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Here you will get latest Interview Experience of TCS NQT. This Interview experience are shared by students to us. This TCS NQT 2021 Interview Experience will helps you to understand that what type of questions are asked in Interviews and you will be fully prepared to give Interviews.

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TCS NQT 2021 Interview experience

TCS NQT All Interview Experience 2021

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TCS NQT  Interview Experience 2021

  • Student’s Name: Adithya Arunachalam
  • College Name: Annamachrya
  • Type Of Interview: On-Campus
  • Date of Interview: 7th October 2020
  • Branch: Computer Science

Student Interview

When the TCS placements started, our college placement officer shared a link to apply for From this link, I received my hall ticket for the test and the application form on 1st August 2020.

The date assigned to me for my online test was 8th August 2020. As due to pandemic movements were restricted so we were assigned to attempt exams from our homes only. I started my preparation for the exam as soon as I received my exam details.

By the time I also started looking for previous year questions to get an idea of how to get selected for the exam. After a while, I came across the PrepInsta Instagram page. I immediately sent them a message on Insta and requested them to share TCS’s recent aptitude and programming questions. They quickly shared a link that redirected me to the buy page of the TCS NQT Prime Video Course.

The specialty of this course is that you get the questions asked by TCS in their selection process in a mock quiz format and recorded video lectures to get your basics rock solid. I was very happy and started preparing for the written test.

There are two Rounds in total for the TCS Ninja platform.

  1. Written Round
  2. Interview Round

Written Round

As I had mentioned earlier due to the pandemic the movement was restricted so we were allowed to attempt a test from our home. But there were some tough guidelines for that as well. For Example:-

  1. Your rough paper should be visible on the camera.
  2. You will be proctored throughout the test.
  3. Your Camera will be on all the time.
  4. Even your network speed was defined, that is if the speed was less than 2mbps you could not launch the test altogether.And many more.

Now the written round was NQT-based and had 5 sections that were as follows.

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Verbal English
  3. Logical Reasoning
  4. Programming MCQ
  5. Coding

Below are some of the most Important Topics from these sections and insights from my side that how my sections went at the time of writing the test.

Name of the sectionNumber of QuestionsTime Allotted
Numerical Ability2640 minutes
Verbal Ability2430 minutes
Reasoning Ability3050 minutes
Programming MCQ1015 minutes
Coding Test1 + 145 mins
1 Ques – 15 Mins
1 Ques – 30 Mins

1.Quantitative Aptitude

My aptitude section went quite well. Though it got difficult because of all the exams from home guidelines still I somehow managed.  It was medium to high difficulty. There were questions from almost all the topics namely.

  1. Arrangement and Series
  2. Percentages
  3. Speed, Time, and Distance
  4. Work and Time
  5. Simple and Compound Interest
  6. Percentages

    2.Verbal English 

The verbal section was comparatively easier but a little tricky particularly the comprehension part because it takes more time to understand and then only we can answer it correctly. However, I completed it on time as well.

  1. Reading and Comprehension
  2. Synonyms and Antonyms
  3. Grammar
  4. Cloze Test
  5. Spelling
  6. Selecting words

3. Logical Reasoning 

The Logical section took some time to complete because we couldn’t use a pen and paper and if we wanted then we had to make sure it was visible in the camera so it was a little difficult to relate but the allotted time of 50 minutes came to be very handy. However, I’d suggest getting your basics and strategies strong on the topics mentioned below:

  1. Seating Arrangement
  2. Coding-Decoding
  3. Directional Sense
  4. Mathematical Operational Arrangement
  5. Symbols and Notations
  6. Blood Relations
  7. Syllogism

  4.  Programming Logic

The programming CMCQ questions according to me were easy to medium because I had prepared quite well for this section from Prepinsta. Questions were direct from the topic and mostly the questions were from the below topics

  1. data structures,
  2. OOPs
  3. Java

There were rarely any tricky questions. 1-2 input/output questions were a must. I compared from all the other slots as well but it was the same pattern of questions there too.

 5. Coding (Advanced Coding)

For the coding section, there was a compiler issue that concerned every student. I had coded my answer in C++ language and all my test cases matched after a little perplexity. However, as far as coding was concerned, the difficulty level was moderate, if you have studied DSA then you can simply code for all the questions, there were simple logic solving questions, if you crack the logic for the particular question then you can solve it easily

So, finally, after my test, I was eagerly waiting for their mail and it dropped in my inbox on 5th October. My interview was scheduled for the 7th.

Personal Interview Round

For the Interview round, I got to know that there will be three rounds for the final selection in TCS.

  1. MR
  2. Technical
  3. HR

MR means Managerial Round (which was new to me as well) Technical and HR all of you know. Due to the pandemic, my PI was conducted through skype. The details were forwarded to me on my registered mail id I was required to connect to the panel through the skype call.

Technical Interview Round

In the technical interview round, all of you know what happens. They will put up the technical questions and you will answer them or try to answer them. As this was my first round I was a bit nervous at the starting but as the introduction started I was at ease.

The first question was “What is the difference between Microprocessor and Microcontroller”? to which I gave him the definition followed by practical examples and answered them correctly. Later, he asked me to write two algorithms for swapping two numbers: one with a temporary variable and another without.

This round also included some questions on programming concepts such as

  • Java
  • Oops
  • Abstract classes
  • Access Modifier

To be precise 1 question each from the above topic. I realized that my Technical Round period was little more than that of previous candidates. To my surprise, they did not ask any project related questions from me.

Managerial Round

After Technical Round comes MR or Managerial Round. This is to judge how will you be able to perform in a team project and how diligent you are. The questions were lengthy yet straightforward. It took me two to three minutes to complete my answer. While answering this question, I tried to mention all my strengths and how my skills will benefit the company in the long run. Moving forward, he asked me a few more questions such as:

  • What is my favorite subject in B.Tech?
  • What was your role in a final year project?
  • What did you do for the last six months?
  • “If you want to start a company, what type it will be and what all constraints you will maintain”?

To this, my answer was, “I would like to start an online shopping business like Amazon or Flipkart.” Further, she asked  2 more questions about the project work which was there in my resume.

HR Round 

The final interview was taken by the company HR. Some of the questions asked were:

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why should I hire you?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to work at our company?
  • Why TCS?
  • What type of projects is it dealing with?

To be honest, the HR round can be a tricky part of the selection process, hence needs to be mindful while answering the HR.

After that exhausting Interview, I was instructed to hang up and was told to wait for the mail from TCS. I was pretty sure that I will be through as I had performed well in the interview rounds and got an appreciation for some of my answers.

After a few weeks, we received an email from TCS regarding that I would be getting the offer letter within a few days and was selected for the job in TCS Digital. I would like to thank PrepInsta for helping me walk through the assessment and the interview process and come out successful.