • He served as the Chief Financial Officer since 2013 before becoming the CEO.
  • He was one of the key person to have helped TCS to become a USD 20.9 billion global company.
  • He was named one of the Top 100 Global CEOs in the Brand Guardianship Index (2019)
  • He is one of the youngest CEOs of TCS.
  • He pursued electrical and electronic engineering from REC Trichy (now NIT, Trichy) and graduated in 1994
  • He completed his Post-Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM, Ahmedabad.


Do we have to learn the statistics of the whole year to show our interest in the company?

No, you do not have to learn the exact stats about it but you should know the basic report. If asked by the interviewer, make sure you don’t utter the wrong facts. Be ready for some cross questions as well.

Will the points alone do as an answer?

No, you also have to elaborate on the points. Choose any 5 from among all and then build a structure on it. Do not put extra facts that are either not stated rightly or are rumors.

Do we have to learn the timeline of all the CEOs?

No, timeline isn’t important but know the predecessors. At least some of them. It gives you an upper hand.