What is a Good Score or Validity of TCS iON CCQT Test?

What is TCS iON CCQT Test?

TCS iON CCQT  (Common Corporate Qualifier Test) is a national level test platform created by TCS iON.

You give one exam and your scores are sent to many companies.

What Is The Minimum Good Score For Better Opportunity?

91% to 100%Excellent
81% to 90Good
60% to 80%Moderate
Below 60%Low

According to the above percentile table, students are categorized on the basis of their percentile score . If you wish to get placed in top MNC’s or good company that hire via TCS iON CCQT, then you need to score in b/w range of 80- 100 Percentile %.

Key Points to Score Good in TCS iON CCQT

There are two stages in the TCS iON CCQT exam.

You need to carefully understand the exam pattern so as to attempt maximum no of correct questions in the given time.

Stage 1 : Online Test

  • Mandatory Section
Topics (Mandatory)No. of QuestionsTime Cut off
Quants2060 mins 16-17 Ques
English Language2060 mins 16-17 Ques
Reasoning Ability2060 mins 15-16 Ques
Total6060 mins 47-48 Ques
  • Domain Section (optional)
  1. The student can choose any of these domains based on the branch you belong to or the type of corporate you are applying for.
  2. Students looking for job in IT sector should choose CSE/IT domains and similarly for the other two domains.
  3. This is an optional section which is upto the candidates choice.
Topics (Optional)No. of QuestionsTimeMarks 
CS/IT130 mins60 marks 
Mechanical3030 mins60 marks 
Civil3030 mins60 marks 
Metallurgy3030 mins60 marks 

Stage 2 : Video Assessment

  • This section is a 15 mins video based interview.
  • The tool will ask 3-4 basic questions and you need to answer looking to the webcam and it gets recorded. This is as important section as the Stage 1.
  • This round can also be given from home as well. You need a desktop or laptop that has video and audio recording capabilities. You have to record your answer in front of the camera for questions displayed on the screen.
TCS iON CCQT Good Score
Above 130
TCS iON CCQT Validity
1 Year
Minimum TCS iON CCQT Score
Avg. Package
~3 Lpa
Minimum Score for CS/IT Jobs
Minimum Score for ECE/EEE Jobs
Minimum Score for CE/ME Jobs

What is the Validity of TCS iON CCQT 2020-21?

  1. TCS iON CCQT Score is validity is for 1 year.
  2. CCQT (Common Corporate Qualifier Test) score makes the candidate eligible for 130+ core and IT companies to help both CS-IT and Non CS IT students to get placed.
  3. It will also help the BBA, B Com, B.SC graduates to get placed in various companies.
  4. A candidate is eligible to take the test approx 3-4 times in a year.
  5. 130+ companies uses TCS iON CCQT platform  for the hiring for different profiles.
  6. Identifies your strengths and weakness.Qualifying this test can mean that you get to attend placement hiring of a large number of corporates in the next 12 months.

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TCS ION Student 1

Student Exam Experience

TCS iON Qualifier – Common Corporate Qualifier Test (CCQT) has helped boost my confidence while listing my profile with multiple corporates. In fact, based on my score.

I have received interview calls from various corporates, to name a few – JSW Steel and TATA Group companies. Unlike other tests that just offer a certificate for qualification, TCS iON has also conducted webinars that provided guidance to ace my interviews.

I have received unconditional support from TCS iON in my career progress and my entire experience of the pre and post-tests has been great. I can confidently say that qualifying in a Pan India assessment has helped me gain a new outlook towards life. I strongly recommend this Pan India assessment to all final year candidates.  

Sumit Singh

Additional Information (FAQ's)

Additional Information (FAQ's)

How many times can we give TCS iON CCQT?

You can give TCS iON CCQT exam 3-4 times in a year. Just that there must be a minimum gap of 3 months. Only the candidates who qualify in Stage 1 will be eligible for Stage 2.

What Is The Validity of TCS iON CCQT?

TCS iON CCQT is one of the best platform to get Job of your choice.  More than 130+ top recruiters uses TCS iON CCQT as their platform of hiring. The validity of TCS iON CCQT is 1 year.

What are the salary packages offered by different companies?

There are currently 130 companies on the platform around 200 are more expected to register. Packages depends on the company however and the profile that they are offering PrepInsta can’t confirm the same.

What is the good Percentile Score in TCS iON CCQT for better opportunity?

Cut off score of TCS iON CCQT varies for company to company. But in general 80 %ile is considered as a good percentile score in TCS iON CCQT for better opportunities.