TCS ION Aptitude Test Syllabus

TCS iON CCQT Aptitude Test  Syllabus 2019

TCS iON CCQT test has been launched by TCS to help unplaced students. They have tied up with 150+ companies to provide them the suitable candidate.

TCS iON CCQT test has Quantitative Aptitude section which can be considered the most important section for the test.

TCS iON CCQT Quantitative Aptitude Test Syllabus and Pattern 2019 

Quants is the most difficult section asked in the Written Test Pattern for TCS iON CCQT Test.

Warning: Most websites on Internet have published wrong info about the TCS iON Aptitude Syllabus. PrepInsta will be sufficient for whole TCS iON CCQT preparation as we are in Partnership with TCS for CCQT Test.

TCS iON CCQT Aptitude Syllabus 2019

Updated(2019) Test Pattern for TCS ion CCQT Aptitude Section

  • Number of Questions asked : 20 Questions 
  • Total Marks: 20
  • Time Given :  Total 60 mins for (Quants + Verbal + Reasoning ). So approx. 15-20 mins for Aptitude Section in TCS iON CCQT.

TCS iON CCQT Aptitude Section Latest Syllabus

TCS iON CCQT Aptitude Syllabus Difficulty of QuestionsTotal Questions asked from each topicImportance Level
Prime ProductsEasy1-2Low
LCM & HCFMedium2-3Moderate
Simple & Compound InterestMedium-Hard2-3Moderate
Mixtures & AllegationsEasy1-2Low
Equations (Linear & Quadratic)Medium2-3Moderate
Speed, Distance & TimeEasy2-3High
Boats & StreamsMedium2-3Moderate
Permutation & CombinationMedium2-3High
Time & WorkMedium3-4High
Profit & LossMedium3-4High
Data InterpretationMedium-Hard3-4High

Preparation Dashboard for TCS iON CCQT Test – Aptitude 


TCS iON CCQT Aptitude Paper Based FAQ

Total 30 Questions are asked from Aptitude in TCS CCQT Exam

Yes , Switching between the sections is allowed in TCS CCQT

See the button given above in the page to prepare for Aptitude Section of TCS CCQT

The Aptitude Section in TCS CCQT is of medium difficulty.You can score well by practising questions a lot.

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