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TCS Ninja Interview Experience 2021

  • Name: Harshit Balakrishnan
  • College: Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Bangalore
  • Branch: Mechanical 
  • Date of Interview: 12th October 2020
  • Type of Interview: Off-Campus Interview

Student Interview

Unlike previous years, this year TCS has changed its pattern for the recruitment process. First, the eligible candidates need to attend for TCS national qualifier test(NQT) followed by technical and personal interviews provided the candidate must have cleared the NQT. 

Since I am from non-cs/it department, I was not sure about coding section preparation. After spending many hours on the internet for the best placements training institute, I came across this website called PrepInsta. I have purchased their 10 days. TCS NQT crash course. 

Trust me guys, the best input you will get from them and talking about their materials, I can not skip the fact that around 80% of the questions had the same pattern as they were in the pro paid materials.

Round 1: Online Test

The first round was an online test that was made up of four sections- aptitude, programming MCQ, coding, and English MCQ. I have prepared from PrepInsta pro-paid materials and referred a few class notes. For coding MCQ and aptitude, I have referred only PrepInsta material.


In this section there were 15 standard questions and 5 advancedquestions.when it comes to standard questions, they were not that difficult and most of the questions were exactly from PrepInsta material. I have tried solving the advanced section, able to solve 2 questions. I have left a few questions which I was not sure enough. The aptitude test mainly covered topics such as:

  1. Probability
  2. permutations and combinations
  3. time and speed
  4. percentages
  5. profit and loss, and
  6. Simple and compound interest.

While preparing for aptitude, firstly I finished practicing the most important topics which were told by PrepInsta according to their analysis. This helped me to prevent wasting time on not so important topics.

2. English MCQ

The second part of the exam was about vocabulary. For this section, I was given 10 minutes. It was quite simple. They have given a paragraph of about 6-8 lines with 10 blanks in between. The student has to choose the best option for each blank(each blank is given with four options). Basic grammar sense helped me to finish this section in 5 minutes. Nothing much tough in this section.

  4.  Programming Logic

For this section as I mentioned earlier, I have referred only PrepInsta pro paid Material. This section contained 7 standard questions and 3 advanced questions. I was able to answer all the 7 standard questions and 2 advanced questions since most of the concepts were similar to the PrepInsta material but left 1 question because I was not sure about the answer from my end.

 5. Coding (Advanced Coding)

The coding section had one question. I have got a program on strings. I was able to run the program without errors. I have passed a few test cases. The program was a bit longer since I have done in C. So I ran out of time and could not modify to makeit pass all the test cases.

So, finally, after my test, I was eagerly waiting for their mail and it dropped in my inbox on 8th October. I haveto  appearing for TCS Ninja  Interview moreover my interview was scheduled for the 12th October 2020

Personal Interview Round

My Interview was scheduled for the 12th of October. For the interview, I received an email that had a time slot and Skype Id through which I had to connect with the Interview panel. 

There were three people on the call for three different rounds which were:

  • Technical Round
  • Managerial Round
  • HR round 

Below are a few questions that I remember with the answers that I had given to them. Kindly Have a look because it might help you in your interview.

  1. Tell me about Yourself?

I briefly explained whatever I said…




Educational Qualifications…..

Reason for choosing…..

Work Experience…..

Strength & Weaknesses

Mission & Role model…..



Life aim…

and finally…


  1. What is the Mohrs Circle?
  2. Draw the Mohrs circle and explain the procedure.
  3. What is the difference between SFD and BMD?
  4. What do you understand by UDL and UVL?
  5. Draw bending moment and shear force diagram for simply supported, Cantilever and

overhanging beam…

  1. Was Given one numerical to solve on SFD…BMD.
  2. What is the Factor of safety?
  3. What is Design for Manufacturing?
  4. Explain the 2nd law of thermodynamics..
  5. What is the difference between the Otto cycle and the diesel cycle?
  6. What do u know about TCS?

My answer: TCS is an IT service, consulting, business solution provider which is founded by Mr. JRD Tata and F C Kohli in 1968. In 2003 TCS became the first Indian Software company to cross one dollar billion revenue.

The current Chairman of Tata Sons is Mr.Natrajan Chandrasekran and CEO is Rajesh Gopinathan.

The mission of TCS is to help customers to achieve their business objective by providing innovative, best-in-class consulting, It solution and services and to make a joy for allstakeholders to work along with TCS.

13.Even though you have such strong mechanical background why TCS?

My answer: Sir TCS is a very big brand globally and it would be a matter of pride to be associated with your esteemed and dignified company. Everyone wants to workin a reputed company like TCS to grow personally as well as professionally. I think this is the best platform to start my career where I can showcase my skills and I can best utilize my knowledge. If I get a chance here I will do my level best.

14.Why should we hire you?

My answer: Since I am fresher I don’t have any work experience, but when I will get a chance I will work with my full determination. I believe this organization is A platform where I can showcase my skills, learn new things, and can nurture my skills. If you give me a chance to work in your company I will work with my positive attitude and responsibility. I will try my level best.

15.What is the difference between Confidence and Overconfidence?

My answer: I can solve this problem is what we can say as a Confidence. Only I can solve this problem is Over-Confidence.

16.Give me an example of your Creativity.

My answer: According to me creativity is not only making new things….but also improving existing things for the better use of people. In other words, creativity is converting hard work into smart work by understanding the very basic cause and effect of an action.

17.Can you work under pressure?

My Answer: Yes…The pressure is a part of the work. It is only during pressure time we can know our capabilities and inner strengths.

18.Are you willing to relocate?

My answer: Ya sir…I have no problem with relocation. Depending upon the needs and requirements of the company I will not have any issues with relocation. It would be a pleasure to relocate myself because I will be able to get a lot of knowledge and experience from different cultures and different kinds of people, which will be beneficial for me as well as for the company as change is a law of nature.

19. Do you have any questions for me?

My Answer: Thank u for giving me this opportunity to ask questions…

Mam, please suggest to me what are the skills I need to upgrade before joining?

20.They gave me a quiz to solve. You have a 3-liter bottle and 5-liter bottle with u. How will u measure 4 liters of water?

My answer: Sir what about the availability of water? ( I asked this question to them so that I

can think for some seconds what will be the answer and I got…..)

They replied: Unlimited water is with u.

I already solved this puzzle in mind and I explained to them…

Fill up a 5L bottle…

Fill up 3L water with 5L water bottle, now we have water full of 3L and 2L

full of 5l bottle…..

Empty the 3L bottle and fill the empty bottle with the remaining water from 5Lbottle, now we have still 1L space in the 3L bottle, and an empty bottle of


Now again fill up the 5L bottle…

Full the 3L BOTTLE with water from a 5L bottle, at the moment 3L is full with water, we left exactly 4L in our 5L bottle…

I don’t remember 50 percent of other questions but whatever I did I enlisted those here.

Besides this, their main focus was on projects and industrial training 

As I was from non-CSE background mostly basic questions from c like Array, pointer, structure, Fibonacci Sequence program, and palindrome program were only asked.

With this my interview was concluded I was asked to hang up th call and was communicated that I will be receiving a mail from TCS if I am selected or not. As I was sure that i will be selected I did not panick and after couple of week I got my result stating that I was selected in TCS.