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CCQT Model Questions paper – Quants

Ques 1. Amina sells a TV at a profit of 25%. Had she sold it at a profit of 25% of the selling price, her profit would have increased by 5% of the cost price plus Rs. 150. What is the cost price of the TV?

  1. 13000
  2. 12480
  3. 12000
  4. 10800

Ans: Let CP= x Profit in 1st care = x*25/100 = (¼)x

(¼)x = x* (s/100) + 150 = 12000

Ques 2. Amina marks the price of an article 40% above the cost price. If she changes the discount from 5% to 10%, the profit would decrease by Rs. 14. How much profit would she earn, if she gives a discount of 20% on the marked price?

  1. 32
  2. 34
  3. 30
  4. 24

Ans: Let CP = 100, MP=140

Diff. between profit sold at 5% and 10% = (140*5/100) = 7

When diff = 7, then CP = 100

14———–100*14/7 = 200 =MP

Discount = 20%

SP = (280*80/100) = 24

Profit = 24

Ques 3. From a Vessel containing 25L of pure milk, 5L are taken out and some quantity of water is added. This activity is done one more time. What quantity of milk is the final solution?

  1. 21L
  2. 16L
  3. 15L
  4. 19L

Ans: milk-25

1st operation: 20-5(water)

2nd operation: (20/25)*5 = 4

20-4 = 16L

Ques 4. From a number, when the quotient obtained on dividing it by 19 is subtracted, then 360 is obtained. What is the number?

  1. 380
  2. 361
  3. 342
  4. 6840

Ans: x-(x/19) = 360


Ques 5. A and B enter into a partnership, with A putting in three times what B has put in. However B is the working partner and entitled to a salary of Rs 50,000 per month to be paid from the gross profit, in addition to his share of the profit. If the gross profit at the end of the year is Rs 30 lakh, what is A’s profit?

  1. 24 lakh
  2. 12 lakh
  3. 18 lakh
  4. 6 lakh

Ans: A:3x, B = x

Ratio of profit = 3:1

Gross profit = Rs 30,00,000

share of B working part new = 12*50000 = 600000

Remaining profit = 24,00,000

A’s share = 18 lakhs

Ques 6. The difference in squares of 2 consecutive numbers is 121. What is the smaller of two numbers?

  1. 60
  2. 62
  3. 63
  4. 61

Ans: x & x+1 be two consecutive numbers

2x = 121

x= 60

Ques 7. The quadratic equation (2k+1)x^2 – (7k+2)x + (7k-3) = 0 has equal roots, when k= _______

  1. -4/7 or -4
  2. 4/7 or 4
  3. -4/7 or 4
  4. 4/7 or -4

Ans: (7k+2)^2 – 4(7k-3)(2k+1) = 0

-7k^2 +24k+16 = 0

k= -4/7 , 4

Ques 8.  If a discount of 20% is given on the marked price of an article, Harish makes a loss of 12%. What will be the loss/ profit percentage if a discount of 4% is given on the marked price of the article?

  1. Profit of 6.5%
  2. Profit of 5.6%
  3. Loss of 5.6%
  4. Loss of 6.5%

Ans: Let MP = 100, SP1 = 80, CP =(80*100/88) = 1000/11

SP2 = 96, Profit% = 5.6

Ques 9. Let x be the least number which, when divided by 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, leaves in each case the remainder 1, but when divided by 7 leaves no remainder. What is the sum of digits of x?

  1. 7
  2. 3
  3. 5
  4. 4

Ans: LCM of (2,3,4,5,6) = 60

So, the no. will of the form 60k+1

When k= 5, 60*5+1 = 301 divisible by 7

Sum of digit = 3+0+1 = 4

Ques 10. If α and β are the roots of the equation 2x^2 – 3x +1 = 0, then the quadratic equation with roots α/β and β/α is :

  • 2x^2 – 5x + 2 = 0
  • 2x^2 – 5x – 2 = 0
  • 2x^2 + 5x – 2 = 0
  • 2x^2 + 5x + 2 = 0


Ques 11. Two types of rice costing Rs 90 per kg and Rs 140 per kg are mixed in a certain ratio so that the resulting mixture sold at Rs 120 per kg gives a profit of 20%. What is the ratio in which the types of rice are mixed?

  1. 5:3
  2. 4:1
  3. 3:1
  4. 3:2

Ans: None

Ques 12.  What is the ratio of the amount spent on Welcome Kit and DJ & Videography together to the total expenditure excluding the balance?

  1. 2:7
  2. 1:3
  3. 2:9
  4. 1:4

Ans: Reqd ratio : welcome kit +d5 and videograph  

45+45 = (90/360) * 720000

180000 : 630000


Ques 13. Approximately what percent of the total funds was spent on the Conference Hall Rent?

  1. 60%
  2. Cannot be determined
  3. 33.3%
  4. 16.6%


Ques 14. What was amount paid towards snacks and Dinner?

  1. 1,20,000
  2. 2,40,000
  3. 3,60,000
  4. 2,00,000

Ans: Amt paid for (snacks + dinner) = (120/360) * 720000  = 240000

Ques  15. How much money was left (balance) after all the expenses were paid?

  1. 72,000
  2. 90,000
  3. 1,05,000
  4. 60,000

Ans: Balance : (45/360) * 720000 = 90,000

Ques 16. If 50% of the amount under Miscellaneous was spent on conveyance, calculate the amount spent on coveyance.

  1. 45,000
  2. 15,000
  3. 30,000
  4. 12,000

Ans: Amt of misc = (15/360) * 720000 = 30000

50% of misc = 15000

Ques 17. There are four prime numbers written in ascending order of magnitude. The product of first three is 715 and that of the last three is 2431. What is the largest number?

  1. 13
  2. 19
  3. 17
  4. 23

Ans: 715= 5*11*13

2431 = 11*13*17

5,11,13,17 is largest

Ques 18. A farmer has 50 sheep, 125 cows and 200 horses. He keeps only one kind of animal in a flock and keeps the same number of animals in any flock. If these slocks are as large as possible, how many flocks does he have?

  1. 1000
  2. 25
  3. 15
  4. 40

Ans: HCF(50,125& 200) = 25

(20+125+200) / 25 = 15

Ques 19. The LCM of 2 numbers is 40 times their HCF. The sum of LCM and HCF is 1476. If the numbers are 180 and x, then what is the sum of the digits of x?

  1. 18
  2. 14
  3. 17
  4. 13

Ans: LCM = 40* HCF, LCM + HCF = 1476

HCF = 36

LCM = 40* 36

X =(40*36) * 36 /180 = 288

Sum of digits = 18

Ques 20. A TV set is available for Rs 14750 cash payment or for Rs 3200 cash down payment and two equal annual installments. If the interest is charged at the rate of 10% per annum, compounded annually, then how much is each installment for?

  1. 6650
  2. 6655
  3. 6665
  4. 6560

Ans: Balance = 11550. Let each installment be Rs x

x[10/11 + (10/11)^2 ] = 115500

x= 6655

Ques 21. The highest score in an inning was 3/11 of the total score and the next highest 3/11 of the remainder. If the scores differed by 9. Find the total score.

  1. 141
  2. 121
  3. 114
  4. 118

Ans: Let total score = x

(3/11)x- 3/11[x- (3/11)x] = 9


Ques 22.

  1. 32
  2. 36
  3. 38
  4. 22


Ques 23. A solid metalic sphere of radius under root 6 cm is converted into a solid right circular cylinder of radius r cm. If the height of the cylinder is twice the radius of the sphere, then what is the value of r (in cm) ?

  1. 2
  2. 6
  3. 4
  4. 3



  1. 4
  2. 2
  3. 1
  4. 3


Ques 25. How many 5-digit numbers can you make from the digits 0,2,4,6 and 8, if you can use any digit any number of times?

  1. 96
  2. 625
  3. 2500
  4. 480

Ans: 4*5*5*5*5 = 2500

Ques. 26 By selling a toy for Rs 810, Renu suffers as much loss as she could have gained by selling it at 10% profit, If she now sells it for Rs 1044, then what is her profit percent?

  1. 12
  2. 18
  3. 15
  4. 16


Ques 27 A train passes a man standing on a platform in 8 seconds and also crosses the platform whose length is 264m, in 20s. What is the length of the train?

  1. 98m
  2. 198m
  3. 180m
  4. 176m

Ans: Let the length of the train = l m

Speed of train where passes a man = l/8 (m/sec)

Speed of l m long train when passes 264m long platform = (l+264) / 20

l/8 = (l+264) / 20

L =176

Ques 28. At an examination in which the total marks were 500, A got % more than B, B got % more than C, and C got % less than D. If A got 400 marks, what percent of total marks was obtained by D?

  1. 50
  2. 55
  3. 60
  4. 65

Ans: A=200

B = 160

C= 100

D = 125

If A got 400, D got 250

% marks of D = (250/500)*100 = 50

Ques 29. There are four prime numbers written in ascending order of magnitude. The product of first three is 429 and that of the last three is 2717. What is the largest number?

  1. 23
  2. 19
  3. 13
  4. 17

Ans: 429 = 3*11*13

2717= 11*13*19

Prime nos 3,11,13,19

Ques 30. A vessel can be filled by a tap in 8 minutes, and by another tap B in 10 min, A third tap C can empty vessel in min. If all taps are opened simultaneously when the vessel is half full, then which of the following is true?

  1. The vessel will be emptied in 40 minutes.
  2. The vessel will be filled in 20 minutes.
  3. The vessel will be filled in 40 minutes.
  4. The vessel will be emptied in 20 minutes.

Ans: A+B+C = ⅛ + 1/10 – ¼ = 1/40 part of tank

When it is half full, it will be emptied in 20 minutes.

SET – 2

Ques. 1 An express train starts from City X at 4 p.m. and reaches City Y at 8 p.m. A mail train starts from City Y at 4 p.m. as well and reaches City X at 10 p.m. At what time do they pass each other?

  1. 6:12 p.m.
  2. 6:24 p.m.
  3. 6:36 p.m.
  4. 6:00 p.m.


Ques. 2 A volleyball team has 6 people. In how many different ways can teams be made from a class of 12 people?

  1. 18
  2. 2
  3. 72
  4. 924


Ques. 3 A boat coven a distance of 60 km in the direction of flow of water in 4 hours. If the speed of boat in still water is double the speed of flow of water, then how much distance will it cover in 2 hours opposite the flow?

  1. 8 km
  2. 12 km
  3. 10 km
  4. 16 km

Answer:-let speed of boat = 2x, speed of water flow = x

speed downstream = 3x, speed upstream = x

60/3x = 4

X = 60/12 = 5

speed of boat =10

Distance covered in 2 hrs opposite the flow : 5 x 2 = 10

Ques. 4 ‘p’ litres of water was poured into a tank and it was still ‘c’% empty. How much water (in litres) must be poured into the tank, in order to fill it to the brim?

  1. p + c /100 — c
  2. pc / 100 + c
  3. pc / 100 — c
  4. 100p / 100 + c

Answer:-let speed of boat = 2x,speed of water flow =x

Speed downstream  = 3x, speed upstream = x


X=60/12=5, speed of boat =10

Distance cover in 2 hrs opposite in flow :5*2=10

Ques. 5 One of the roots of the equation

1/x+1 + 1/x+2 = 4 / x+4

  1. 1 + √3
  2. 1 + 2√3
  3. 2 + 2√3
  4. 2 + √3


Our of the roots = 2+-2√3

Ques. 6 Amit borrows a sum of 13120 and pays back in two equal yearly instalments. If the compound interest is reckoned annually at 5%, what is the value of each instalment?

  1. 7054
  2. 7056
  3. 7065
  4. 7045


Ques. 7 In what proportion should fine tea costing Rs. 2000 per kg be mixed with coarse tea costing Rs. 500 per kg, so that the cost of the mixture is Rs. 1000?

  1. 1:3
  2. 1:5
  3. 1:4
  4. 1:2


Ques. 8 If a discount of 12% is given on the marked price of an article, Harish makes a loss of 20%. What will be loss/profit percentage if a discount of 1% is given on the marked price of the article?

  1. Loss of 10 %
  2. Loss of 9 %
  3. Profit of 9 %
  4. profit of 10 %

Answer:-Let mp=100 ➔sp,8B, cp=(88*100)/80==110

If discount is 10%

Then sp2 =99, Loss ((110-99)/110)=10%

Ques. 9 A sum of money is divided amongst three people A, B and C in the ratio 4 : 5: 6. If B gets 1500, how much did C get?

  1. 3000
  2. 1800
  3. 4500
  4. 2000


Ques. 10 A boatman can row to a place 48 km away and return in 14 hours. He also finds that the time he requires to row 4 km with the river is the same as the time required to row 3 km against the river. What is the speed at which the boatman can row in still water?

  1. 4 km/hr
  2. 7 km/hr
  3. 6 km/hr
  4. 5 km/hr

Answer:-((48/(u+v))+ ((48)u-v)=14


(48+36)/(u-v)==14➔(8-4)/(u-v)=14➔u-v similarly u+v=8


Ques. 11 If 4.8 = x + 1 / y + (1/z+1)  wherex,y and z are positive integers, then Y+ Z the value of 2x — 3y + 4z is:

  1. 15
  2. 19
  3. 17
  4. 13


Ques. 12 A and B working together can finish a piece of work in 4 days. If A working alone can finish it in 6 days, how long will B take to finish the same work?

  1. 24 days
  2. 12 days
  3. 2 days
  4. 10 days

Ques. 13 Let α, β, ϒand δ be non-zero numbers. If α, β are the roots of x^2 + ϒ x + δ= 0 and ϒ, δare the roots of x^2 + α x +β = 0, then what is the value of (α + β –ϒ +δ)?

  1. -4
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. -2

Ques. 14 A shopkeeper allows 25% discount on the marked price of an article and still makes a profit of 20%. If he gains 240 over the sale of one article, then what is the cost price of the article?

  1. 1600
  2. 800
  3. 600
  4. 1200

Answer:-Let Cp=100 ,profit =20%, Sp = 120

If profit is Rs.20, CP=100


Let CP = 100, profit = 20%, SP = 120

If profit is Rs. 20, CP = 100

240 *100 / 20 = 1200

Ques. 15 If a discount of 12% is given on the marked price of an article, Harish makes a loss of 20%. What will be loss/profit percentage if a discount of 1% is given on the marked price of the article?

  1. Loss of 10 %
  2. Loss of 9 %
  3. Profit of 9 %
  4. profit of 10 %

Answer:-Let mp=100 ➔sp,8B, cp=(88*100)/80==110

If discount is 10%

Then sp2 =99, Loss ((110-99)/110)=10%


61408-56789=4619 = 31 x 149

61408 ÷ 149 à remainder =20

Ques. 16 There are four prime numbers written in ascending order of magnitude. The product of first three is 715 and that of the last three is 2431. What is the largest number?

  1. 13
  2. 19
  3. 17
  4. 23


715 = 5 x 11 x 13

2431 = 11 x 13 x 17

5, 11, 13, 17 largest

Ques. 17 A student was asked to divide a number by 6 and add 12 to the quotient. He, however, first added 12 to the number and thendivided by 6, getting 112 as the answer. What was the sum of digits of the correct answer?

  1. 9
  2. 12
  3. 7
  4. 5

Answer:-what he did (x+12)/6==112 x+12=112*6=678


Correct ans=(660/6)+12=110+12=122

Sum of digts = 5

Ques. 18 Even after reducing the marked price of an article by 68, a trader still makes a profit of 20% on it. If the cost price is 360, what approximate percentage of profit would he have made if he had sold it at the marked price?

  1. 40%
  2. 41%
  3. 38%
  4. 39%

Answer:-Cp=360        sp=(360*120)/100==432


New % profit==((500-360)/360)*100==((140*100)/360)=39%

Ques. 19 Let x be the greatest number of four digits which,when divided by 15,20, and 28.leaves a remainder 2in each case.What is the sum of digts of X?

  1. 23
  2. 20
  3. 21
  4. 25

Explantions: LCM 15,20,28==420


Sum of digts =9+6+6+2==23

Ques. 20 If the average profit earned by the company on selling each car is rs.2500,calculate the profit earn by company in the year 2002.

  1. 332500000
  2. 275000000
  3. 312500000
  4. 300000000

Exp: car sold in 2002==12500 * 2500


Ques. 21 How many cars were sold in all during the given 5year period?

  1. 60000
  2. 80000
  3. 55000
  4. 70000

Exp: no of car sold(15+12.5+17.5+10+15)*1000


CCQT Sample Question and answers -English

Ques. 1 Choose the most appropriate synonym for the underline word.

The committee condemned the suspended players.

  1. Criticized
  2. Sentenced
  3. Surprised
  4. Praised

Sol: condemned to say somebody has done something wrong i,e,to criticized.

Ques. 2 The museum will be closed until ___________ notice.

Which word is suited to fill in the blank.

  1. Further
  2. Near
  3. Nearest
  4. Father

Sol : Closed until further notice

Ques. 3 Two Nigerian scientists have found that jatropha, a semi-green poisonous shrub, can be used as a very effective pain killer.


P: As such, doctors advise patients to use pain killer with care and us minimally as possible.

Q: Scientists have therefore lately turned to nature to explore traditional medicines for a drug with minimal side effect.

R: These can be anything from lethargy and constipation to dysfunctions of the liver or kidney.

  1. Qp
  2. PQ
  3. QR
  4. RQ

Sol: the two sentences are these can be anything from lethargy and constipation to dysfunction of the liver or the kidney.scientist have therefore turned to nature explore traditionally take the drug with minimal side effects.

Paragraph(Questions 3 – 8): Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:-

The junk and snack food industry washed its hands of any responsibility for rising obesity among children and adults yesterday. rejecting calls for tobacco-style health warning or a ban on advertising food to youngsters. Giving evidence to a committee of MPs, four of the most powerful food industry figures blamed uninformed parents, low fat yoghurts, fish and chip shops and Indian restaurants for obesity.

Offering “super-sized” McDonald”s meals requiring children to eat 173 packets of Walkers crisps to earn a school book and promoting king-size dairy milk bars to sedentary motorists were all about select committee.

Andrew Cosslett, managing director of Cadbury Schweppes in Europe, said health warning detailing how much exercise was needed to burn off a meal were unnecessary and could be damaging.

David Hinchcliffe, the committee chairman said a Mcdonald”s cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake, for example, would equate to nine-mile walk.

Mr Cosslett retorted: “ I think health warning are a dangerous thing and while we understand the problem. I don”t think a curly wurly is dangerous, ”The executives from McDonald”s. Schweppes, PepsiCo and Kellogg”s said the nutritional and calorific content of their product was well-known, but it was food items that were not in precise portion sizes and were sold without calorie information that the real obesity threat.

Ques. 3 What issue is being debated in the passage?

  1. The calorie content in junk food
  2. The rise of obesity in children and adults
  3. Junk food and children
  4. The responsibility of junk food for rising obesity.

Sol: the passage is about junk food and how it causes obesity.

Ques. 5 Which would be the best title for the passage.

  1. Ban the junk food, say critics
  2. Junk food industry accepts full responsibility for rising obesity
  3. Portion awareness, not the junk food is the problem, say food giants.
  4. Junk food is healthy say food giants

Sol: The passage is about having an awareness of how much we eat, the portions that eateries offer us.

Ques. 6 As per the food industry representative, what was the purpose behind offering super-sized meals and king-sized chocolate bars?

  1. Attracting overseas customers
  2. Promoting healthy living
  3. Encouraging children to continue education
  4. Providing more choice to public

Sol: super/king sized are ways of giving more choices to consumers.

Ques. 7  What does “sedentary” mean?

  1. Doing no work
  2. Driving rather slowly
  3. Idling away time
  4. Spending most of the time seated

Sol: sedentary means being motionless, lazy, inactive, spending most of the time seated.

Ques. 8 The health warning that Andrew Cosslett is talking about are :

  1. The amount of exercise to burn the calories
  2. The effects on children”s health
  3. The calorie content of the product
  4. The nutritional value of the product

Sol: Andrew Cosslett is concerned about burning calories through exercise.

Ques. 9 My friend is ________________ a hard time.Her mother is sick and she herself is jobless?

  1. Going into
  2. Going through
  3. Going for
  4. Going with

Sol: to go through is to experience

Ques. 10 One part of the sentence below may contain an error. identify the part. If there is  no error, “No error”

Kiran and his friend/are quite tired/by each other

  1. No error
  2. Are quite tired
  3. Kiran and his friend
  4. By each other

Sol: tired of is the standard expression.

Ques. 11 One part of the sentence below may contain an error. identify the part. If there is  no error, “No error”

Suma told to me/she would answer/all the calls thereafter

  1. No error
  2. All the calls thereafter
  3. Suma told to me
  4.  She would answer

Sol: told as a transitive verb does not take to with (after it)

Ques 12: Arrange the following parts to make a meaningful sentence:

S: are never stated

P: that universal truths

Q: in the past tense

R: the teacher said

  1. QPSR
  2. RQSP
  3. RPSQ
  4. SQRP

Sol: The sentence derived by arranging the parts is: the teacher said that universal truth are never stated in the past tense.

Ques. 13  ___________ you start at once,you will be late for the movie.

  1. Whether
  2. Suppose
  3. If
  4. Unless

Sol: unless a piece of actions is carried out now,the predicted consequence is bound to happen.

Ques. 14:- “see for yourself what a mess you have ____________ in the living room,” the mother scolded her kids”.

  1.  Creation
  2.  Created
  3.  Create
  4.  Creating

Sol: they have demanded a past participle to complete the verb phrase.

Ques. 15 Choose the option that expresses the meaning of the underlined word in the given sentence.

“Do you have the will to fight this system?” my father asked me, when I was agitated on looking at the conditions of the roads.

  1. Disturbed
  2. Satisfied
  3. Nervous
  4. Afraid

Sol: to be agitated is to to be disturbed

Ques. 16 The researchers distributed ___________ to the college students.

  1. Questiaire
  2. Questionnaire
  3. Questionnaier
  4. Questionair

Sol: you distribute a questionnaire as part of a research or a study.

Ques. 17  “Can we go through this _________ one last time before we send it to the clients?” I asked my team.

  1. Propose
  2. Purpose
  3. Property
  4. Proposal

Sol: the proposal is the right word here.

Ques. 18: I am of the opinion that you must apologise _______for your misconnect.

  1. Heartily
  2. Impressively
  3. Suspiciously
  4. Politely

Sol: Politely is the only right options

Ques. 19:  One part of the sentence below may contain an error. identify the part. if there is any error, choose “No error”.

We invited a MP/to be hief guest/at the inaugural functions.

  1. At the inaugural function
  2. We invited a MP
  3. No error
  4. To be chief guest

Ques. 20  In the following sentences, four words/phrases have been underlined. One of them is incorrect.C hoose the incorrect word/phrase from the given options.

The Law Minister is of the opinion that those who does not respect woman must be dealt with sternly.

  1. Must
  2. Sternly
  3. Of the opinion
  4. Does not

Sol: those who_ require a plural verb, so those who does not respect woman.

Ques. 21 Choose the best synonym of the given word.


  1. Comprehend
  2. Trust
  3. Endure
  4. Respect

Sol: To fathom is to gauge or comprehend

Ques. 22  Make the meaningful sentences from the following:

O: you see with

Q: you dream with

N: the eyes but what

P: vision is not what

M: the mind

  1. PONQM
  2. ONPMQ
  3. MNQOP
  4. NPOQM

Sol: the words/phrase rearranged would be as follows: vision is not what you see with the eyes but you dream with the mind.

Ques. 23 Choose the most appropriate options to fill in the blanks.

He ____________ to save the situation but he did not get any support from rest of the staff.

  1. Try
  2. Tried
  3. Is trying
  4. tries

Sol: use of simple past tence

Ques. 24:-  For the four sentences (S1—S4) paragraph below, sentences S1 and S4 are given.From the options P,Q and R, choose appropriate sentences for S2 and S3 respectively.

S1: Can we imagine carrying object that are ten times heavier that our own body weight?

S2: _________

S3: ___________

S4: This is because of their small body size, it enables them to use fewer muscles to carry own body and more to carry bigger loads.

  1. PR
  2. RQ
  3. QR
  4. RP

Ques. 25 Life is  an _________ of joy and sorrow.

  1. Alternation
  2. Admission
  3. Alteration
  4. altercation

Sol: Life is an ALTERNATION of joy and sorrow.

Ques. 26 Choose the correct conjunction to complete the sentence.

She was not eligible for a subsidized pass ________ she was a full-time student.

  1. Unless
  2. Although
  3. Therefore
  4. Provided

Sol: use of conjunctions “although” to denote contras.

Ques. 27 One part of the sentence  may contain an error. Identify the part .if there is no error, choose “No error”.

I don”t know why/is she talking/so loudly in class.

  1. Is she talking
  2. I don”t know why
  3. So loudly in a class
  4. No error

Sol: is taking employee as wrong inverted word order, the

Ques. 28 I ___________ very hard to get into a good business school but have not been successful so far.

  1. have been tried
  2. try
  3. had trying
  4. have been trying

Sol: have been trying is the right options here, have not been successfull demands and goven choice.

Ques. 29 Rearranging  the given sentences in the most appropriate sequence to form a meaningful paragraph.

P – isn”t it unhealthy to allow the past to choke our future?

W – Most of the news reports are unpleasant compared to the past.

M – Hence, we need to move ahead and leave the past behind.

S – This gives room for nostalgia and we sit back over past glories.

  1. MWPS
  2. MPWS
  3. SWMP
  4. WSPM

Ques. 30 Any doubt as ______ the interpretations of law should be cleared then and there.

  1. To
  2. About
  3. For
  4. regarding

the correct option is AS To.

Set 2

Ques. 1 Choose the most appropriate option to fill in the blanks.

Before we had gone very far, we realized that we ________ a wrong turn.

    1. Have taken
    2. Are taking
    3. Had taken
    4. Took

Answer:- use of past perfect tense to refer to the earlier of two action.

Ques. 2 The soft-hearted lady cannot ________the sight of other people’s suffering.

  1.  Bear
  2. Accept
  3. Outstand
  4. Withstand

Answer:- cannot bear [tolerate] is the right option.

Ques. 3 Before leaving for kochi, dravya was living a life of _________.

    1. Plenty
    2. Boredom
    3. Frustration
    4. Hardships

Answer:- Before leaving for kochi, dravya was living a life of plenty (the other options are incorrect in the light of the information.

Ques. 4 Dravya was given some money, which he could use only_______.

      1.  To pay for his meals
      2.  To buy a new mobile phone
      3.  For one mouth in kochi
      4. When he was in extreme hardship

Answer:-Dravya was given some money, which he could use only when he was in extreme hardship. [The other options are false]

Ques. 5 Kochi was chosen for the experience because in kochidravys______.

  1. Had no acquaintances
  2. Knew many people
  3. Had his father’s friends
  4. Could get a job easily

Answer:-  Kochi was chosen as dravya had no acquaintance there [ and he didn’t know Malayalam and not all people there did not speak hindi] The other reasons were are false or not tenable.

Ques. 6 Father believed that_________.

  1. His son was pampered and spoilt
  2. His son should take up a job
  3. Experience is the best teacher
  4. Universities don’t teach anything

Answer:- father believed that experience is the best teacher [ he did not pamper his son; nor did he distrust university education; or, he didn’t want ‘his son to take up a job’.]

In the passage the word ‘incognito’ means ______.

  1. Disguise
  2. Incapable
  3. Forcibly
  4. Alone

Answers:- ICOGNITO means not recognizable, possibly someone is in disguise.

Ques. 8 Which part of the sentence has errors?

Every teacher / wants their / students / to achieve success.

  1. A
  2. D
  3. C
  4. B

Answer:- with ‘every’ singular pronoun is to be used. It should be ‘his’ or ‘her’ in place of their.

Ques. 9 Spot the error in the following sentence:

Either(P) Raja or Peter(Q) have to(R) do the job(S).

  1. P
  2. Q
  3. R
  4. S

Answer:- since ‘either …..or’ is used with singular nouns here, it has to be ‘HAS TO DO THE JOB’

Ques. 10 The children ran to their mother and asked her whether she_______ them some popcorns.

  1. Would buy
  2. Will buy
  3. Buys
  4. Has bought

Answer:- the correct option is would buy which with its connotations of uncertainty is the right option.

Ques. 11 Choose the most appropriate option to fill in the blanks.

My son is weak in English _____ he is very good in mathematics.

  1. Because
  2. But
  3. Despite
  4. Therefore

Answer:- use of ‘but’ to express contrast

Ques. 12 Make a meaningful sentence from the following

O: hatred but

K: the opposite

T: indifference

G: of love

Q: is not

  1. TQGOK
  2. OQKTG
  3. KGQOT
  4. GKOQT

Answer:- the meaningful sentence that can come out of these parts is: The opposite of love is not hatred but indifference.

Ques. 13 Life is an _______of joy and sorrow.

  1. Altercation
  2. Admission
  3. Alteration
  4. alternation

Answer:- life is an ALTERNATION of joy and sorrow.

Ques. 14 Rearrange the word / phrases to make a meaningful sentence:

In ancient times / sandal and turmeric / blemish-free skin / for a / was used / a paste of / by

         A                                 B                                   C     D               E                  F          



  1. A/G/E/F/B/D/C
  2. F/B/E/G/A/D/C
  3. B/E/G/F/B/D/C
  4. A/E/G/F/B/D/C

Answer:-  a paste has to be identified as the subject. ‘sandal and turmeric’ is the object of ‘of’; the predicate begins with ‘was used’ and it is followed by ‘when’ and ‘for what’

Ques. 15 Choose the correct synonym for the given word.


  1. Free
  2. Huge
  3. Elegant
  4. Expensive

Answer:- Lavish means ‘expensive’

Ques. 16 One part of the sentence below may contain an error. Identify the part. If there is no error ‘No error’.

The trousers / I bought recently / is very expensive.

  1. Is very expensive
  2. Is bought recently
  3. No error
  4. The trousers

Answer:- trousers carry a plural verb ‘is’ is the wrong verb here.

Ques. 17 Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

Many workers from the factory were______ during the recession.

  1. Put off
  2. Cut off
  3. Laid off
  4. Backed off

Answer:- to lay off is to dismiss

Ques. 18 The events manager is very experienced. He handles the arrangements for the meeting quite _________.

  1. Deftly
  2. Sloppily
  3. Poorly
  4. Cleverly

Answer:- skilfully/ Adroitly or its synonym DEFTLY is the appropriate word to fill in the blanks in the sentence.

Ques. 19 Prosperity gains friends, but ______tests them.

What word which is the antonym of the underlined word will complete the statement?

  1. Adversity
  2. Generosity
  3. Diversity
  4. Curiosity

Answer:-from the reading of the passage it can be inferred that the boys were from different backgrounds. One lived in a camp under the supervision of soldiers and was hungry most of the time. The other lived outside the fence and could give food to the other boy.

Ques. 20 In the following question, A and F are the first and the last sentences of a passage. The rest of the sentences namely B. C. D and E are jumbled. Choose the correct order of these sentences from the given options.

  1. At a time when several parts of the country are facing drought, the dry and arid region of Jaisalmer has doubled its annual crop production.
  2. Areas that benefit the most are Mohangarh and Ramgarh, where damages due to extreme weather were also minimum.
  3. The Canal is one of the longest starting from Punjab and terminating in the Thar Desert.
  4. It is all due to a continuous flow of water through the Indira Gandhi Canal.
  5. Jaisalmer’s crops this yea’ are worth 300 crore, up from 150 crore last year.
  6. Crops have started arriving in mandis and Mohangarh Mandi has the maximum buzz
  1. EDCB
  2.  DECB
  3. EDBC
  4. DCBE

Answer:-The correct order of the sentence is Subject-predicate

Ques. 21 Choose the synonym of the given word


  1. Patronize
  2. Help
  3. Discover
  4. Forsake

Answer: – to ABANDON[verb] is to FORESAKE

Ques. 22 The minister wanted to go ______ the speech once more before leaving.

  1. Over
  2. About
  3. Around
  4. Into

Answer:- to go over is to revise

Ques. 23 ________Sheela, everyone in the family went on the trip to Ladakh.

  1. Include
  2. Accept
  3. Exceed
  4. Except

Answer:-Except. in the sense of excluding. is the right option

Ques. 24 Choose the best SYNONYM of the given word.


  1. Comprehend
  2. Respect
  3. Trust
  4. Endure

Answer:-To fathom is to gauge or comprehend

Ques. 25 In the following item, the sentences B to E are in jumbled order. Choose the correct order in which they should be placed.

  1. Dr. Christian Barnard was the world’s first South African heart surgeon.
  2. But with the transplant a new medical era started.
  3. His first patient survived only a few days.
  4. He performed a human to human heart transplant on 3 Dec. 1967.
  5. He believed that a good doctor should give promise of life to his patients.
  6. Therefore, when other surgeons gave up he persisted in carrying on.
  1. DEBC
  2. EBCD
  3. EDCB
  4. DCBE

Answer:-The reordered sentences would go as follows: He performed a human to human heart transplant on 3 Dec. 1967. His first patient survived only a few days. But with the transplant a new medical era started. He believed that a good doctor should give promise of life to his patients.

Ques. 26 Which of the following words can be used to fill the blank?

Tourists are _______ to enter beyond this point.

  1. Refused
  2. Cleared
  3. Forbidden
  4. Prosecuted

Answer:-forbidden is the only right option; the others would render the sentence ungrammatical.

Ques. 27 In the following sentence four words/phrases have been underlined. One of them is incorrect. Choose the incorrect word/phrase from the given options.

By the time I realisedthat I had taken the wrong route it was to late.

  1. By the time
  2. That
  3. To
  4. the Wrong route

Answer:-The last phrase should be TOO LATE and not to late as given

Ques. 28 One part of the sentence below may contain an error. Identify the part. If there is no error, choose ‘No error’.

Sara prefers singing / to dancing / at birthday parties.

  1. Sara prefers singing
  2. No error
  3. to dancing
  4. at birthday parties

Answer:-The sentence contains no error

Ques. 29 Choose the most appropriate option to fill in the blanks.

Science has not been able to ascertain _______ there are living beings like us on other planets.

  1. Since
  2. Whether
  3. How
  4. As

Answer:-Use of conjunction ‘whether to denote possibility

Ques. 30 Arrange the following phrases in sequence to form a meaningful sentence.

R : such a dilemma is that

T : to step in to resolve

K : the reason why

J : we expect somebody

P: we are in

  1. TKPRJ
  2. JKTPR
  3. RPJTK
  4. KPRJT

Answer:-The reason why we are in such a dilemma is that we expect somebody to step in to resolve — This is the sentence that will be the outcome when the phrases are reordered

CCQT Sample Papers – Logical Reasoning

Ques 1.       Select the combination of numbers so that letters arranged accordingly will form a meaning word ?

Y              E              I                H             G             E              N

1              2              3              4              5              6              7

  1.  5142367
  2. 7235461
  3. 6753124
  4. 4153276



Ques  2.   5 : 3125 :: 3 : 27 :: 4 :___

  1.   256
  2.      1024
  3.      128
  4.      64

Sol: 5:5:5 :: 3: 33 :: 4:4  4*4*4*4=266

Ques 3.       Pointing towards kusum, Adarsh said,” i am the only son of her mother”s son “,How is kusum related to Adarsh?

  1.   Aunt
  2.      Cousin
  3.      Mother
  4.      Niece

Sol: Aunt   Kusum is adarsh”s father sister,Ararsh is kusum”s mother”s son(Kusum brother).

Ques 4.       Which options completes the given series?

3, 7, 15, 27, ?, 63

  1.      45
  2.   53
  3.   43
  4.      55

Sol: 3,7,15,27,?,63    multiple of 4 are added to get new term of series +4,+8,+12,+16+,+20

Ques 5.       If SPLINDER is coded as 67408192,how will PRISTINE coded as ?

  1.       72016089
  2.   72061089
  3.      27061089
  4.      72061098


67408192             72061089

Ques  6.       Father”s age at the time of son”s birth was 4 times the oresent age of son.After 7 years from now ,father age will be  3times the son”s age.find the present age of father and son respectively.

  1.      36 year,8 years
  2.      32 years,6 years
  3.      35 years,7 years
  4.      37 years,9 years

Sol: suppose son”s age present age “X”

Father present age ==4x+x=5x

Father 7 year father”s age = 5x + 7=3(x+7)


                                               5x-3x= 21- 7=14

Father present age =5*7=35 years.

Ques 7.       The questions given below is folled by two statements,I and II, each containing some data. Decide which of the statement is/are sufficient to answer the questions.


Amber ranked 9th in a class of 58 students. What is the rank of Nitish from the bottom of the class?


  1.                    There are 11 students between Amber and nitish
  2.                  There are 5 students between Nitish  and Amber
  3.      Statement II alone is Sufficient
  4.      Statement I alone is Suffcient
  5.      Both statement I and II together are needed
  6.      Either statement I alone or statement II alone is sufficient.
  7.                     Sol: Alone

11 student between Amber and Nitish suggest these are towards bottom and nitish is 38th from the buttom

III.                5 students in between may be before Amber and his rank from bottom may be 56th

Ques 8.       The questions given below is followed by two statements,I and II, each  containing some data.Decide which of the statement(s) is/are sufficient to answer the questions.


Ashoke ranked 10th in the many students are there in the class?


  1.                    There are 5 students between Ashoke and Prakash.
  2.                  Ashok”s rank from the bottom is 20th
  3.      Statement I alone is sufficient
  4.      Both statement I and II together are needed
  5.      Either statement I alone or statement II alone is sufficient.
  6.   Statement II alone is sufficient


Statement II alone is sufficient.

Ques 9.       Given below is a questions followed by two statements.Decide which of the statements,I and II are sufficient to answer in the given questions.


What is Deepak age?


  1.                    In 10 years Deepak will be twice as old as Ravi would be.
  2.                  Ravi was born 5 years ago
  3.      Only I is sufficient
  4.      Both I and II are not sufficient
  5.      Only Ii is sufficient
  6.   Both I and Ii are required

Sol:  As per as statement I and II are required to answer the questions.

Ques 10.   If PREACHER IS coded as 90341830 and THEORY as 583802, what will be the code for ARCHERY?

  1.      408032
  2.   4081302
  3.   4018302
  4.      4108302


PREACHER           THEORY                ARCHERY

90341830             583802                  4018302

Ques 11.   Sarika said,” Ritesh is my mother”s oly son and father of jaya”s only daughter sonal”.how is Sonal related  sarika?

  1.      Sister-in – law
  2.   Niece
  3.      Grand-daughter
  4.      Sister

Sol: Ritest(Brother ) & Sarika (his sister)

Jaya(w/o Ritesh)

Sonal (daughter) sonal is niece of Sarika

Ques 12.   Pointing to a man,a woman says,” His sister is my mother in law. How is her husband related to the  man?

  1.      Son-in-law
  2.   Son
  3.   Grandson
  4.      It cannot be determined

Sol: Grandson husbands”s mother”s father is the man.

Ques 13.   If MASSACRE is codded as AMSSCAER,what would  CALAMITY be coded as ?

  2.      ACALINYT
  3.      ACALMIYT
  4.      ACALIMYT




Ques 14.   Kis the brother of X and only son of P, Y is the father of P,How is X related toY?

  1.      Daughter in law
  2.      Daughter
  3.      Sister
  4.   Granddaughter


Grand Daughter (y father of P)>>>>P>>>(x is daughter )*5(only son of P brother of X).

Ques 15.   Pointing towards kusum, Adarsh said,” i am the only son of her mother”s son “,How is kusum related to Adarsh?

  1.   Aunt
  2.      Cousin
  3.      Mother
  4.      Niece

Sol: Aunt   Kusum is adarsh”s father sister,Ararsh is kusum”s mother”s son(Kusum brother).

Ques 16.   Neerja is taller than Sandhya,but not taller that Rama.Rama and Kusun are of the same height.Neerja is shorter than  girija.Amongst all of them who is the shortest?

  1.      Neerja
  2.      Girijja
  3.   Sandhya
  4.      Rama and Kusum

Ques 17.   In the certain code HEART is written s FGYTR.How is MOUSE written in that code?

  1.      OMWQG
  2.      OMSUC
  3.   KQSUC
  4.      KQWQG

Sol: HEART          PATTERN 2+2-2+2-2


Ques 18.   Select the one which is different from the other three alternatives.

  1.   398
  2.      469
  3.      865
  4.      676

Sol: others total is 19




Ques 19.   Rahul started from a point “A ” and walked 15m towards south.He turned left and walked 20m.he then turned left and walked 15 meters.he again turned left and walked 35m and reached a point B.How far and in which direction is the point “B” from the point “A.”?

  1.      20m north
  2.      35m south
  3.   15m east
  4.   15m west

Ques 20.   If the word TERM  is coded as S2QL and VENTURE as U2MS5Q2,what will OCCASION be codded as?

  1.   4BB1R34M
  2.   4BB1S34M
  3.   4BB1T34M
  4.   4BB1R43M


      S2QL   U2MS5Q2



Read the Question properly(Question 21–22)

Seven children A,B,C,D,E,F and G are standing in a line.B is to the immediate right of F.G is to the left of E. There are two children between A and D. C is to the immediate right of A and immediate left of F. B is not on the left side of G.Two children are standing between E and F.

Ques 21.   Who is the extreme right?

  1.      D
  2.      F
  3.      A
  4.      B

Sol: Extreme right B

Ques 22.   Who is the exactly in the middle?

  1.      C
  2.      F
  3.      A
  4.      E


Ques 23.   Which one word can not be formed using the letters of the given word(using to the maximum each latter as many times as they appeare in the given word)

  1.      Create
  2.      Relation
  3.      Nation
  4.      Trainee


The word “RECREATIONAL” has only one “N”

Ques 24.   Five student Prakesh, Grish, Mayank, Bikram and harish study five different subject—History, geography, math, physicals, botany—meeting the following criteria.

  1.                     The first latter of the name and the first latter of the subject are not the same.
  2.                   Prakesh does not study either botany or history

iii.                  Mayank and Harish do not study Botany.

  1.                 Bikram does not study either Physics and History

Which two students study only geography and math?

  1.      Bikram and Grish
  2.      Prakesh and grish
  3.      Bikram and Harish
  4.   Prakesh and Bikram

Ques 25.   Which no is wrong in the given series?

3, 12, 25, 48, 75, 108

  1.      48
  2.      25
  3.      108
  4.      75

Sol: x, x+3x,+5x,+7x,+9x,+11x,+13x….

3,3+9=12, 12+15, 27+12, 48+27, 75+33(QA)25 = 27 = 45 =75 =108

Ques 26.   A statement followed by some conclusions is given  here

Statement: Sycophancy has almost always seemed repellent to self respective people who tend to avoid entering polities.


  1.                    Self-respecting people are not sycophants.
  2.                  Self-respecting people do not enter politics.

which of the given conclusion logically follows from the given statement?

  1.      Only conclusion II follows
  2.      Neither I nor II follow
  3.      Both I and II follow
  4.      Only conclusion I follows

Sol: neither I nor II follows

Ques 27.   Complete the analogy:

GJMP: MPSV :: HKNQ :____

  1.      RTVX
  2.      PSVY
  3.      JLNP
  4.      PSVX

Sol: Eight steps forward HKNQ : PSVY

Ques 28.   Take the given Statement to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly knows facts and decide which of the given conclusion logically follows from the given statements.


  1.       All doctors are good
  2.       Some woman are good
  3.      Only conclusion I follows
  4.      Both conclusion I and Ii follow
  5.      Only conclusion II follows
  6.      Neither conclusion i nor Ii follow.

Sol:Conclusion II is sufficient.

Ques 29.   In a code language PROUD is coded as ADUORPA, and QUEEN is coded as ANEEUQA.How would GENTLEMEN be coded?

The letters of the word are the reverse and the letters “A ” is added in the begging and at the end.


  4.      ANELNTEGA


Reversed latters DUORP

Code Add “A”=ADUORPA



Ques 30.In a certain code languange the code for “England” is “fdmofhkmbzmoce”.How will India be coded in that language?

  1. jhmocejhbz
  2. Jhmoecjhbz
  3. hjmocejhzb
  4. hjmocejhbz

Set – 2

Ques. 1 Which one word cannot be formed using the letters of the given word (using to the maximum each letter as many times as they appear in the given word)?


  1. Create
  2. Relation
  3. Trainee
  4. Nation

Answer:-NATION (It has two ‘N’) The word ‘RECREATIONAL’ has only one ‘N’.

Ques. 2 Take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements.


  1. All plants are fruits.
  2. All fruits are flowers.


  1. All plants are flowers.
  2. All flowers are plants.

III. All fruits are plants.

  1. All conclusion I, II and III follow.
  2. Both conclusion II and III follow
  3. Only conclusion I follows
  4. Both conclusionn I and II follow


Ques. 3 In a code language, ‘GRAIN’ is written as `HIRAILM’ and ‘PQRSTIWW’ as `QRQRSTUVU’. Which of the following statements would be a safe conclusion?

  1. Only the vowels remain constant
  2. The last letter is replaced by two letters that succeed it.
  3. The first letter is replaced by two letters that succeed it and the last letter is replaced by two letters that precede it
  4. The first letter is replaced by two letters that precede it.


first letter replaced by its following (Succeeding) two letters Last letter is replaced by its preceding two letters.

Ques. 4 X and K are the son and grandson of Y, respectively. K’s grandmother. P. has a daughter-in-law G and only one child. How is X related to P?

Y P (K’s Grandmother)

X (Y’s son) G (P’s Daughter in law)

  1. Son
  2. Son-in-law
  3. Grandson
  4. Brother

Answer:-K (X’s son, Y’s ,grandson)

Ques. 5 In the following equation, two signs need to be interchanged to make it correct. Choose the signs from the given Q5. alternatives.

9 + 5 ÷ 4 x 3 — 6 = 12

  1. + and x
  2. + and —
  3. ÷ and —
  4. ÷ and x

Answer:-9 + 5 ÷ 4 X 3 — 6 = 12 = 14 —2 = 12

  1. Find the odd one out.
  2. Mercury
  3. Titan
  4. Mars
  5. Jupiter

Answer:-Titan others are planets

Ques. 6 Facing North, Aditi turns 45° clockwise and 225° anticlockwise. Which direction is she facing now?

  1. North
  2. North-East
  3. South
  4. South-West


225° anticlockwise mean return of 45 degree to be straight then reversed.

Ques. 7 A team of four students is to be selected from among four boys A. B. C and D. and four girls E. F. G and H. meeting the following criteria.

  1. A will not be with E.
  2. B and F must be together.
  3. G will not be with C.
  4. F will not be with H.
  5. D and H must be together.

The selected team will be:

  1. BEGH
  2. ADEH
  3. BDFH
  4. ABFG

Answer:-`A’ is not with `E’

`B’ and ‘F’ are together

`0′ is not with ‘C’

`F’ is not with ‘H’

`D’ and ‘H’ are not there


Ques. 8 Which of the following triplets is similar to the given triplet?

(47, 53, 59)

  1. (16, 22, 28)
  2. (7, 13, 19)
  3. (19, 23, 29)
  4. (57, 63, 69)

Answer:-The numbers are consecutive prime numbers. Hence answer is (19, 23, 29).

Ques. 9 Given below is a question followed by two statements. Decide which of the statements, I and II are sufficient to answer the given question.

Among M, N, 0, P and Q, who is the third from the top when arranged in the descending order of their weight?


  1. ’13’ is heavier than ‘M’ and ‘N’, but weighs less than ‘Q’ who is not the heaviest.
  2. ‘M’ is heavier than only ‘N’.
  1. Both I and II required.
  2. Only I is sufficient.
  3. Only II is sufficient.
  4. Both I and II are not sufficient.

Answer:-As per statement Only I is sufficient to answer the question.

Ques. 10 Find the odd one out.

512, 343, 216, 125, 101

  1. 216
  2. 343
  3. 125
  4. 101

Answer:-  512, 343,216, 125, 101

                 8^3,  7^3, 6^3, 5^3,—

Ques. 11 Select the option that is related to the third term in the same way as the second term is related to the first one.


  1. QOKM
  2. OMKI
  3. LNPR
  4. JLMP

Answer:-XVTR : WUSQ : : PNLJ : OMKI

To create next term move each left backward only one step

Ques. 12 Take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statements.


  1. All mangoes are apples.
  2. No apple is red.


  1. No mango is red.
  2. Some mangoes are red.

III. All apples are mangoes.

  1. Only conclusion I follows
  2. All three conclusions follow
  3. Only conclusion II follows.
  4. Only conclusions II and III follow.


Ques. 13  ‘J – K’ means `J is father of K’

‘j – K’ means ‘j is daughter of K’

‘J x K’ means ‘J is son of K’

‘J / K’ means is wife of K’

Which of the following means ‘D is grandson of F’?

  1. D / ExF
  2. D x E – F
  3. D – E + F
  4. DxE / F


+’ father of , – = Daughter of , X = son of , = wife of

DXE = D is son of E’D’ is son of E who is daughter of F

E-F = E is daughter of Fmean ‘D’ is grandson of F

Ques. 14 Ram has a brother, Shankar. Ram is Devika’s son. Shekhar is Devika’s father. How is Shankar related to Shekhar?

  1. Brother
  2. Son
  3. Uncle
  4. Grandson


Ques. 15 ‘P x Q’ means `P is the brother of Q’;

`P ÷Q’ means `P is the father of Q’;

‘P + Q’ means `P is the sister of Q’;

`P- Q’ means ’13 is the mother of Q’.

Which of the following means ‘R. is the paternal uncle of T’?

  1. R – S÷T
  2. R x S ÷ T
  3. R x S+T
  4. R + S –T


(OC) RxS÷T

R x S = ‘R’ is brother of ‘S’

S ÷T = ‘S’ is father of ‘T’

So ‘R’ is paternal uncle of ‘T’

Ques. 16 A statement followed by some conclusions is given below.

Statement: The PM suggested, “The Council of Ministers should work from now onwards from an outcome perspective.”


I.All the ministers have not been working from an outcome perspective.

II.The need to work from an outcome perspective is a clear message.

Which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) from the given statement?

  1. Only conclusion I follows.
  2. Neither I nor II follows.
  3. Only conclusion II follows.
  4. Both I and II follow.


Only conclusion II follows

Ques. 17 Ahmed starts from his home in the eastern suburbs and walking straight towards the West, comes to a four-crossing. The road to the left takes one to the seaside, straight ahead is the university office and he turns right, proceeds 1 km and turns to the left to reach the library. In which direction is he walking now?

  1. East
  2. South
  3. West
  4. North


Ques. 18 Which number will come next in the given number series?

3, 9, 21, 39, 63, _____

  1. 87
  2. 93
  3. 90
  4. 97

Answer:-pattern – add multiple of 6 to get next term

3   ,  9     ,    21   ,    39   , 63    ,    93

    +6         +12     +18      +24      +30

Ques. 19 Which two villages are the farthest?

  1. D and F
  2. A and E
  3. G and F
  4. G and b

Answer:- G and F are farthest

Ques. 20 How far and in which direction is F from B?

  1. 2 km south
  2. 1 km north
  3. 1 km east
  4. 1 km south

Answer:- 1 km south F and B

Ques. 21 If CANTER is written as ACENRT215364, what would be the code for DETAIL?

  1. ADEILT231645
  2. ADEILT236145
  3. ADEILT412563
  4. 412563ADEELT

Answer:-CANTER ACENRT 215364, DETAIL ADEILT 412563

                       123456                         CA123456

Ques. 22 If BATTER is coded as TERTAB and GOTHAM is coded as HAMTOG, what would ICEMAN be coded as?


Answer:-Divide the word in two parts, second part is taken as first and first part in reverse order as second BAT TER = TER TAB (reversed)


Ques. 23 A, B, C, D and E are sitting around a circular table. ‘C’ is to the right of ‘A’ and is second to the left of ‘D’. `E’ is not between ‘A’ and ‘D’. Who is second to the left of ‘C’?

  1. E
  2. D
  3. A
  4. B


Ques. 24 Select the combination of numbers so that the letters arranged accordingly will form a meaningful word.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

  1. 5 0 8 4 9 6 3 1 2 1
  2. 2 0 8 3 9 6 4 7 1 5
  3. 3084965127
  4. 8962371540

Answer:-The word is EXPERIENCE

                       2 0 8 3 1 6 4 71 5

Ques. 25 Find the odd one out.

125, 27, 729, 1331, 343

  1. 125
  2. 1331
  3. 729
  4. 27
  5. 343

Answer:-125, 27, 729, 1331, 343

                   5^3   , 3^3 , 9^3  , 11^3 , 7^3

= 729 =9^3

Others are cubes of prime numbers

Ques. 26 Each of the options given has three statements. Take these statements to be true even if they look factually absurd. In which of the given options is the third statement implied by the first two statements?

  1. All windows are doors.

Some walls are doors.

So, all windows are walls

  1. All mangoes are blue.

Some guavas are mangoes.

So, all guavas are blue.

  1. All tigers are wild.

All jackals are wild.

So, all jackals are tigers.

  1. All parrots can swim.

All fishes are parrots.

So, all fishes can swim.


Ques. 27 In a certain code language, the word VALEDICTORIAN is coded as LAVIDECROTNAI. In that code, what would CRISSCROSSING become?



The word is divided in groups of 3 letters and letters of each group are reversed VAL EDIC TORIAN Middle letter remains unchanged LAV DEC ROT NAI


Ques. 28 Namita is taller than Shashi, Alka is taller than Namita, Garima is taller than Alka, and Tanya is the tallest of all. If they stand according to their height, who will be in the middle?

  1. Garima
  2. Namita
  3. Shashi
  4. Alka

Answer:-T > G >Allca> N > S


Ques. 29 Rana’s Villa is to the South of Alka’s and Chand’s is to the East of Alka’s. In what direction is Rana’s villa with reference to Chand’s?

  1. North-East
  2. South-East
  3. South-West
  4. North-West



CCQT Latest sample model Paper with solutions – General awareness 

  1. Industries that are dependent on animals for their raw materials are called:
  1. Mineral-based
  2. Pastrol-based
  3. Agro-based
  4. Consumer-based

Ans: Pastrol-based

  1. Which is the longest (or largest) Constitutional amendment act known as ‘Mini-Constitution’?
  1. 86th Amendment
  2. 42nd Amendment
  3. 44th Amendment
  4. 12th Amendment

Ans: 42nd Amendment

  1. Which of the following women cricketers has the record of highest individual score in an inning against her name in the Women’s cricket World-cup 2017?
  1. Chamari Athapaththu
  2. HArmanpreet kaur
  3. Meg Lanning
  4. Sarah Taylor

Ans: Chamari Athapaththu

  1. Which of the following Governor Generals of India earned the title, “Maker of the Mordern India” ?
  1. Lord Mountbatten
  2. Lord Canning
  3. Lord Bentick
  4. Lord Dalhousie

Ans: Lord Dalhousie

  1. Which Instrument did Bismillah khan play?
  1. Violin
  2. Flute
  3. Nadaswaram
  4. Shehnai

Ans: Shehnai

  1. Which personality laid the foundation of space technology in India?
  1. Dr. MGK Menon
  2. Homi J. Bhabha
  3. Vikram Sarabhai
  4. Dr. Raja Ramanna

Ans: Vikram Sarabhai

  1. Which causative microorganism is resposible for disease dengue?
  1. Virus
  2. Fungus
  3. Bacteria
  4. Algae

Ans: Virus

  1. Who became the first Indian woman to be nominated as a member of the International Olympic Commitee (IOC) ?
  1. Nita Ambani
  2. Supriya Sule
  3. Mumitra mahajan
  4. Sonia Gandhi

Ans: Nita Ambani

  1. Which of the following is NOT a Himalayan Mountain Pass connecting Uttarakhand with Tibet?
  1. Mana Pass
  2. Shipki LA
  3. Niti pass
  4. Mangha Dhura

Ans: Shipki LA

  1. Who among the following acts as the ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha?
  1. Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha
  2. President of India
  3. Vice- President of India
  4. Chief Justice of India

Ans: Vice- President of India

  1. In which place does Government of India plan to establish the first National Sports Museum?
  1. New Delhi
  2. Lucknow
  3. Ahmedabad
  4. Patiala

Ans: New Delhi

  1. Abyssinia is the old name of which country?
  1. Ethiopia
  2. Italy
  3. Japan
  4. Germany

Ans: Ethiopia

  1. Which among the following is a disease caused by bacteria?
  1. Anthrax
  2. AIDS
  3. Small Pox
  4. Rabies

Ans: Anthrax

  1. From the constitution of which country has the Indian Constitution borrowed the idea of Directive Principle?
  1. German Constitution
  2. Irish Constitution
  3. English Constitution
  4. Russian Constitution

Ans: Irish Constitution

  1. Which is the smallest district by area, in India?
  1. Mahe
  2. Kanyakumari
  3. Munnar
  4. Diu

Ans: Mahe

  1. Who among the following became the first woman to recieve Sahitya Akademi Award in Maithili for her novel Marichika?
  1. Usha Kiran khan
  2. Niraja Renu
  3. Lily Ray
  4. Shefalika Verma

Ans: Lily Ray

  1. Who built the Jantar Mantar of Delhi and Jaipur?
  1. Alauddin Khilji
  2. Sher shah
  3. Rajan Singh
  4. Sawai Jai Singh

Ans: Sawai Jai Singh

  1. Which is the highest cotton producing country in the worls?
  1. Philippines
  2. Sri Lanka
  3. China
  4. Africa

Ans: China

  1. Aamir khan’s recent film ‘Dangal’ is inspired by real-life story of:
  1. Mahavir Singh Phogat
  2. Sushil kumar solanki
  3. Sakshi malik
  4. Dara singh

Ans: Mahavir Singh Phogat

  1. The tenure of Lok Sabha can be extended (at a time) beyond five years during national emergency for a maximum period of :
  1. 1 year
  2. 2 year
  3. 1 month
  4. 6 months

Ans: 1 year

  1. Whose autobiography is titled ‘ Ace against odds’?
  1. Prakash Padukone
  2. Sania Mirza
  3. Pullela Gopichand
  4. Saina Nehwal

Ans: Sania Mirza

  1. _________ was Bairam khan’s son, who became an important person in Akbar’s court.
  1. Abdul Rahim khan-i- khanan
  2. Abul Fazl
  3. Birbal
  4. Amir Khusrow

Ans: Abdul Rahim khan-i- khanan

  1. From which country has the Indian constitution derived the feature of a Five year plan?
  1. Ireland
  2. USA
  3. South Africa
  4. USSR


  1. Who founded the Haryanka Dynasty?
  1. Shishunaga
  2. Bimbisara
  3. Udayn
  4. Ajatha satru

Ans: Bimbisara

  1. Which part of the Indian constitution contains Fundamental Rights?
  1. Part 2
  2. Part 4
  3. Part 1
  4. Part 3

Ans: Part 3

  1. We hear others speaking to us from adjacent rooms due to _______ of sound waves.
  1. Diffraction
  2. Refraction
  3. Reflection
  4. Echo

Ans: diffraction

  1. Which mountain pass is in sikkim?
  1. Rohtang
  2. Zozila
  3. Nathula
  4. Baralaccha

Ans: Nathula

  1. Calcium hydroxide is used as a base in manufacture of which of the following products?
  1. Batteries
  2. Laxative
  3. Soap
  4. Mortar

Ans: Mortar

Which article of Indian constitution says, ‘ The state shall take steps to separate the judiciary from the executive in the public services of the state?

  1. Article 25
  2. Article 35
  3. Artcle 55
  4. Article 50

Ans: Aritcle 50

  1. From Which country has the Indian constitution derived the feature of a Five Year Plan?
  1. Ireland
  2. South Africa
  3. USSR
  4. USA


  1. Web Browser is a ___
  1. Domain
  2. Hardware
  3. Software
  4. Web page

Ans: software

  1. Who among the following is considered as the first law officer of Govwrnment of India?
  1. Attorney – General
  2. Solicitor- General
  3. Senior most Advocate of Supreme
  4. Chief Justice of India

Ans: Attorney – General

  1. Which 4 states account to approximately 80% of the coal reserves in India?
  1. Jharkhand, Odisha, chattisgarh and Bihar
  2. Jharkhand, West bengal, chattisgarh and Madhya pradesh
  3. Jharkhand, Odisha, Chattisgarh and West Bengal
  4. Jharkhand, West Bengal, chattisgarh and bihar

Ans: Jharkhand, Odisha, Chattisgarh and West Bengal

  1. In terms of area, Which among the following is the smallest state of India?
  1. Nagaland
  2. Tripura
  3. Goa
  4. Sikkim

Ans: Goa

  1. Which Indian state was the first to establish the institution of Panchayat raj?
  1. Rajasthan
  2. Punjab
  3. Andhra Pradesh
  4. Uttar Pradesh

Ans: Rajasthan

  1. Who founded the Haryanka dynasty?
  1. Udayin
  2. Shishunaga
  3. Bimbisara
  4. Ajatha satru

Ans: Bimbisara

  1. What does Yellow Revolution refer to?
  1. Increasing the production of oil seeds
  2. Increasing the production of milk
  3. Increasing the production of coffee
  4. Increasing the production of fish

Ans: Increasing the production of oil seeds

  1. The maximum pressure at which the blood leaves the heart through the main artery during contraction phase is called the:
  1. Systolic pressure
  2. Heart beat
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Diastolic pressure

Ans: Systolic pressure

  1. Who was the last mughal emperor of india?
  1. Alamgir II
  2. Ahmad Sha bahadur
  3. Aurangzeb
  4. Bahadur shah II

Ans: Bahadur shah II

  1. Where has India’s first floating elementary school been inaugurated?
  1. Loktak Lake, Manipur
  2. Lake Pichola, Udaipur
  3. Naini jheel, Nainital
  4. Dal lake, srinagar

Ans: Loktak Lake, Manipur

  1. 2018 Winter Olympics is scheduled to be held in the city of:
  1. Munich
  2. Annecy
  3. Sappro
  4. Pyeongchang

Ans: Pyeongchang

  1. Which famous Himalayan mountain pass that connects sikkim with Tibet forms an offshoot of the Ancient Silk Route?
  1. Khardung La
  2. Nathu La
  3. Khyber
  4. Tsho Lhamo

Ans: Nathu La

  1. Who among the following discovered that the malarial parasite is transmitted by the anophles mosquito?
  1. Edward Jenner
  2. Ronaldo Ross
  3. Louis Pasteur
  4. Alexander Fleming

Ans: Ronaldo Ross

  1. Who is the author of the book ‘Geet Govind’?
  1. Kuldip Nayyar
  2. Panini
  3. Jayadev
  4. Ved Vyas

Ans: Jayadev

  1. Which dance form uses masks?
  1. Garba
  2. Mohininattam
  3. Chhau
  4. Bharatnatyam

Ans: Chhau

  1. Who wrote the book ‘Gokhale, My Political Guru’?
  1. Khan abdul gaffar khan
  2. Lal bahadur shastri
  3. Mahatma gandhi
  4. Jawaharlal nehru

Ans: Mahatma gandhi

  1. Who ascended the Gupta throne after Chandragupta I?
  1. Samudragupta
  2. Brahmagupta
  3. Sri Gupta
  4. Shudraka

Ans: Samudragupta

  1. What is Meniscus?
  1. Curved surface of a liquid in a glass tube
  2. Forming droplets on wax paper
  3. Tension of water that allows floating
  4. Water sticking to the surface

Ans: Curved surface of a liquid in a glass tube

  1. ‘Kalamkari’ art form has originated in the Indian state of _______.
  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Haryana
  3. Karnataka
  4. Uttar Pradesh

Ans: Andhra Pradesh

  1. Who among the following cricketers scored 400 runs or more in a single innings in International test cricket?
  1. Brain Lara
  2. Chis Gayle
  3. Donald Bradman
  4. Bob Simpson

Ans: Brian Lara

  1. The word ‘secular’ was added in the preamble of the Indian constitution by_____amendment in the year 1976.
  1. 43rd
  2. 42nd
  3. 41st
  4. 44th

Ans: 42nd

  1. What is the name of the first satellite launched by india?
  1. INSAT- 1A
  2. Rohini
  3. Aryabhatta
  4. Apple

Ans: Aryabhatta

  1. The famous book ‘ The Broken wings’ is written by:
  1. Jhumpa lahiri
  2. Sarojini naidu
  3. A.P.J. Abdul kalam
  4. Mahatma gandhi

Ans: Sarojini naidu

  1. Which schedule of the Indian constitution has provisions regarding powers, authority and responsibilities of Panchyats?
  1. 11th schedule
  2. 12th schedule
  3. 8th schedule
  4. 10th schedule

Ans: 11th schedule

  1. Which Indian city was once known as ‘ Bhagynagar’?
  1. Jaipur
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Mysore
  4. Bhopal

Ans: Hyderabad

  1. Which country will be hosting 2018 common wealth games?
  1. Qatar
  2. India
  3. Australia
  4. England

Ans: Australia

  1. From the constitution of which country has the Indian constitution borrowed the idea of directive principles?
  1. Increasing consumption and use of plastics
  2. Global warming
  3. Raising ozone layer
  4. Growing pollution levels

Ans: Raising ozone layer

ccqt sample model solved papers