How To Prepare for TCS iON CCQT

Where and how can you start the preparation for TCS iON CCQT Exam?

How to prepare for TCS ION CCQT
TCS iON CCQT is a pre-qualifier test that is conducted by TCS for students to want to get jobs in top recruiters via this exam. Although if you score more than 80%ile in each section you stand a chance to get interview calls from atleast 4 - 5 companies.

Find all the information related to the preparation of TCS iON CCQT in this page below.

TCS iON CCQT Pattern of exam

TCS iON CCQT exam has the following three sections for everyone,  regardless of Branch(CSE/EEE/Mech) or Course(B.Tech/MCA etc) 

NO. Of Questions
Time Duration(In min)
Logical Ability

Marking Scheme

  1. Correct:  +1 marks
  2. Incorrect: -No negative marking
  3. Unattempted: 0 marks

Negative Marking

  • TCS iON CCQT test has no negative marking

How do I prepare for the TCS iON CCQT exam?

TCS iON CCQT is one of the most scoring and of moderate-high difficulty exam which is why PrepInsta recommends that you should at least prepare for 2 – 3 months for TCS iON CCQT.

TCS iON CCQT Cut off (For Interview Calls)

TCS iON CCQT is of 150 marks:

In which there are 120 questions in 60 mins for (Quants, Logical & Verbal) and 30 mins for Domain Section Test.

Online Written Test Sections:

Topics (Mandatory)No. of QuestionsTimeMarks 
Quants2060 mins40 
English Language2060 mins40 
Reasoning Ability2060 mins40 
Total6060 mins120 marks 

Domain Section Cut-Off:

Topics (Optional)No. of QuestionsTimeMarks 
CS/IT130 mins60 marks 
Mechanical3030 mins60 marks 
Civil3030 mins60 marks 
Metallurgy3030 mins60 marks 

Find the topics for TCS iON CCQT Preparation

As We all know, TCS  iON CCQT is a Two-State Assessment in which first round is Online Written Test (Compulsory Section) and second round is Video Assessment.

Section 1- Aptitude

LCM & HCF1-2Easy 
Prime Products1Easy 
Equations (Linear & Quadratic)1-2Medium 
Speed, Distance & Time3-4Medium 
Permutation & Combination1-2Medium 
Boats & Streams2-3Hard 
Time & Work1-2Medium 
Simple & Compound Interest3-4Medium-Hard 
Mixtures & Allegations3-4Easy 
Profit & Loss2-3Medium-Hard 
Data Interpretation1-2 (6 Sub-Ques)Medium-Hard 

Section 2- Logical

Meaningful Word Creation 1 Low
Number Series 1-2 Moderate
Blood Relations 3-4 Moderate
Coding Decoding 4-5 Moderate
Ages 2-3 Low
Data Sufficiency 1-2 Moderate
Seating Arrangement (Easy) 3-4 Low
Seating Arrangement (Complex) 1-2 High
Odd Man Out 1 Moderate
Distance and Directions 1-2 Low
Statement and Conclusion 2-3 Moderate
Analogy 1 Moderate
Mathematical Operational Arrangement 2 set with 5 Ques Low
Symbols and Notations 2 Low

Section 3- Verbal

Fill in the Blanks 4-5 Moderate
Sentence Completion 1-2 Low
Sentence Ordering 1 Moderate
Passage Ordering 2-3 Low
Sentence Arrangements 1-2 Moderate
Reading Comprehension 1 Passage with 5-6 Ques Moderate
Error Identification 3-4 Low
Error Correction 1 Low
Best Expresses Synonyms 2-3 Moderate
Spellings 1 Moderate
Synonyms 3-4 Low
Word Selection 1 Moderate

Additional Information (FAQ's)​

Additional Information (FAQ's)​

What Is The Best Way For Preparing  TCS iON CCQT 2020-21 Exam?

The Best way for the preparation of TCS iON CCQT 2020-21 Exam are:

  1. Get your basic clear and strong for each section, ad you do ahve to go for deep study cause difficulty level of eLitmus Exam is very high.
  2. You should go through previous year TCS iON CCQT exam papers and get an overview what type of questions TCS iON CCQT asks in the exam.
  3. You must have proficiency in English language, speaking and written both, because TCS iON CCQT is just a initial barrier later in interview English will help you a lot.
  4. Practice for all section , Give time according to your capacity.
  5. Try mock exam to test you preparation level .

What are the Tricks To Crack TCS iON CCQT 2020-21 Exam?

  1. Quant :  For TCS iON CCQT 2020-21 you can solve Arun sharma.
  2. Reasoning : Practice from Arun sharma logical reasoning and data interpretation book or you can solve RS Aggarwal.
  3. Verbal: This is easiest section of all you can practice from Arun sharma or any other publications book.

What Is the Pattern of TCS iON CCQT 2020-21 Exam?

TCS iON CCQT is divided in three sections Aptitude logical & Verbal followed by Domain Section

TCS iON CCQT test is a adaptive assessment written test exam with  no “Negative Marking”.

The Candidates need to score marks above 130 marks to get more job opportunities and to get placed in good company with good package.

How tough is the TCS iON CCQT 2020-21 Exam?

TCS iON CCQT difficulty level is of moderate-high difficulty. To score equal to or more than 130 out 0f 150 marks in TCS iON CCQT exam you need  to  practice at least 2-3 months before the exam regularly.This can be easily be achieved and PrepInsta will help you in that.